Love Dancing? Take A Flamenco Class in Seville!

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If you love to dance, you should take a flamenco class in Seville while you’re in Spain!

Flamenco is one of the oldest cultural traditions in Spain and it originates in Seville.

Watching a flamenco show can be an emotional and exciting experience, but why stop there?

The beautiful women with unique dresses and the singers with raspy, soulful voices will get you hooked on this art form.

You’ve already taken the brave leap to study abroad in Spain – why not dance as the Spanish do?

Find out more about the art of flamenco and where to take a flamenco class in Seville below!

What is Flamenco?

If you’re wondering, “Exactly…what is flamenco?” You aren’t alone.

You may think it’s a Spanish dance that’s done by twirling dresses but real flamenco is much more than that.

Flamenco is not simply a dance, but an art form. It is the expression of intense emotion, performed through dancing, singing, music, and clapping.

It’s extremely emotional and intense to watch (and you can’t help but clap your hands with the musicians).

flamenco class in seville
Emotion is portrayed with the dance steps, music, and especially the expression.

Flamenco originated in Andalusia, which is one of the southern regions of Spain. It was originally created by gitanos (modern-day Roma people) living in Andalusia.

However, this art form quickly became ingrained in the Spanish identity.

For this reason, you’ll find an authentic flamenco show in almost every Spanish city. Learning the art in the city that created it will provide a deeper cultural experience.

If you’ve got a bucket list, taking a flamenco class in Seville should definitely be on it!

flamenco class in seville
Castanets, acoustic guitar, big flowers, and shawls are all associated with flamenco.

Where Can I Take a Flamenco Class in Seville?

There are two ways to take a flamenco class in Seville, depending on how dedicated you are.

This art form is centuries old and filled with emotion passed down from the years. Of course, you can’t master the art form in a single lesson!

If you truly want to learn to be a flamenco dancer, you’ll have to take several classes to properly learn the body movements and rhythms.

There are some more serious schools where you can take a flamenco class in Seville, such as Museo Del Baile Flamenco-Escuela de Flamenco and Taller Flamenco.

If you’re simply looking for a fun, short flamenco lesson in Seville, check out Not Just A Tourist or IShowU Sevilla. B

oth of these schools are specialized for beginners!

Sign up, show up and dance your way into an authentic Spanish experience. Olé!

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