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Since it is the very first time going to Spain, I was having a hard time planning by myself to pick a student program and to get to know about the city I am going to. However with Go Go España's help, it got so much easier to get ready to go to Spain. The local manager, Young Ho, helped me a lot to get through from the first step to the point where I feel confident leaving for Spain. I did not know where to start when I decided to go to Spain, and the local manager helped me to get ready for all the documents and steps that I needed. Not only he instructed me how to get ready, but also he answered to all of my questions from basic to details. I, indeed, appreciate his help and time. It would've been so much harder to get ready for school if I did not talk to Go Go España. If you are looking for help to get ready for going to Spain, definitely talk to Go Go España! I highly recommend it for ya!read more
Jiho Jang
Jiho J.
05:23 03 Dec 19
(Translated by Google) When I was thinking about studying in Spain, I only got some information before making a decision to go, and I decided to contact Gogo España with the thought that if I made a decision, it would be better to do it in a place like an agent.Beginning with no relevant information, or even unsure whether or not to study abroad, the counselor answers all the questions I have asked, from basic explanations about studying in Spain, to living in Spain and to university. After a few conversations with Katok, information about studying in Spain was embodied in my mind and I decided to study in Spain.As a result, I believed in Gogo España without an agent and prepared for the visa. During the preparation, I checked all the necessary documents carefully. And the visa was approved a few days ago.As soon as I confirmed my visa approval, the Gogo España counselor helped me more than anyone else.Not only are you kind and hard at work, but you can also trust that you provide appropriate information and help based on relevant information and examples in a systematic and professional manner.Going to Spain will continue to help a lot.Thank you.(Original)스페인 유학에 대한 생각이 들었을 때, 가겠다는 결정을 내리기 전 정보만 좀 얻고 만약 결정을 하면 구체적인 진행은 유학원 같은 곳에서 하는게 좋겠다는 생각을 가지고 고고에스파냐에 문의를 하게되었습니다.아무런 관련 정보도 가지고 않은,심지어 유학을 갈지말지도 확실하지 않은 상태로 시작해서 상담사분께서 스페인유학에 대한 기초적인 설명부터 스페인 생활,대학진학 관련까지 제가 궁금했던 모든 질문에 최대한 정확히 그리고 진솔하게 답변을 해주셨습니다.카톡으로 몇 번의 대화를 나눈 뒤 스페인 유학 관련 정보가 머리속에서 구체화되었고 스페인 유학을 결정하게 되었습니다. 그리고 결과적으로 유학원 없이 고고에스파냐만 믿고 비자준비를 했고, 준비하는 동안 필요한 서류 하나 하나 다 꼼꼼하게 확인해주셨습니다. 그리고 며칠 전 비자 승인이 났습니다. 비자승인 확인하는 순간 다른 사람들보다 고고에스파냐 상담사분이 제일 먼저 생각 날 정도로 많이 도움을 받았습니다.단순히 친절하고 열심히만 하시는 게 아니라 관련정보나 사례들을 바탕으로 체계적이고 전문적으로 상황에 따라 적절한 정보와 도움을 주시는 모습에 신뢰감이 쌓인 것은 물론입니다.앞으로 스페인에 가서도 계속 많은 도움을 받게 될 것 같습니다.감사합니다.read more
dasom song
dasom S.
16:00 27 Nov 19
(Translated by Google) I was having a lot of difficulties preparing for the Spanish language course, but thanks to the gogoespaña I found by accidental internet search, I was able to complete the school selection and visa preparation! At first, I couldn't believe it was an ad that helped me prepare everything for free. Even if you want to grab a rattling, I asked for a consultation with KakaoTalk. Even late, I responded quickly and solved all my questions. I have consulted with many agencies, but no one has understood and helped foreign students as much as Gogo Espana. One month before the visa interview, I suddenly want to change the language city, but I know it's hard to do it. It helped me to complete my visa documents in time and submitted well :) If it wasn't for Gogo Spain, it would have been a very difficult process. Thank you so much ~~!