How to Find a Job in Spain

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Eating tapas every day is a dream, but you’ll soon need to figure out how to find a job in Spain to pay for those patatas bravas!

It can be confusing to look for a job in a foreign country, especially if you don’t speak the native language.

On top of that, Spain has one of the highest unemployment rates for young people in Europe.

However, finding a job here isn’t impossible!

We’ve written up this guide on how to find a job in Spain to make your job search a little easier. R

ead on to learn everything you need to know about job hunting in Spain.

What You Need to Work in Spain

If you’re from an EEA or EU country, all you need is your NIE to start working.

If you’re from outside the EEA/EU, you must first be approved for a student visa in Spain.

After you get your student visa and your TIE, you’re ready!

With a student visa, you’ll be allowed to work in Spain for up to 4 hours a day for a total of 20 hours a week.

Your working hours must not interfere with your study obligations. When school is not in session (but your visa is still valid), you are allowed to work full-time for up to 3 months.

If you come to Spain on a working holiday visa, you’ll be allowed to work as soon as your visa is approved (and you get your NIE).

how to find a job in Spain
Becoming a tour guide is a great way to earn money and get to know your city better at the same time.

How to Find a Job in Spain

If you’re wondering how to find a job in Spain, there are tons of online databases for jobs!

But before you start figuring out how to find a job in Spain, you may need to consider your skills.

If your Spanish is not good enough to work, consider becoming proficient in Spanish before applying for jobs.

There are job opportunities for non-Spanish speakers as well, but more doors will open for you as a bilingual candidate.

Spanish-speakers who are looking for a job in Spain are almost unrestricted in the jobs they can find and apply for!

If you’re an English-only speaker wondering how to find a job in Spain, there are still plenty of opportunities.

One of the most popular professions among English speakers in Spain is an English teacher.

Most academies and schools prefer teachers that hold a TEFL or CELTA qualification.

However, you could also give private lessons in English if you find paying students!

Tourism is another popular industry with jobs for English speakers in Spain.

Try looking for a job as a tour guide or in a tourist shop, as they need foreign workers to communicate with tourists.

Childcare jobs like nannying are also great for English speakers, as many Spanish families want their children to learn language skills.

Real estate companies in Spain and Airbnb flats also look for English-speaking employees to meet with foreign customers.

Another idea is to check with multinational companies, as they may have English-speaking call centers.

Lastly, there’s always room for another dishwasher or waiter; check your local bars and restaurants to see if they could use a hand!

What if you’re already proficient in Spanish?

In this case, you may be willing to find a job in your own country in which you can use your Spanish skills.

There’re international companies all over the world with the need for Spanish speakers, try to focus on those that have international branches in South America and/or Spain and the ones that are located in communities with plenty of Spanish speakers around, like California in the USA.

how to find a job in Spain
English teachers are always in demand in Spain.

Tips for Job Hunting in Spain

You may need a few tricks up your sleeve to land the job. English-speaking jobs in Spain are often highly competitive!

Here’s a tip: Use the same platforms that a Spaniard will use!

The job search website most used among Spaniards looking for a job in Spain (by far) is Infojobs, if there’s a job for you in Spain, you will find it there!

Be persistent in your job search and sooner or later, you’ll be working in Spain!

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