While many of us have dreamed of moving to Spain to learn Spanish, not all of us have the money for an international excursion.

After all, eating fresh vegetarian paella daily with pitchers of Agua de Valencia isn’t budget friendly…is it?

Thanks to Spain’s low cost of living, most aspects of the Spanish lifestyle are affordable.

Eating out every night may not be on the menu for budgeting students, but a study abroad in Spain is still possible.

Research the choices for the cheapest Spanish language schools in Spain!

There are plenty of top-rate Spanish schools in Spain that will fit perfectly into your study-abroad budget.

The Cheapest Spanish Language Schools in Spain

As you start to dig into the research on the cheapest Spanish language schools in Spain, you might wonder if all the schools have the proper certification.

All of the Spanish language schools partnered with Go! Go! España are accredited by the Cervantes Institute.

Some of these schools have special accreditation as well, such as the Bildungsurlaub from Germany or the accreditation from the CSN in Sweden.

If price is your main concern, costs for each school are listed on the linked pages on each of the cheapest Spanish language schools in Spain.

cheapest spanish language schools in spain

Cheap Spanish schools still offer amazing cultural visits in their area, like this one to the Alhambra!

Proyecto Español – Cheapest Spanish Language School in Granada

Taking a Spanish course at Proyecto Español will give students a bang for their buck.

Not only is it one of the cheapest Spanish language schools in Spain, but Spanish courses at Proyecto Español include up to 25 hours per week of class time.

Most schools have a 20 hour per week schedule!

Even with their cheap Spanish course prices, they offer students 5 more hours than other schools to teach difficult concepts thoroughly.

After all, there are tons of amazing experiences waiting in Granada that you’ll like, so mastering “gustar” is a must!

Linguaschools Barcelona – Cheapest Spanish Language School in Barcelona

Linguaschools Barcelona is sure to give students a memorable experience!

Located in the heart of Barcelona, artistic monuments and local tapas bars are easy to reach after class.

However, you don’t need to leave the school to find art! Linguaschools is housed in a historic building with a modernist style that is bound to inspire those who study Spanish in Barcelona.

Even as one of the cheapest Spanish language schools in Spain, students won’t compromise experience for price!

On Spain – Cheapest Spanish Language School in Malaga

Studying Spanish in Malaga is a dream for many people, maybe because it’s on the famous “Coast of the Sun!”.

There’s no better (or cheaper) Spanish school in Malaga than On Spain.

They teach Spanish of all levels in small classes of no more than 8 students, giving every student a chance to get comfortable conversing in Spanish.

Lastly, On Spain has a building only meters away from the beach…what are you waiting for?

cheapest spanish language schools in spain

Small class sizes are still a priority in cheap Spanish language schools like On Spain and Academia Contacto.

Academia Contacto – Cheapest Spanish Language School in Madrid

For students keen on learning Spanish in Madrid, Academia Contacto is the cheapest Spanish school they can set their sights on.

There are countless budget-friendly activities to enhance Spanish learning in Madrid, like free museums and cheap tapas.

Academia Contacto is known for their small school size, so social activities occur constantly, whether planned by the school or spontaneous!

With the extra attention a small class provides, students of Academia Contacto will be speaking Spanish in no time.

Still not sure what Spanish school in Spain is right for you? Contact our experts here for advice – we know our study abroad opportunities in Spain!