Health Insurance for Spain

Health Insurance for Students in Spain

Universitas Mundi: Insurance company authorized to operate in Spain offering Asisa insurance for students.

health insurance for students in spain

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Universitas Mundi: Asisa Health Insurance

Asisa insurance policy is accepted worldwide by Consulates and Embassies of Spain in order to obtain the Student Visa. Asisa insurance product is aimed at foreign students who come to Spain and it is designed to cover all of their needs during their stay in the country.

Universitas Mundi operates as an accredited insurance brokerage, authorized by the Directorate General of Security (DGS). This entails their responsibility to meticulously navigate the insurance market, identifying products that align with customers’ needs. Crucially, they engage in negotiations with reputable companies to secure the most favorable conditions, ensuring impeccable service whenever their clients require assistance. In essence, they are dedicated to working on your behalf.

Trust is at the core of their values. Consequently, they exclusively partner with esteemed insurance companies like Asisa, renowned internationally for its prestige.

If you’re looking to study in Spain we strongly recommend contacting us before enrolling in any school so we can help you with all the procedures and the visa application.

Valid for the Visa

This insurance is accepted for applications at Spanish Consulates and Embassies worldwide, aimed at foreign students who come to Spain to study.

Wide Cover

Asisa Health Insurance is a comprehensive healthcare product designed to cover all of the student’s needs during their stay in Spain.

Visa Refusal Refund

The insurance policy include a premium refund guarantee in the unfortunate event of visa refusal, ensuring that you receive a reimbursement of your insurance premium.


Why Choose Asisa Insurance?

Designed for Foreign Students

Includes general medicine, emergencies, hospitalization, ambulances, basic dental, 24 hour customer service telephone and much more.

No waiting periods

You can use all the complete healthcare from day one. You won’t need to wait in order to be able to use your policy.

Repatriation cover included

This is one of the health insurance requirements in order to obtain a Student Visa.

Without co-payment

You won’t pay a thing to attend your appointments. This is one of the best features for any type of insurance.

study in spain

Discover school types

Attending a dedicated Spanish language school is the best way to learn Spanish. Gain skills and confidence in the language in a classroom environment with other students from all over the world.

Spain has some of the best universities in the world. Want to take your career opportunities to a new level? Graduating with a degree from a Spanish university opens the doors to many job opportunities in Spain and beyond.

Our College Preparatory Schools partners will help you pass the exams needed to enroll in a public university in Spain (PCE / EBAU / Selectividad). Find the perfect one for you.

Elementary, middle, or high school in Spain, as well as a kindergarten for under 6 years old students, we offer assistance for children or all ages. English, Spanish or bilingual options are available.

Health Insurance for Students in Spain

Frequently asked questions

Universitas Mundi insurance is an accredited insurance brokerage located in Spain. They form exclusive partnerships with prestigious insurance providers such as Asisa, internationally acclaimed for their reputation.

Unlike some other insurance policies, Asisa is based in Spain, you can easily communicate with their team if you need to use your policy while you are studying. Another advantage of using a Spanish based insurance company is that they have direct partnerships with private hospitals across Spain to ensure you get help as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Spanish student visas can be issued with international or local insurance in Spain as long as they offer a repatriation measure and a total guarantee of at least 30,000 euros, both of which are included in the Asisa insurance policy.

Yes – when you purchase your policy with Universitas Mundi you will receive the certificate of insurance you require for your student visa process. You will get an Asisa certificate.

Yes, in fact once you are already in Spain and want to extend your visa only Spanish local insurance is accepted. Starting your policy with Asisa makes this process much simpler.

All you need to do is fill out the application form on the Universitas Mundi website by clicking in one of the “Get a Quote” button above, after that, they will provide all the support you need directly. 

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