Where to Find Free Museums in Madrid

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Spanish history is much easier to learn when you’re in Spain, with historical sites around the country and especially the free museums in Madrid! So, if you’re tired of reading history books to take in the history of Spain, try a museum visit. If you’re studying abroad at a Spanish school in Madrid, you’ll find that there are tons of free museums in Madrid (especially for students). Walking through museums and reading information in Spanish is another great resource for Spanish learning, too. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and plan a visit to one the free museums in Madrid while you’re here!

A List of the Free Museums in Madrid

The Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum – This museum, also known as the Thyssen Museum, is one of Madrid’s most famous art museums. With over 1,000 artworks inside, it’s a great place to see the changes and progression of Spanish art. While this isn’t always one of the free museums in Madrid, admission is always free on Mondays between 12:00 and 4:00 pm. Students get always get a reduced fee with a valid student ID!

free museums in Madrid
Take a break from the books and study Spanish culture in a museum!

The Prado National Museum – The Prado Museum is probably the most famous museum in Madrid! It houses many masterpiece works and educational historical pieces. In fact, many of the masterpieces from Spain’s most famous painters are on the walls of the Prado. This is one of the best free museums in Madrid for students because admission is always free for students aged 18-25!

The Reina Sofia National Museum and Arts Centre – In this museum, you’ll find a more contemporary art collection. Picasso’s most famous painting, Guernica, is on display here, as are many other modern masterpieces. This is another museum that is completely free for students 18-25 with valid student ID, so take advantage!

The National Archaeological Museum – Spain has ancient roots that date back to the Romans. There are many ruins dotted across the country, but that takes lots of traveling. The National Archaeological Museum in Madrid is the best place to see lots of historical artifacts in one place. This is one of the best free museums in Madrid for history lovers, especially If you don’t have time to travel around Spain. Students 26 and younger are admitted free of charge!

free museums in madrid
There are many museums with free admission for students; all you have to do is show a student ID!

Free House Museums in Madrid

The Museum of Romanticism – Although less famous, this Madrid museum in a house is a visually stunning and surprising visit. It features the stylings of the same ornate decadence as the artistic movement of romanticism. Visitors will be transported to another time when they see the grand chandeliers and gold accents. The Museum of Romanticism has a reduced ticket price of €1.50 for students. If you’re only looking for free museums in Madrid, entry on Saturdays and Sundays is free from 2:00 pm on.

The Cerralbo Museum – This house museum makes visitors feel like they’ve gone back in time! There are opulent decorations and items to catch your eye at every turn. This decadent mansion gives visitors a look into the daily lives of Spanish aristocrats in the nineteenth century. A reduced admission price is available for students under 25; tickets are just €1.50 with a student ID! However, you can visit this museum free on Saturdays after 2:00 pm, Thursday from 5-8:00 pm and all day Sundays.

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