Top 8 Best Spanish Schools in Spain

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At Go! Go! España, we’re the experts on the best Spanish schools in Spain.

If you’re curious about studying abroad in Spain, we’ve got all the materials on applying for a student visa and adapting to daily life in Spain.

Still, when it comes to choosing a study program, you might feel like you’re on your own.

That is, until you see our list.

Best Spanish Schools in Spain

We compiled a list of some of the best Spanish schools in Spain!

Not finding exactly what you’re looking for here, message us for help or check out our favorite language schools here.

best spanish schools in spain
If you’re craving a beach escape, make sure to study Spanish near the beach!

1. Taronja in Valencia

Fun and Functional Lessons in Spanish

Taronja mixes fun and functional so well, you may not even realize how quickly you’re learning Spanish.

As one of the best Spanish schools in Spain, Taronja aims to immerse students in Spanish learning by taking their lessons out into the world.

When not in the classroom, Taronja enriches their Spanish study in Valencia with social lessons such as city tours, Spanish cooking lessons, and paella parties, all of which are included in the price of the course!

On top of the 20-hour weekly in-class lessons, there are optional “field trips” to different cities and festivals near Valencia at small additional costs.

2. AIL Madrid in Madrid

Challenging Yet Cultural Lessons in Spanish

AIL Madrid (or Academia Internacional de Lenguas) has a high-intensity rating, which means you’re sure to learn Spanish at an accelerated rate.

However, the challenging courses at AIL are taught in fun and interactive ways so lessons are never boring.

At AIL, teachers stage debates and role-play to make practicing Spanish conversation lively.

One of the greatest aspects of AIL Madrid is its location; in the heart of the city, visiting cultural sites and museums in Madrid is easy and included in the curriculum, which makes AIL one of the best Spanish schools in Spain.

3. Malaca Instituto in Malaga

An All-Inclusive Spanish School in Spain

We’d recommend you check out the Spanish schools in Malaga for the beach vibes and year-round warm weather.

However, thanks to Malaca Instituto, there are tons of reasons to recommend this Spanish language program in Malaga.

The beautiful campus of this Spanish school has everything you need. If you study here, you won’t have to look for an apartment in Spain; they have bedrooms onsite for students.

Malaca Instituto’s services don’t stop there, they also have these amenities available for students: a study center, a bar, a restaurant, a lounge, a swimming pool, a dance studio, a gym, sun-bathing terraces, and a 24-hour reception desk.

This Spanish course is more like a vacation!

4. Expanish in Barcelona

A Real Immersion Spanish School

If you’re looking to learn Spanish in Barcelona, this is the school for you!

Expanish organizes mind-blowing activities all over Barcelona in order to create a real immersion experience.

In their small classes, they focus on grammar, vocabulary, and reading, and writing.

Expanish offers Spanish courses in Barcelona with meticulous organization and academic excellence in outstanding facilities!

best spanish schools in spain
For authentic cultural events, you should study Spanish in Andalucia.

More of the Best Spanish Schools in Spain

Still haven’t found out which of the best Spanish schools in Spain is the right one for you?

Here are some more of our favorites:

5. Proyecto Español in Granada

Best Spanish school in Spain for foreigners

Each week Proyecto Español gives students a chance to practice Spanish with actual Spaniards to improve their conversational skills.

6. CLIC International House in Seville

A Deep Spanish Cultural Experience

CLIC IH is a culturally focused school in one of Spain’s most iconic cities.

This is the best school for those interested in Spanish traditions or the culture of Andalusia. Plus, flamenco lessons are part of the curriculum!

7. Instituto de Idiomas in Ibiza

Learn Spanish in the World’s Most Famous Party Island

Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza offers Spanish courses taught by well-qualified teachers.

What’s more important: the school is super close to the beach and it’s possible to learn how to be a DJ in Spanish.

If you’re looking for a party program, this is it!

8. Lacunza International House in San Sebastián

A Spanish Learning and Gastronomical Experience

Lacunza IH offers a wide offer of amazing Spanish programs, all of them provided by highly qualified teachers.

Students have the chance to learn Spanish in San Sebastián while joining a private Spanish cooking society and get a taste of the most amazing local cuisine.

Professional chefs can show all Lacunza students how to cook a typical Basque dinner.

On top of that and thanks to its location right in front of the Atlantic ocean, Lacunza IH also offers a Spanish program combined with surf lessons!

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