Cost of living in Spain calculator

Moving to Spain? Assess living costs

At first glance, Spain might seem like an expensive place to live. However, with adequate preparation, the cost of living in Spain is entirely manageable for individuals aiming to live and study there.

Use our cost of living in Spain calculator to estimate how much money you will need for your time in Spain. Note that these are estimates based on averages, and your actual cost of living will depend on where you live in Spain, the school you attend (if any), how long you’re staying for, your accommodation, your lifestyle, and spending habits.

As a reference, please note that to obtain Student Visa, the Spanish government requires international students to prepare 100% of Spain’s Public Multiple Effects Income Indicator (IPREM) which comes down to approximately €600 per month of study. So for example, if you’re applying to study in Spain for 6 months, you’ll need a minimum of 3,600 (600 x 6 months) in your bank account. This should be the minimum amount necessary to cover the cost of accommodation and living expenses. However, we strongly recommend preparing additional funds to ensure a comfortable and enriching experience in Spain.

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