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Learn Spanish online with Go! Go! España’s unique online courses. Created with the best language school in Spain, we offer high-quality online Spanish lessons and courses for all levels, from total beginner to business-level Spanish. With on-demand or live lesson options, there is something to suit everyone.

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Spanish Online Courses

Our Spanish online courses are the perfect option for people who can’t study in Spain, but who still wish to learn the Spanish language. They’re also great for those who want to prepare by learning the basics before they begin at a language school in Spain, so they can hit the ground running once they arrive.

Online Spanish learning

Don’t worry if you can’t travel to Spain to start your language journey, we also partner with the best Spanish language schools to offer specialized online courses directly from Spain to students all over the world!

Beginner & Advanced Lessons

Whether you need a course that teaches you the basics of Spanish or you are looking for a way to improve your current level or just get more conversation practice, we have online courses available to help you learn as effectively as possible.

Tailored Content

Each course has content created for remote online learning to help you learn Spanish wherever you are. Some courses offer live sessions, others use prerecorded lessons with interactive drills so you can study at your own pace.


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Learn the basics of Spanish with Go! Go! España and LAE Madrid Spanish language school’s free one-week online beginner course.
Continue your Spanish journey with Go! Go! España and LAE Madrid Spanish language school’s 4-week course online Spanish course designed to help you understand the fundamentals of Spanish.
Learn Spanish with live classes remotely, take 2 days of classes per week live from a Spanish language school accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.
Learn Spanish in small group classes online with a Instituto Cervantes accredited language school.
Take private lessons online directly from a top school in Spain to practice and boost your spoken Spanish skills with a native speaker.


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Our goal is to help as many people live & study in Spain as possible. We offer our support for free so you pay the exact same fees to the language school or university as you would if you applied on your own. So why wouldn’t you want to make it easier for yourself?

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Founded by students with a focus on making a difference in the lives of future students. We know everything about living & studying in Spain as we’ve been there ourselves!


From cosy private apartments to friendly share houses across Spain, we’ll help you find the best accommodation option in to suit your needs and budgets.

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We’ve helped students from all over the world and our community is grows every day. Share your Spanish experiences, make friends from around the globe, and explore the wonders of Spain.

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