The Best Tapas Bars in Valencia

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So you’ve traveled to the third largest city in Spain and hunger strikes; you need to find a list of the best tapas bars in Valencia right now! Valencia is known for its unique culture and history. Lucky for you, the authentic culture applies to its food as well and Valencia is a foodie heaven.

What’s on the Menu in the Best Tapas Bars in Valencia?

Thanks to Valencia’s position on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, fish and seafood are always in supply. The mountains that surround the area provide lots of wild game and crops, especially grapes for wine. You’ll miss out if you don’t sample some of the Valencian wine, even if it’s a sweeter wine-based drink like sangria.

best tapas bars in valencia
Paella comes from Valencia, so don’t forget to try it in the place it originated.

Most importantly, do not miss out on the paella! Paella was created in the area and you can find it in many of the best tapas bars in Valencia. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the best foods in Spain. With all the fresh ingredients available in Valencia, you’re sure to enjoy our list of tapas restaurants in Valencia. Luckily, eating out and other costs in Spain are low, so you have no excuse not to treat yourself to these amazing tapas bars.

Casa Montaña

Calle Jose Benlliure 69

If you’re looking for an authentic Spanish tapas bar, then Casa Montaña is the place to be. This bodega is 182 years old with huge wine casks surrounding the tables and it just can’t get more authentic! With loads of fresh small plates and a selection of local wines, you don’t have to break the bank to have a truly memorable Spanish culinary experience.

best tapas bars in valencia
There are tons of different tapas plates like Spanish ham, olives, chorizo and paella.

Restaurante La Flamenco

Calle Salamanca 34

If you’re in the mood to taste it all, then this is the perfect tapas bar in Valencia for you. Restaurante La Flamenco has an extensive offer of diverse tapas as well as artisanal wines for you to choose from. You can see all their delicious tapas spotlighted in a grand glass counter (and also all at affordable prices).

Taberna Jamón Jamón

Street Bolseria 36

The classic dishes of this authentic Valencian tapas bar have made it very well-known. Taberna Jamón Jamón serves very rich plates from the region including octopus from the Mediterranean, crema catalana and of course their namesake, Spanish ham. This tapas bar is a bit more expensive than some other choices but you’ll feel it was worth it when you see their creative, delicious dishes.

El Bocaito

Calle de Platero Suárez, 8

If you’re looking for an authentic Spanish tapas experience on a budget, visit the local favorite El Bocaito. Just a kilometer away from the Torres de Serranos and the city center, this tapas bar is virtually unknown to tourists. El Bocaito is a neighborhood tapas bar with local recipes, low prices and a wait staff that will make you feel at home.

Restaurante Navarro

Street Archbishop Mayoral, 5

Restaurante Navarro serves some of the freshest food and that makes it one of the best tapas bars in Valencia’s center. This tapas bar in downtown Valencia features a menu made up of local produce as well as meat and seafood sourced from Valencia’s markets (which are some of the best markets in Spain). This family-owned tapas bar also provides very friendly service, so it’s the perfect tapas bar for a night out in Valencia.

Looking for tapas bars in other cities? Check out our expert lists for Barcelona and Madrid.

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