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ESIC school in Madrid

ESIC is a leading business school in Spain with more than fifty years of experience preparing highly skilled professionals for the business and marketing world. The quality of its programs is endorsed by national and international accreditation and certification institutions.

ESIC Business & Marketing School in Spain incentivize, promote and maintain a direct relationship with the business environment in order to provide participants with practical academic training which focuses on the needs of the labor market, while offering training with values, so that the participants engage successfully as highly qualified professionals with excellent command and knowledge of the latest trends.

ESIC Business & Marketing School has three international campuses in Spain located in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

ESIC Madrid Barcelona Valencia Business School

ESlC Business & Marketing School in Spain offers Bachelor and Master Degrees in the following fields:

• Marketing
• Business Administration and Management
• Digital Business
• Communication and Advertisement
• International Business
• Technology
• Finances

School Features

Top ranked

Bloomberg Businessweek ranks ESIC Business school as 22nd in Europe and 5th in Spain in Full Time MBA Programmes.

QS ranks the school's Executive MBA as 33rd in Europe and the 4th best school in Spain.

The Impact Ranking recognizes ESIC for the Graduate Programmes, reaching the TOP 100 in Europe, 10th place in Spain, and 3rd Private University in Spain in the Teaching Ranking.

Global B-School Rankings ranks the school among the best business schools in Europe, achieving the 83rd position

The U-Multirank Ranking positions this Spanish business school as the first one in Spain in programs specialized in experiences, chances to study abroad, and International Postgraduate studies.

América Economía ranks this Business school in Spain as the 27th best business school in the world.


In order to improve the students’ skills as well as their professional opportunities, ESIC encourages them to apply the specific academic training obtained during their studies. Today’s companies require highly-skilled professionals in marketing, business, sales, advertising, and digital economy.


ESIC creates, promotes, and integrates activities towards encouraging entrepreneurship, and offers support and training in the area of company creation to support the business initiatives.

62,000+ ESIC Alumni

ESIC Alumni represents the largest business and marketing network of professionals in Spain.

Strategic agreements

ESIC Business and Marketing School has agreements with over 125 universities in more than 40 countries and it is affiliated to public and private Spanish universities.

School Location

ESIC School | Madrid Campus ESIC School | Barcelona Campus ESIC School | Valencia Campus

ESIC School | Madrid Campus

Madrid is the capital of Spain, it is located in the geographical center of the country, and it has a population of 4 million inhabitants.

Madrid is also one of the most important economic and financial centers of Europe. It is a lively, cosmopolitan, and modern city with a great historic legacy, which makes its entertainment activities and culture really attractive.

ESIC's Madrid campus offers its students amazing facilities with all the infrastructures that they could need, such as libraries, IT classrooms, newspaper archives, cafeteria, seminar rooms, a theatre room, a conference hall, etc.

The Madrid campus also has a sports club with a wide variety of sports activities, organizing several competitions throughout the year.

Distance to Public Transportation
Walking Time
Dos Castillas (11 mins)


Bachelor Degrees

ESIC Business & Marketing School offers the following Bachelor Degrees in English or Spanish:

• Bachelor's Degree in International Business (English or Spanish)
• Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management (English or Spanish)
• Bachelor's Degree in Marketing (English or Spanish)
• Bachelor's Degree in Global Marketing Management (English or Spanish)
• Bachelor's Degree in Digital Business (Bilingual: English and Spanish)
• Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Public Relations (Spanish)
• Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Public Relations (Spanish)
• Bachelor's Degree in Sales Management and Marketing (Spanish)

Some degrees can be extended one year in order to take one of the following specializations:

- Data Science
- Entrepreneurship and Innovation
- Sustainability Management

Course Length

4 years

Available Term starts each Year
  • September

Total Course Costs

Bachelor's Degree (on average)
10,500€ in total

Note: The academic fees shown above correspond to one academic year.
Contact us here in order to get the exact cost of the Bachelor's Degree you are interested in.


ESIC offers the following Masters in English or Spanish

• Master in Marketing Management (English or Spanish)
• Master in Corporate Finance (English or Spanish)
• Master in Digital Marketing (English or Spanish)

ESIC Business & Marketing School offers the following Master Degrees in English:

• Master in International Trade & Business (English)
• Global MBA (English)
• International MBA (English)

ESIC offers the following Masters in Spanish:

• Master in Customer Experience: Innovation & Design Thinking (Spanish)
• Master in Sports Marketing Management (Spanish)
• Master in Tourism Marketing Management (Spanish)
• Master in Fashion & Luxury Marketing and Communication Management (Spanish)
• Master in Marketing and Commercial Management (Spanish)
• Master in Big Data and Business Analytics (Spanish)
• Master in Cybersecurity (Spanish)
• Master in Artificial Intelligence (Spanish)
• Master in Corporate Communication Management (Spanish)
• Master in Communication and New Technologies Management (Spanish)
• Master in People Management and Human Resources Management (Spanish)
• Master in Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain Management (Spanish)
• Master in Digital Business (Spanish)
• Master in Project Management and Agile Methodologies (Spanish)
• Master in Management (Spanish)
• Master in Business Administration - MBA (Spanish)
• Executive MBA (Spanish)

Course Length

10~12 months

Available Term starts each Year
  • October

Total Course Costs

Master's Degree (on average)
14,900€ in total

Note: All Masters have different prices.
Contact us here to get the exact price of the program of your interest.


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