(Original)스페인 어학연수를 준비하면서 어려움이 정말 많았는데, 우연한 인터넷 검색으로 알게 된 고고에스파냐 덕분에 정말 수월하게 학원 선택부터 비자 준비까지 끝마칠 수 있었습니다! 모든 준비를 무료로 도와주신다는 광고에 처음에는 믿을 수 없었습니다. 쥐푸라기라도 잡자는 심정으로 카카오톡으로 상담 요청을 하였는데 늦은시간에도 빠르게 답장을 주시고 저의 모든 궁금증을 다 해결해 주셨습니다. 여러 유학원과 상담해보았지만 고고에스파냐만큼 유학생의 입장을 잘 이해하고 도와주신 곳은 없었습니다. 특히 비자 인터뷰 한 달 전에 갑작스럽게 어학연수 도시를 바꾸고 싶어서 무리한 걸 알지만 도움을 요청드렸더니 정말 빠르게 학원 정보를 주시고 추천해주셨습니다! 그 덕분에 시간 안에 비자 서류를 완성할 수 있었고, 잘 제출하고 왔습니다 :) 고고에스파냐가 아니었다면 정말 힘들었을 과정이었을텐데 제가 정말 귀찮을정도로 자주 질문해도 다 받아주시고 도와주셔서 수월하게 준비할 수 있었습니다! 정말 감사드려요~~!read more
Gayeong Lee
Gayeong L.
07:18 22 Nov 19
질문하는 것에 대해서 친절하게 잘 대답해주셔서 비자 준비하는데 많은 도움을 받았습니다!
07:05 18 Nov 19
(Translated by Google) Thank you so much for your preparation for the visa.(Original)비자 준비에 관해서 많이 도움주셔서 수월하게 일처리가 가능했던것 같아요 감사합니다!^_^read more
06:43 13 Nov 19
(Translated by Google) As I prepared for my Valencia study, I received a lot of help from Gogo Spain. He was very kind from the very first consultation and he cared a lot about this and meticulously. This made the application process easier. Thank you for your kind and meticulous answer. Go-Go Spain makes it easier for you(Original)발렌시아 어학연수를 준비하면서 고고 에스파냐 도움을 많이 받았습니다. 처음 상담 받을 때 부터 매우 친절 하셨으며 꼼꼼하게 이것 저것 신경을 많이 써 주셨습니다. 덕분에 비자 신청과정이 수월했습니다. 여러 가지 여쭤봐도 친절하고 꼼꼼하게 대답해주셔서 매우 감사하게 생각합니다. 고고에스파냐 덕분에 어학연수 준비 과정이 쉬워졌습니다read more
01:32 31 Oct 19
I found Go! Go! España! online whilst browsing to study Spanish abroad. I didn't know anything about where I wanted to go and what school to go to. I emailed Luis and he helped me so much. Replied instantly to all of my many questions and liaised with the school to organise everything for me. I couldn't be happier with the service they provided, for free! Thank you Luis.read more
Bryony T
Bryony T
17:21 29 Oct 19
The manager Luis was so helpful and kind, he answered all my questions and made the application process easier. Highly reccommend to contact them to be able to study abroad without any problem.
Paola Begnardi
Paola B.
15:24 24 Oct 19
(Translated by Google) Thank you so much for your help! Thanks to this, I arrived in Malaga, Spain and am studying abroad.The Korean manager always helps you kindly, so I will always introduce you to my friends ~~Thank you very much!!(Original)도움 주셔서 너무 감사합니다! 덕분에 스페인 말라가에 잘 도착해서 어학연수 중입니다.한국 매니저님이 항상 친절하게 도와주시니, 다른 친구들한테도 항상 소개할게요~~너무 감사합니다!!read more
14:11 21 Oct 19
(Translated by Google) Thank you for your kind assistance, despite all the difficulties in preparing for the Spanish language course! I chose it while I was worried, but it was the best choice for my concern! You can trust it as long as you are headquartered locally! Recommended!(Original)스페인 어학연수를 촉박하게 준비하는 과정에서 많은 어려움이 있었음에도 불구하고 항상 친절하게 도와주셔서 감사합니다! 고민하다가 선택하였는데 고민이 무색할만큼 최고의 선택이었습니다! 현지에 본사를 두고 있을만큼 믿고 맡길 수 있습니다! 추천드립니다!!ㅎㅎread more
12:09 16 Oct 19
(Translated by Google) In preparation for the language study I learned through internet search. Talking about the characteristics of the area and the school atmosphere that I wanted to help me choose a school and give them a lot of explanations. You can quickly prepare by replying to katok first and ask me anything :)The method was really simple and the answer was so nice.(Original)어학연수를 준비하며 인터넷 검색을 통해 알게되었습니다. 제가 원하는 지역의 특성과 학원 분위기를 이야기하면 그에 맞는 지역과 학원들을 여러개 골라주시고 설명도 해주셔서 학원을 선택하는데 많은 도움이 되었습니다! 카톡으로 답장도 빠르게 해주시고 먼저 이것저것 물어봐주셔서 쉽게 준비할 수 있었던 것 같아요 :)방법도 정말 간단하고 답도 친절하게 해주셔서 너무 좋았습니다 ㅎㅎㅎread more
22:54 25 Sep 19
