Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools in Spain

Study primary and secondary education in Spain (6 to 18 years), schools for children under 6 also available

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Study in an Elementary or High School in Spain

We offer a wide range of educational options in Spain, including elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as kindergartens for students under 6 years old. Spain boasts numerous public, private, and international schools, ensuring high-quality education for students of all ages.

Obtaining a Student Visa for public schools can be challenging, so we assist families in enrolling their kids in private and international schools, whether as boarders or day students.

Many schools in Spain provide English-taught programs, making them ideal for international families. Some schools offer bilingual English/Spanish programs, while others cater to Spanish-speaking or very young children, with instruction solely in Spanish.

Are you planning to send your child to study in Spain, or is your entire family coming along?

In either case, we can help! We can assist your family throughout the entire process of coming to Spain.

Support with the Visa application

We assist with the student visa application for all the members of the family that will be studying in Spain.

Schools available all over Spain

You can choose elementary, middle, and high schools in locations across Spain.

Full support

Our dedicated team work hard to respond quickly to all inquiries.


Why use Go! Go! España and study in a Elementary, Middle or High school in Spain?

100% online

The school application process can be processed completely online with our support. If you decide to apply for the student visa in Spain with the support of our partner immigration lawyer, the visa application can also be done 100% online.

Fast process

With our experience and long-term partnerships with elementary and high schools in Spain, we can help you and your family gain admission to the school and provide you with the necessary visa documents.

Boarding or day schools

If you want your kid to study abroad independently, boarding schools are a great choice. There your child will have everything they need to live & study in Spain on their own. However, if your entire family is planning to travel and live together in Spain, a day school could be a better option for you. We can assist you with both choices!

Education options in English, Spanish or bilingual

As well as Spanish education options, there are International Schools with 100% English instruction. Bilingual options are also available, helping your kid learn two languages and brighten their future.

It’s common practice for international families to enroll their kids in an elementary, middle, or high school while the parents take Spanish courses. Sometimes, it’s necessary to obtain a Student Visa, and other times, they simply want to improve their Spanish level to accelerate their integration in Spain.

Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools in Spain

Frequently asked questions

Yes, many Spanish elementary, middle, and high schools accept foreign students, so minors can study abroad in Spain.
It depends on the situation. Before being actually living in Spain it’s not possible to enroll in a public school, therefore it’s not possible to obtain the admission letter that students need for the visa application. However, this problem doesn’t exist with private schools, making them the best option when you’re applying from abroad.
Yes they can and we also offer our support to parents who want to come with their child to Spain.
Yes, minors can study in Spain without their parents or a guardian, however, in this case they would need to enroll in a boarding school.
Yes, there are options for students to study in English, in Spanish or even bilingual options with lessons in Spanish and English.

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Go! Go! España - Live and study in Spain

Go! Go! España was launched to help people from all over the world fulfill their dreams of living in Spain. We do this by helping them choose and enroll in the right school, apply for their student visa, find accommodation, and any other services needed to settle into their lives in Spain. We partner with all types of schools in Spain; Spanish language schools, universities, college preparatory schools, high schools, middle schools and, elementary schools.

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