Best Cities to Study Spanish in Spain

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There’s a lot to consider before studying abroad, but have you researched the best cities to study Spanish in Spain?

The international student has a tough choice to make, as all the cities are fantastic!

As you start to do your study abroad research, learn more about the Spanish student cities below.

If you have any questions, reach out and ask us; we’re experts!

Best Cities to Study Spanish in Spain


The biggest city in Spain is perfect for study abroad students who like the fast-pace of a thriving capital.

With so many diverse attractions, museums, and food to enjoy, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best cities to study Spanish in Spain!

Take a course at Eureka or Ail Madrid, which are both located in the city center, and get out to discover Madrid after class!


Salamanca is a beautiful, non-touristy city in the northwest of Spain.

It is home to the oldest university in Spain, which was built in 1134.

Salamanca has been cultivating its network of international students for centuries and it still thrives today.

Spanish beginners also find it easy to live in Salamanca because the accent in this region is easy to understand.

Those two benefits combined make Salamanca one of the best cities to study Spanish in Spain, so check out the classes at the Berceo and Tía Tula!


Granada is one of the most historically beautiful cities in Spain. Located in Andalusia (a southern region of Spain), the sun is shining nearly every day of the year.

The beautiful in the city is inspirational, with more beauty waiting to be visited in the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains.

If you study abroad in Granada at the accredited school Proyecto Español or Linguaschools, you can visit breathtaking sites like Alhambra or simply enjoy a fresh beer on a quiet street after class.


Tradition fills the air in Sevilla, so if you’re a fan of Spanish culture, you should study here!

Like most other cities in Spain, history lives on through the city’s monuments. Sevilla does have one distinct tradition, though: flamenco dancing!

While you take a Spanish course at CLIC International House or Sevilla Habla, you can practice your Spanish during an authentic flamenco class, too!

Best Cities to Study Spanish in Spain Near The Beach

best cities to study spanish in spain
Valencia is a perfect mix of laid-back vibes in a big city atmosphere.


Of course the third biggest city in Spain would be on our list of the best cities to study Spanish in Spain!

This Mediterranean city is a great mix between a bustling city and laid-back coastal town. Students will find plenty of things to do (check out the best tapas bars), and at a lower cost of living than in Barcelona or Madrid, too.

Take a peek at their three amazing Spanish-learning schools: Taronja, Hispania, and Españole International House.


As one of the biggest cities on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona attracts countless international visitors every year!

Barcelona has everything a student could want: beaches, nightclubs, great restaurants and tapas bars, natural spaces, and charming historical sites.

If you’re a sports fan, Barcelona has one of the best football teams in Spain as well.

Experience a study abroad you’ll never forget in Barcelona at one of our accredited schools: Expanish Barcelona, Olé Languages and Linguaschools!


Sun- and sand-chasers will find that Malaga is easily one of the best cities to study Spanish in Spain.

Clear waters, blue skies and a friendly atmosphere make Malaga a great place for international students.

Malaga is also home to 28 museums and art lovers will be happy here, especially Spanish painter fans, as it’s Picasso’s hometown.

Check out Malaca Intituto, Debla, Cervantes Escuela Internacional and OnSpain if you’re considering a study Spanish in Malaga!

best cities to study spanish in spain
Looking for sun and sand? Try a study abroad in Malaga!

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