(Translated by Google) In preparing for study abroad and visas,Tell us in detail what you need to prepare,Unlike others, I am very satisfied with the visa approval and receipt.El servicio es perfecto(Original)스페인 유학과 비자를 준비하는데 있어서,준비해야할 항목들을 자세하게 알려주셔서,다른 분들과 다르게 빠른 기간안에 비자 승인과 수령이 되어 매우 만족합니다El servicio es perfectoread more
01:13 21 Sep 19
(Translated by Google) As I was preparing for my Spanish language course, I looked for information for two years, from selecting a school to applying for a visa. In the end I chose Go Go Spain. Previously went to Spain alone, without help is a lot I missed something ahswiwot, thanks largely to try everything from long-term visa application initially apply to time with the help of the Archaeological Institute España select received help ~ ^^(Original)스페인 어학연수를 준비하면서 학원 선택부터 비자 신청까지 2년의 오랜 기간동안 정보를 찾아보았습니다. 결국 제가 선택한건 고고에스파냐였습니다. 이전에 혼자 도움없이 스페인에 갔을때는 놓친게 많아 아쉬웠는데, 고고에스파냐의 도움으로 이번에 처음 신청해보는 장기비자 신청부터 학원 선택까지 모두 크게 도움을 받았습니다 감사합니다 ~^^read more
Que Vamos
Que V.
06:17 19 Sep 19
The country manager of the team, Luis, has been very helpful in providing me with the information I need to make the process of applying much easier. He’s been helping me since the beginning of this and I can say I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that someone is helping me to prepare to study abroad. This was my first time using GoGo España and I would easily recommend to a friend:).read more
Yuka Sato
Yuka S.
06:29 12 Sep 19
(Translated by Google) I was able to prepare for the visa thanks to the kindness of the visa preparation process.(Original)별다른 수수료 없이 세세하게 친절히 비자 준비과정을 알려주신덕분에 비자 준비를 할 수 있었습니다~read more
ju young won
ju young W.
05:50 06 Sep 19
(Translated by Google) At first, I was preparing myself, but I just contacted you. I gave you a lot of information that you didn't know how you prepared. Thank you very much for that. '(Original)처음에 혼자준비하다가 막막해서 연락드렸는데, 어떻게 준비했었을까 싶을정도로 몰랐던 정보도 많이 주시고 모쪼록 감사한 부분 밖에 없네요! 덕분에 정말 감사했습니다'ㅜread more
09:35 05 Sep 19
(Translated by Google) I decided to go to Spain for the first time and decided to go to the internet. I knew that by chance, but at first I tried to leave it as a substitute, but at this opportunity I did not pay for it by myself. It would have been a lot harder. Whenever I do not know, kindly answer all the time. I would recommend it to others too !!! I came to the visa interview today and it was really helpful! Thank you!!!!(Original)처음에 무작정 스페인유학을 가자고 결심하고 인터넷 찾아보다가 우연히 알게 되었는데 처음엔 대행으로 맡길려고 했지만 이번 기회에 혼자 힘으로 돈 안들이고 해보자는 식으로 했는데 고고에스파냐덕에 조금은 그래도 힘든것도 있었지만 혼자 했으면 이거보다 훨씬 더 힘들었을거에요 모르는 것 있을때마다 친절히 항상 답해주시고 서류준비할 것 다 알려주시고 해서 준비 너무 잘한것 같고 정말 도움 많이 되었습니다. 다른 분들께도 추천 해드리고 싶어요!!! 오늘 비자인터뷰하고 왔는데 정말 도움 많이 되서 작성했습니다! 감사합니다!!!!read more
09:03 26 Jun 19
(Translated by Google) I really appreciate it as a person who has received help from Goethe España !! The reason for this is that you have to do everything yourself differently from other agents (transferring a language school, visa preparation documents, etc.). I will be wondering what this sounds like, but please do your support from the side and make plans according to the current situation. If you are worried about buying a school that is nowadays, I recommend Gozo Spain! And the good thing is that even after you leave, you will be able to get a lot of help from Taji.If you ask Katok, please kindly answer :)I'm afraid that the answer is late because of the time difference.(Original)고고에스파냐에서 도움을 받아본 사람으로서 정말 강추합니다!! 이유는 다른유학원과는 다르게 모든걸 직접 해야하는점입니다 (어학원 송금, 비자준비서류등) 이게 뭔소리인지 의아하겠지만 옆에서 서포트를 다해주시고 현 상황에 맞게 계획을 짜주십니다 그다음 하란대로 하기만 하면 됩니다. 즉 요즘도 있는 유학원사기를 걱정하시는 분들이시라면 고고에스파냐를 추천드립니다!!! 그리고 좋은점이 출국후에도 서포트를 해주신다고 하고 타지에서 도움이 많이 될거같아요카톡으로 문의를하시면 친절하게 답변이 옵니다 :)아쉬운 점은 답변이 시간차때문에 늦게 올수있다는점 ㅎㅎ이정도는 도움받은 사람입장에서 이해가능한 부분입니다 :)read more
