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Universities in Barcelona

Barcelona presents a vibrant and dynamic environment that is perfect for students. Immerse yourself in the richness of cultural diversity, explore captivating architecture, and relish the enchanting combination of beachside and urban life. Additionally, Barcelona’s bustling nightlife adds an exhilarating touch, while its multitude of libraries, study spaces, and student support services ensures a conducive environment for academic success. This city’s fusion of a lively arts scene, rich history, and a prime location by the beach makes it an ideal setting for students to flourish both academically and personally.


ESIC Business & Marketing School

IED Istituto Europeo Di Design

GBSB Global Business school

EUHT StPOL, University College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

EU Business School

LCI Barcelona, School of Design

HTL International School

EAE Business School

CETT, School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy

C3S Business School

ESERP Business School


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Attending a Spanish language school in Spain is the best way to learn Spanish. Gain skills and confidence in the language in a classroom environment with other students from all over the world, taught by highly experienced and passionate language teachers.

Our College Preparatory Schools partners will help you pass the exams needed to enroll in a public university in Spain (PCE / EBAU / Selectividad). Find the perfect one for you.

Elementary, middle, or high school in Spain, as well as a kindergarten for under 6 years old students, we offer assistance for children or all ages. English, Spanish or bilingual options are available.


Pathways for EU and non-EU students

Applying for a school can be complex and time consuming; however, our unique application process is straight-forward and easy to understand. Nothing gets lost in translation! We offer support for all paths available.


Path 1
Non-European Union citizens that are applying for the student visa from their home country.
Path 2
Non-European Union citizens that are applying for the student visa from Spain.
Path 3
European Union citizens that don't require a student visa.

Each path has been designed to offer the greatest possibility of success for your application, and visa if required, without complicated paperwork and stress.

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Learn the basics of Spanish with Go! Go! España and LAE Madrid Spanish language school’s free one-week online beginner course.
Continue your Spanish journey with Go! Go! España and LAE Madrid Spanish language school’s 4-week course online Spanish course designed to help you understand the fundamentals of Spanish.

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Study in Spain with Go! Go! España

Go! Go! España has proudly helped thousands of people from around the world fulfill their dreams of living in Spain. Whether you want to study in Spain for only a few weeks or take a whole undergraduate degree course, we can help with everything from school selection, getting a visa, renting accommodation, to settling into your life in Spain. Can’t make it to Spain yet, or want to get a head start? We also offer online courses created in partnership with Spanish language schools.

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