What’s It Like to Live in a Share House in Spain?

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When it’s time to figure out the housing situation for your study abroad trip, you might ask yourself, “What exactly is a share house in Spain?” Most language schools and universities call shared apartments “share houses.” That just means you’ll be staying in a flat with roommates! There are plenty of perks that come along with living in a share house in Spain. See if renting a share house is the right option for you while you study abroad in Spain.

What Exactly is a Share House?

A share house in Spain is just one of the options for accommodation that students can choose. Regardless of the share house, you’ll be sharing your space with between 4-8 other people. Some share houses have more roommates, and some have less. However, you’ll always have your own room. Most of the time, your roommates will also be classmates at the same school you attend! Sometimes your roommates in Spain are students from other schools or universities, although not usually.

share house in spain
Your roommates will always be there to help and hang out with you!

Every share house in Spain has different qualities, making sure that every student has their own unique experience! Students moving to share houses will find that most basic living needs are supplied. At nearly every share house, Wi-Fi, towels, blankets, water, electricity, gas and kitchen tools are included. Some flat shares in Spain even come with their own cleaning person for common areas! However, not every share house will have every amenity listed (and some will have even more).

The Perks of Living in a Share House in Spain

There are plenty of great things about living in a share house in Spain! Having roommates is the easiest way to meet new friends. With friendly roommates around you often, you’ll always have someone to eat Spanish meals with and discover Spain with you by visiting museums or Spanish food markets. Since most roommates in share houses are also fellow students, they can also help you practice hard concepts in Spanish like using ojalá or gustar. If you practice Spanish with roommates, you’ll be proficient in no time!

The roommates in your Spanish share house may arrive to Spain earlier than you. In fact, it’s likely that all the roommates in a Spanish share house will arrive and depart at varying times. It’s a huge perk to live with others who have already figured out the basics of setting yourself up in Spain. It can be confusing to try and get a cell phone or healthcare in Spain. Thankfully, you’ll have at least a few roommates to help you on your journey! With awesome roommates at your side, you’ll be enjoying daily life in Spain faster than you can unpack your bags.

share house in Spain
Never go on Spanish adventures alone again!

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