11:51 16 Jun 19
(Translated by Google) I started without knowing about Spain, but I was able to get a lot of information from the archaeologist. I am very kind to the staff and I will always let you know if I have any questions. Thank you for your help and I really recommend !!!!(Original)스페인에대해서 아는것없이 시작했는데 고고에서 많은정보를 얻어서 갈 수 있게 되었습니다 직원분즐도 정말친절하시고 언제든 궁금한거생기면 바로바로 알려주십니다 도움주셔서 감사하고 정말추천드립니다!!!!read more
05:39 29 May 19
(Translated by Google) I am a college student who has been studying in "Gozo Spain" since the end of December 2018 to study in Spain at the end of June 2019. The first consultant explained the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of each language school in Spain, so I was not worried about the choice of language school. Also, during the preparation of various documents until the visa interview day after the selection of the school, my supervisor carefully reviewed the intermediate documents and informed me of the good tips, so I was able to complete the visa interview without difficulty. If people around you are interested in studying in Spain, I will recommend it to you without hesitation in Gozo, Spain. Good!(Original)2019년도 6월 말에 스페인으로 어학연수를 가기위해 2018년도 12월 말부터 "고고에스파냐"를 통하여 유학 준비를 해온 대학생입니다. 첫 상담시 담당자분께서 스페인 각 지역별 어학원에 대한 특징과 장단점을 잘 설명해주셨기에 어학원 선택 하는 부분에 대하여 여려움이 없었습니다. 또한 담당자 분께서는 제가 학원 선택 후 비자인터뷰 날까지 여러 서류를 준비하는 동안 중간중간 서류를 잘 검토해 주셨고 좋은 팁들 또한 알려주셔서 비자 인터뷰 당시 어려움 없이 잘 마무리 할 수 있었습니다. 만약 주변 사람들이 스페인 어학연수에 관심이 있다면 저는 고고 에스파냐 망설임 없이 추천해 줄 생각입니다. 강추!read more
05:29 29 May 19
(Translated by Google) After the decision to study in Spain, I felt that the information on studying abroad in Spain was fewer than in other countries. When I was in a difficult time, I became acquainted with Goa españa and got help. Unlike other agents, I had the advantage of being able to work really cheaply, We have to go to the top! Thanks to every single check, you will be able to complete your visa screening at work while you are at work! If you do not know how to proceed, please feel free to help us with the language school,(Original)스페인 유학 결정 후 스페인 유학정보가 다른 나라들에 비해 적다는 걸 느끼게 되고 막막할 때 고고에스파냐를 알게 되고 도움을 받게 되었는데 다른 유학원이랑은 다르게 정말 저렴하게 일을 진행할 수 있다는 장점과 깔끔하게 요약 해놓은 정보를 통해 일사천리로 진행하기 되었어요! 하나하나 세심하게 체크를 해주시는 덕에 직장에서 일을 하면서도 비자 심사까지 무사히 마칠수 있게 되었네요! 어떻게 진행을 해야할 지 막막하실때 어학원, 숙소 결정부터 세심히 챙겨주는 고고에스파냐에 부담없이 도움 받으세요~read more
09:49 15 Mar 19
I want to thank Luis for his help, it's a very good experience, it allowed me to discover the city of Barcelona and to study Spanish and I thank all the team of the school bcnlip Barcelona.All the best,Sabrinaread more
Sabrina Hamchaoui
Sabrina H.
19:19 12 Mar 19
(Translated by Google) Regardless of time, I always help you very well, and I was so happy to answer kindly every time I asked questions I did not know!I would like to recommend if people nearby go ~(Original)시간에 관계없이 항상 잘 도와주시고, 모르는 거 물어볼 때마다 친절하게 답해주셔서 정말 좋았어요!주변 사람이 가게된다면 추천하고 싶어요~read more
06:52 19 Feb 19
(Translated by Google) I've seen many agents, but there's only one place I've kindly called. So I chose it. I do not know if you want to ask me anything or if I tell you what I want to do, you have to find out as much as possible and solve it. I did my best to solve my problem. I do not think there are many places where many of the agents can solve this problem.(Original)많은 유학원을 알아봤는데 친절히 전화를 받아준곳은 이곳밖에 없네요. 그래서 선택 했는데 잘한거 같아요. 모르는거 질문하거나 제가 원하는걸 말씀드리면 최대한 알아봐주시고 해결해주셨습니다.여기서 실명을 올려도 되는지 몰라도 저는 허ㅇㅇ 실장님을 통해 상담받고 진행했는데 최고였다고 하고 싶습니다. 저의 문제점을 최선을 다해 해결해주셨습니다. 많은 유학원중에 이렇게 애로사항을 해결해주는곳은 없을거 같아요.read more
