Spanish language school in Malaga

Malaca Instituto

Malaca Instituto is an awarded winning Spanish language school in Malaga with more than 40 years of experience teaching Spanish. The school is renowned for its teaching philosophy that combines communicative approaches with grammatical teaching.

Malaca Instituto has an outstanding campus with everything you could need on-site, including an incredible School Residence! With an average of 60 staff members, students receive a high level of attention and are surrounded by a friendly and safe atmosphere. It is also ideal for social and professional networking. The perfect place to learn Spanish in Malaga.

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Spanish language school in Malaga

Malaca Instituto

School features

Accredited by the Instituto Cervantes

The Instituto Cervantes is a worldwide non-profit organization established by the Spanish government committed in improving the quality of institutions teaching Spanish.

Super Star award winner

Malaca Instituto is the only Spanish school to have been awarded with the Super Star for winning 5 Star Awards by the Study Travel Magazine for Spanish Language Schools.

Accredited by EAQUALS

EAQUALS (Evaluation & Accreditation of Quality in Language Services) is an elite academic accreditation in association with cultural institutions such as the British Council, the Goethe Institut and Oxford University Press aimed at providing exceptional language education to individuals worldwide.

IALC Member

The International Association of Language Schools (IALC) guarantees that all its members provide outstanding language education to students all over the world.

Amazing campus

Extraordinary facilities all onsite: 25 classrooms, 96 bedrooms, 3 terraces, a study center, bar, restaurant, student lounge, swimming pool, dance studio, gym, etc. The reception desk is available 24-hours a day, it’s the perfect place to take Spanish courses in Malaga!

Accepts Beginner Students

If you haven’t had the chance to study Spanish before, don’t worry! You can start as a complete beginner at this school.

Free Wifi

The school offers free Wi-Fi in common areas.

All ages welcome

This school doesn’t have any age limit.

School's Location

Spanish language school on Malaga

Málaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol region in the south of Spain and stretches over kilometers of beautiful beaches due to the city’s increasing expansions along the coastline of the Mediterranean sea. Founded by the Phoenicians as Malaka in 770 BC, Málaga is considered as one of the oldest cities in the world as well as one of Spain’s economically and cultural emerging cities. Native to the famous painter Pablo Picasso, the city offers 28 museums, two of which, the Museo Picasso Málaga and Picasso Birthplace Museum, reveal the life of Picasso. There are also three major events in Spain that are held here: the Málaga Fair (Feria de Málaga), the Holy Week and the Málaga Film Festival.

The Mediterranean climate provides a perfect environment to enjoy the city with an average of 300 days of sunshine, beautiful beaches and friendly locals to meet walking down the streets.

This Spanish language school in Malaga is located in a peaceful residential area, just 15 minutes by bus from the city center and a 10 minute walk to the beaches.

Paseo Cerrado Calderon – Bus Stop (2 mins)

Line 33

Malaca Instituto

Spanish language school in Malaga

Course Introduction

The Intensive 20 course includes 50 minutes with 20 lessons per week. The maximum number of students per class is 10 people. The content of the lessons cover all aspects of the Spanish language, at each level.

Malaca Instituto produces most of their own textbooks and supplementary materials. The involvement of senior teachers in developing the teaching materials and new programs creates a stimulating academic environment and is crucial for the provision of high-quality teaching. This evolving philosophy guides the content and form of the school books.

Course length

Without a student visa: 0-3 months

With student visa: 3-12 months

Student visas not required for EU members.

Available starts
School usually starts every Monday of the year (except for complete beginners)
Schedule (weekdays)

Lessons from Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 12:30

Course hours per week ≈ 20

School Intensity

Medium-high intensity means Malaca Instituto is above average and requires a bit more work in order to keep up with the pace of the course. On the upside, you’ll also be learning and mastering the Spanish language at a faster rate.

Visa eligibility

This course is eligible for the visa application.

1 week


1 month


3 months


6 months


9 months


1 year


Students can decide the exact number of weeks they would like to study. The prices provided above are for reference purposes only. Keep in mind that one month typically consists of 4 weeks, while a year comprises 48 weeks.

Registration fee


Registration fee is not included in the price

intensive spanish course

Total course costs

Disclaimer: Prices in currencies other than euro are estimated based on the latest exchange rates.

The total costs refer to Intensive 20 course and include class, Malaca Instituto course books, welcome aperitif, cultural activities, free tour of Málaga, use of swimming pool, use of multi-media centre, aerobic-type activity twice a week, party with live music (on ave. every 3 weeks), staff support and certificate of attendance.

Registration fee


Registration fee is not included in the price

Malaca Instituto

Other Courses and Features

Discover all the Spanish courses offered by this school.

Super Intensive Spanish Course

The perfect course for students who want to make the most of their time at the school and improve their Spanish skills very quickly.

Dele Preparation Course

Specialized prep courses for the DELE exam (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) available. DELE is the globally recognized certification for non-native speakers.

University access course

During this course the school prepares students in Spanish language to enter universities, including Spanish for Academic purposes. It also provides advice and guidance for university paperwork, both for undergraduate and masters degrees.

Teen Summer Camp

Including Spanish lessons, accommodation, and daily activities. Perfect for teeenagers who want to have an immersive experience.

Free cultural activities

The General Spanish Course includes 5 cultural activities per week: 2 flamenco dance classes, 1 salsa class, 1 presentation of a film and 1 cultural talk.

Spanish language school in Malaga

Student demographics

Students come from all over the world to study at this school

Other countries

Malaca Instituto

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Malaca Instituto

Frequently asked questions

The school’s teaching methodology blends elements of the vommunicative approach with structured grammar and syntax learning. They use their proprietary textbooks, meticulously designed to expedite Spanish language acquisition. Students of various age groups enroll in our courses, each with unique motivations for mastering Spanish.

Malaca Instituto holds accreditation from the Instituto Cervantes, an institution under the Spanish government’s cultural umbrella. They are members of EAQUALS and IALC, both esteemed associations within the language school sector. Furthermore, their institution has garnered accolades and acknowledgments for its commitment to delivering quality language education.

At Malaca Instituto, they believe in the potency of immersive learning bolstered by expert guidance. Their teaching methods seamlessly integrate language acquisition with the exploration of Spanish culture. They use an inclusive approach, harmonizing elements of the communicative method with structured grammar and syntax instruction. This approach encompasses traditional teaching techniques, interactive language games, collaborative pair work, and engaging role-plays, all aimed at fostering communicative proficiency.

The school’s activities and excursions are not merely recreational diversions; they constitute an integral facet of the learning process. These experiences immerse participants in the living language, providing invaluable opportunities for practice, discussion, and debate. Additionally, they afford a deeper understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures, rendering the learning journey enjoyable and captivating.

Upon completion of each course level within the Intensive Spanish Course, an examination is conducted. We strongly encourage all students to partake in these assessments, as they serve to reinforce acquired knowledge. Based on the examination results, Certificates of Linguistic Competence are provided, offering an objective reflection of the student’s Spanish language proficiency.

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