If you are lucky enough to be in the position to be considering moving to Spain, you will want to know how to find houses for sale in Spain!

There are endless great reasons to want to move to Spain: high quality of life, low cost of living, culture, art, sunshine, gastronomy, relaxed lifestyle… The list goes on!

Let’s get you pointed in the right direction for the best property for sale in Spain!

The Best 9 Websites to find Houses for Sale in Spain

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We work with the best accommodation providers in Spain and have years of experience helping people when buying property in Spain.

Below you will find our list of the top 9 Spanish real estate websites:

1. Idealista.com – Our #1 portal for Houses for Sale in Spain!

The largest selection of property sale in Spain

Idealista.com is the most popular and prominent of the Spanish real estate portals and currently leads the way with the biggest database of houses for sale in Spain.

The Idealista.com website is available to translate into 16 different languages including English, Chinese, Dutch, German, and French.

Idealista.com has head offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Milan, and Lisbon and is run by a vast team of property experts.

The Idealista.com website and app provide a very confident, professional, and secure service with an excellent blog that is regularly updated with first-rate information on the Spanish property market.

Take a look at the vast Idealista.com Spanish property catalog today

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2. Fotocasa.com

The best for finding private sellers of houses for sale in Spain

Fotocasa.com comes in a close second to Idealista in terms of the number of houses in Spain you can choose from here. Fotocasa.com and Idealista.com are definitely the clear leaders of the Spanish real estate web portals.

Fotocasa.com is available to translate into three other languages apart from Spanish and these are English, German and Catalan.

Fotocasa is part of Adevinta group, a leading company for digital marketplaces which operates in ten countries around the world.

Other popular Adevinta websites include Infojobs.net (employment), Coches.net and Motos.net (vehicles), and Milanuncios.com (the second-hand market).

There is a lot of very useful and easy-to-read information available on the Fotocasa.com portal in addition to its extensive Spanish properties catalog.

This includes interactive maps, a mortgage calculator and comparison tool, and detailed image galleries, videos, and virtual tours.

Check out the Fotocasa.com website to find the property of your dreams.

3. Habitaclia.com

The best real estate website for finding properties in the Mediterranean area

Habitaclia.com is part of the Adevinta group with Fotocasa.com and always has thousands of Spain homes for sale.

The Habitaclia.com head offices are located in Barcelona and the company has a very strong position in Catalunya, northeastern Spain, and the Mediterranean making it a great portal choice if you are looking for houses for sale in these areas.

As well as Catalunya, Habitaclia.com specializes in properties in the Balearic Islands, Valencia, and Andorra.

Habitaclia.com has been growing in popularity in recent years and now ranks very highly in search engines in everything related to houses for sale in Spain.

This is a brilliant site for finding Barcelona apartments for sale.

Start your property search by visiting the Habitaclia.com website

4. Pisos.com

Best Spanish real estate app for houses for sale in Spain

The Pisos.com app is available from App Store, Google Play, and App Gallery and is a great way to search for properties up and down Spain.

The Spanish word ‘Piso’ translates to ‘Flat’ in English, but Pisos.com does not only deal with flats. There are apartments and houses for sale in Spain available here, along with land, industrial units, commercial and office spaces, and rooms.

The Pisos.com app makes finding your ideal Spanish property faster and more convenient with the facility to apply detailed filters and receive direct notifications of properties that fit your search criteria.

Check out the website and app of Pisos.com today to find your perfect property in Spain for sale.

5. YaEncontre.com

Best Spanish real estate website

YaEncontre.com is another extremely popular real estate portal offering thousands of houses and flats in Spain, to buy or rent.

The YaEncontre.com website has been carefully designed for ease of use and offers many handy features to help simplify the process of searching for, finding, and securing your ideal property in Spain.

You can search via points of interest (e.g. schools, universities, hospitals) or via vicinity to public transport.

There is even a very useful website tool that allows you to draw your own search location zone on a map of Spain and receive instant results for properties available in that precise area.

The YaEncontre.com website is a pleasure to navigate and use and can be translated into six languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, French, or German.

Visit the website of YaEncontre.com to browse its extensive catalog of properties in Spain.

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More fantastic portals to find Houses for Sale in Spain!

6. TuCasa.com

Best Spanish real estate website for finding properties in Andalucía.

TuCasa.com has its head offices in Sevilla in Andalucía in southern Spain and is a great site to buy a property in Spain.

TuCasa.com is an established and well-known portal for finding flats and houses to rent and buy all across Spain.

One drawback with TuCasa.com is that it is only available in Spanish and does not offer translated versions of the website in English or any other languages.

However, the website is still very easy to navigate and use, even if you don’t understand everything in Spanish and there are thousands of wonderful properties on offer here from all around Spain, not just Andalucía.

Take a look for yourself by visiting the website today

7. Kyero.com

Best Spanish real estate portal for offering free help and advice

Kyero.com is another of the big Spanish property portals and the company makes an extra effort to try to help new foreign buyers happily buy a house in Spain by providing free downloadable moving to and buying property in Spain guides.

Kyero.com has sister websites operating in Italy, France, and Portugal. This company is highly successful and experienced in the property industry and a great choice for newbie foreign buyers.

The Kyero.com Spanish team is a friendly group of property experts who are readily available via the website to help you understand how much does a house in Spain costs and what processes are involved with buying property in Spain.

There are also clear FAQs and useful market data, property podcasts, and an affordability calculator that allow users to easily find the best houses for sale in Spain.

Learn all about the Spanish property market and find the property of your dreams here on Kyero.com.

8. Indomio.es

Best Spanish real estate website for working out your mortgage

The Indomio.es website comes complete with a very useful facility to compare suitable mortgages to help you find the ideal financial setup for your particular circumstances.

Indomio.es lists over 1 million properties in Spain published by private advertisers and real estate agencies with photos, videos, and descriptions.

Over 18,000 real estate agencies use Indomio.es and there are more than 8 million monthly visits to the website.

Indomio.es is a highly innovative company that has developed a fine website and app and aims to outdo its rivals with its technological excellence.

You can publish free listings with Indomio.es and there is also the facility to draw your search area on a map to pinpoint your exact ideal location.

Let Indomio.es guide you to your ideal Spanish property by visiting the website today.

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9. Trovimap.comOur final portal recommendation for Houses for Sale in Spain

Best Spanish real estate portal for valuing houses for sale in Spain

Trovimap.com offers a great free online valuation tool to help you better understand the Spanish property market.

You can use this facility to quickly enter any address and characteristics and find a current valuation. This is very useful if you are looking to buy to assess if the asking price is a fair market value.

Trovimap.com has its head offices in Barcelona but offers properties to buy and rent all across Spain, from A Coruña to Almería, from San Sebastián to Sevilla.

Trovimap.com is not just a portal for comparing properties to better understand the market though. Thousands of amazing houses and flats in Spain can be found on the website from up and down the country.

See for yourself by visiting the Trovimap.com website.