Rupi Kim
Rupi K.
06:42 17 Feb 19
I really appreciate all the help Luis has offered me. From choosing a school to being an excellent point of contact between the school and the embassy. He really helped me collect my documents more quickly, gave me tips/tricks for parts of the application, and answered all the random questions I had. It made the entire process a lot easier!read more
Erin Untereiner
Erin U.
02:11 01 Feb 19
(Translated by Google) He helped me with the necessary visa documents and overall preparation for study abroad !! I am satisfiedI was able to make a wide choice by giving me a list of schools to choose from among various institutes :) Thank you(Original)유학 갈때 필요한 비자서류와 전반적인 준비를 잘 도와주셨습니다!! 만족합니다다양한 학원 중에서도 선택할 수 있도록 학원 리스트를 주셔서 폭 넓은 선택을 할 수 있었습니다:) 감사합니다read more
06:04 29 Jan 19
(Translated by Google) It was a great help when I was preparing for a Spanish language course in Spain.If you prepared yourself alone, it would have been really bad.When you prepare for training through an agent,If you want to prepare yourself, please use it here!Whether you are preparing alone or preparing through Gozo SpainThe cost is the same!I'm really kind of person in charge and I'm getting ready for feedback.I really helped a lot!(Original)스페인 단기 어학연수 준비하면서 큰 도움이 됐습니다ㅠㅠ혼자 준비했으면 진짜 막막했을텐데ㅠㅠㅠ유학원 통해서 연수준비하면 비용이 부담이 되어서혼자 준비하려고 하시는 분들 여기 꼭 이용하세요!!혼자 준비하는거나 고고에스파냐 통해서 준비하는거나들어가는 비용은 동일합니다!담당자분 진짜 친절하시고 피드백도 빨라서 준비하는데정말 많은 도움이 되었습니다ㅠㅠ!read more
02:35 28 Jan 19
(Translated by Google) I was very kind and nice. The biggest advantage is that it is fast to contact. If you do not reply to it for a few hours, it will be uncomfortable for the first time that you go abroad for a long time. I did not bother to ask any questions at all. ㅠ I was so sorry. Thank you very much for connecting directly to places not listed on the homepage. While you are living, hang on to your money ^^(Original)너무 친절하시고 좋았어요 일단 제일 큰 장점은 연락이 빠르다는 점입니다. 솔직히 몇시간씩 답장 없으면 해외 오래 나가는게 처음인 사람한테는 불안하기 마련인데 여기는 답도 빠르시고 진짜 이런거까지...? 할 정도의 질문도 전혀 귀찮아하지 않으셨어요 ㅠㅠ 제가 너무 죄송할 정도였습니다. 그리고 홈페이지에 나와있지 않은곳도 직접 연결해주셔서 정말 감사했습니다. 사는동안 돈길만 걸으세요^^read more
11:10 21 Jan 19
(Translated by Google) I have been going to BCN lip for two months this winter. I am going to have fun in Spain because I do not know Spanish. I applied for a language school in Goa Spain in order to continue learning Spanish as well as learning in an academy I encountered! I had to do it too soon. I had to do it early because of the quarters. If you have any questions, please call me right away. Please reply immediately. Please answer me faster than my friend. I did.I will leave a review if I come back.(Original)이번 겨울에 두달 동안 BCN lip으로 떠나게 되었습니다 스페인어에 스 자도 모르는 상황에서 막막하지만 즐기고 오려고 합니다 우연히 접하게 된 학원에서 배우는 것 뿐만이 아니라 스페인어를 더 이어나가기 위해 고고에스파냐를 통해 어학원을 신청하였네요!! 덕분에 일사천리로 일이 시원하게 진행되서 오히려 싱기하네요~ 4달 전에 했는데 너무 빨리한게 아닌가 싶을 정도네요 숙소때문에 미리 해야했구요 지금도 수시로 질문있으면 바로 카톡하는데 매번 바로바로 답장을 주세요 제 친구놈보다 더 빨리 답해주시더라구요 다녀오면 다시 리뷰 남길게요read more
05:51 05 Dec 18
(Translated by Google) I am very grateful to you for always responding quickly and kindly. Thank you very much for your kindness. I am very well prepared. I am impressed that you have not kept any questions after registering the language school. If you are someone who is preparing to study in Spain in the future, I highly recommend España. !(Original)항상 빠르고 친절하게 답변해주셔서 진심으로 감사드려요ㅠㅠ 덕분에 준비 잘해서 잘 지내고있습니다ㅎㅎ 어학원 등록 후에도 궁금한점 없는지 계속 챙겨주셔서 감동했어요 앞으로 주변에 스페인유학 준비하는사람있으면 고고에스파냐 꼭 추천하겠습니다ㅎ 여러가지로 감사드려요!!read more
18:26 19 Nov 18

