7 Good Life-Changing Reasons to Learn Spanish

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So, you’ve started to get curious about learning Spanish in Spain – otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading. If you need someone to list good reasons to learn Spanish and move to Spain, our team of native Spaniards and expats is happy to tell you all about the most amazing things to try in Spain. It’s easy to see why we love it so much (sangria, anyone?), but what about the life benefits of learning Spanish?

7 Good Reasons to Learn Spanish

There are plenty more than just 7 good reasons to learn Spanish. Just counting the beaches in Spain by themselves will give you countless good reasons to learn Spanish in Spain! Other than the added benefits that learning Spanish in Spain gives your language skills, what are the life benefits?

1. Travel to Spain, one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world

Spain has one of the most competitive tourism industries in the world. Everyone wants to travel to Spain! Maybe it’s because of the islands like Ibiza, our amazing soccer teams, our delicious tapas…there are tons of good reasons to learn Spanish here to enjoy the experience even more.

good reasons to learn spanish
When you study Spanish, you open up thousands more travel possibilities around the world!

2. Experience local culture all over the world

Spanish is an official language in many countries around the world. With the Spanish language under your belt, traveling to countries like Chile, Cuba, or even the Philippines will be much more enriching. Connecting more deeply to people all over the world is one of our favorite good reasons to learn Spanish.

3. Unlock amazing employment opportunities

The professional in you may start to dream after you realize how many countries speak Spanish. If you learn Spanish in Spain, you can unlock career possibilities in all of those places, or maybe stay in Spain and find a job here? Even if you decide to look for a job in your home country, Spanish is a great skill to add to any resume.

4. Spanish is an easy language to learn for first-timers

If you’re just starting out your language learning journey and considering which language to learn first, Spanish is a great choice. It is a very phonetic language. As you try to read, Spanish words sound the way they’re spelled (and not just the easy Spanish words). Get started and see how quickly you learn!

5. It opens the door to learning other languages

People aren’t wrong when they say Spanish is a beautiful language. It’s in the romance language family, after all! Spanish is closely related to Portuguese, Catalan, French, Italian, and Romanian. Learning any of those languages will be much easier if you’ve learned Spanish first.

good reasons to learn spanish
You’ll get a new understanding of masterpieces like Picasso’s Guernica when you learn Spanish.

6. Understanding Spanish art and literature

The Spanish empire has been creating art and literature since the 15th century. With such a rich culture of the arts, the Spanish culture has been spread worldwide! By learning Spanish, you’ll unlock a whole new level of famous artworks by Spanish painters and modern artists. If you love to visit museums in Madrid, this will be one of your favorite good reasons to learn Spanish.

7. Learning Spanish is good for the brain

There are lots of good reasons to learn Spanish to enrich your travel and life experiences, but what about your health? Well, learning Spanish is great for that, too! Learning a second language can strengthen your memory, improve your multi-tasking skills and even postpone dementia.

Have you studied Spanish? What positive affects has it had on your life? Post in the comments to share.

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