I came to Spain with Go! Go! España, they really supported me a lot. First of all, they explained to me all the details and highlights of several Spanish cities, that really helped me to choose the right city for me. Then, they found for me the language school that better fit my needs. They also helped me with the Spanish student visa application. It was so difficult preparing it by myself, but thanks to them, I could get the student visa very easily.

Yeonwoo, South Korea

They took care of me from the beginning, even after I left Korea, they still help me whenever I have difficulties. I recommend Go! Go! España because all the procedure of studying abroad becomes much easier and you can rely on someone whenever you have problems.”

Wooa, South Korea

I highly recommend Go! Go! España to anyone willing to study abroad in Spain. I think Go! Go! España is the best agency in Korea because they can help with the student visa, finding accommodation,
and all the problems that people may have in Spain. They are the best.

Seojin, South Korea

“Go! Go! España helped me a lot before coming to Spain, from choosing a city, and a language school to all the student visa application procedure. I’m really satisfied with Go! Go! España support. They reply to all your questions in no time and in a very kind way. They still take care of me”

Minsun, South Korea

“Go! Go! España staff really helped me collect my documents more quickly, gave me tips/tricks for parts of the application, and answered all the random questions I had. It made the entire process a lot easier.”

Erin, Canada

“Sometimes I wrote him an E-Mail in the evening and he (Go! Go! España staff) still answered me on the same day. My questions and problems were all answered and solved…I can just really recommend their work and the help!!

Sarah, Germany

“I worked with Luis while organizing my studies…He was great at helping point me in the right direction. He was quick to respond…I cannot recommend using Go Go España enough. My experience was great. Thanks again!”

Kaitlyn, United States