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IED Istituto Europeo Di Design

IED was born in Italy to provide the local industry of creativity with young professionals. IED has constantly enriched and reinforced the brand’s global reach by opening opened 7 seats in Italy, 2 in Spain and 2 in Brazil with desks in India and China.

This Design School in Madrid and Barcelona operates in the fields of advanced training and research in the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, Communication and Management. IED mission is to offer young talents a thorough training and hand them the “Design Knowledge and Mindset” that will be the key success factor in their careers.

Bachelor’s Degree from

7,400€ in total

Master’s Degree from

13,500€ in total

Design school in Madrid

IED Istituto Europeo Di Design

Academic Programs

IED Istituto Europeo Di Design in Spain offers courses, Bachelor and Master Degrees in Madrid and Barcelona taught in English or Spanish.

• Fashion
• Design
• Art Design
• Visual Arts
• Communication & Management

IED Istituto Europeo Di Design

School features

+50 years of creativity

IED is an international network of education with more than 120.000 former students from more than 100 countries across the 5 continents. It was born from an idea of Francesco Morelli in 1966.

Career service

This Design School in Spain helps the students with the integration into the professional market proposing a wide range of internships, monitoring job interviews and providing support.

Learning by doing

The ‘Learning by doing’ philosophy at IED is very important. Laboratory activities and special projects with companies are combined with regular classes.

Learning with companies

Curricular and extra-curricular activities involving projects commissioned by public institutions, private companies, agencies, and manufacturers.


Art Director Club New York / BMW Creative Lab / Cannes Lions Compasso D’Oro Adi – Targa Giovani / Ferrari World Design Contest Forbes James Dyson Award / M.Y.D.A – Millenium Yatch Design Award Première vision, etc.

IED Istituto Europeo Di Design

Campuses & Location

Design school in Madrid

IED Madrid is located in three different workspaces in the city center of Madrid. Altamira Palace Space, Edificio Modernista Site and FAB LAB IED Madrid.

Altamira Palace Space is a wonderful building designed by Ventura Rodríguez in 1772 and restored by Gabriel Allende. Edificio Modernista Site is a building created in the early 20th century by the architect Jesús Carrasco Encina. FAB LAB IED Madrid is located in the Oporto area, this space aims to cover the existing gap between entrepreneurship, manufacturing processes, professional development, training, and research.

Santo Domingo (1 mins)

Line 2

Design school in Barcelona

IED Barcelona is located in the heart of the city, in a building with more than 5,000 m2 that boost creative experimentation and dialogue between users and disciplines by integrating the keys of Design.

This Design School in Barcelona has 6 multimedia labs, a film set, 3 workshops for product design, transport design and interior design, 9 fashion workshops, one printing centre and a photography, and 26 classrooms.

Fontana (6 mins)

Line L3

IED Istituto Europeo Di Design

University degree programs

Bachelor's degrees at IED

Taught only in English:

• ENG Business Design IED
• ENG Creative Adv. and Branding IED
• ENG Fashion Design BAH
• ENG Fashion Marketing and Comunication BAH
• ENG Graphic Design TS
• ENG Graphic Design, Motion Graphic and Video TS
• ENG Interior Design TS
• ENG Product Design TS
• ENG Product Design, Transportation Design TS

Taught in English or in Spanish*:

• SPA/ENG Art and Business in Digital and Computational Arts IED
• SPA/ENG Art and Business in Visual IED

*each student can choose the language he prefers

Taught only in Spanish:

• SPA Diseño de Interiores TS
• SPA Diseño de Moda TS
• SPA Diseño de Moda, Estilismo y Comunicación TS
• SPA Diseño de Producto TS
• SPA Diseño de Producto, Diseño de Transporte TS
• SPA Diseño Grafico TS
• SPA Marketing y Comunicación de Moda IED
• SPA Diseño de Producto TS
• SPA Diseño de Interiores TS
• SPA Diseño de Moda TS
• SPA Diseño Gráfico TS
• SPA Patronaje y Moda CFGS
• SPA Escaparatismo CFGS
• SPA Animaciones 3D, Juegos y Entornos CFGS Interactivos
• SPA Fotografía CFGS
• SPA Ilustración CFGS
• SPA Comunicación, Estilismo e Imagen Moda IED
• SPA Service and Strategic Design IED

ENG: English
SPA: Spanish
TS: Título Superior
IED: Diploma IED
CFGS: Ciclo Formativo Grado Superior
BAH: Bachelor of Arts with Honors Validated by University of Westminster

Course length

Titulo superior (equivalent to bachelor’s degree): 4 years
Diploma IED: 3 years
Ciclo Formativo Grado Superior: 3 years
Bachelor of Arts with Honors: 3 years

Available starts



Titulo Superior (on average): 13,600€ in total
Diploma IED (on average): 13,600€ in total
Ciclo Formativo Grado Superior (on average): 7,400€ in total
Bachelor of Arts with Honors: 16,200€ in total


Please note that every degree may have different prices.

The academic fees shown above correspond to one academic.

Contact us here in order to get the exact cost of the Degree you are interested in.

Master's degrees at the IED

Taught only in English:

• ENG Design for Urban Environment°
• ENG Design Management°°°
• ENG Fashion Management°°°
• ENG Interaction Design°
• ENG Interior Design for Commercial Spaces°
• ENG Automotive Interior Design°
• ENG Interior Space Design Methodology°
• ENG Service Design°
• ENG Virtual Design°
• ENG Digital Fabrication and Media°
• ENG Fashion Styling and Communication°
• ENG New Skins: Smart Fabrics & Wearables°
• ENG Professional Photography°
• ENG Communication Design Labs°°°°
• ENG Product Design Labs°°°°
• ENG Strategic Design Labs°°°°
• ENG Digital Communication and Marketing in Fashion°°
• ENG Fashion Management°°
• ENG European Master of Contemporary Photography°

Taught only in Spanish:

• SPA Diseño de Espacios Interiores°
• SPA Diseño de Moda°
• SPA Fashion Knitwear Design°
• SPA Diseño Gráfico°
• SPA Diseño Sostenibile°
• SPA Innovation Strategies and Entrepreneurship°
• SPA Marketing y Comunicación de la Moda (grupo A)°
• SPA Marketing y Comunicación de la Moda (grupo B)°
• SPA Direcciòn Estratégica y Creativa de Comunicación de Marca
• SPA Comunicación y Moda°
• SPA Dirección de Marketing Digital°
• SPA Dirección y Gestión de Comunicación, Marketing y Publicidad°
• SPA Dirección y Gestión de Empresas de Moda°
• SPA DirecciÓn y Gestión de Producto de Moda°
• SPA Diseño de Accesorios de Moda°
• SPA Diseño de Illuminación°
• SPA Diseño de Interiores°
• SPA Diseño de Moda°
• SPA Diseño de Producto°
• SPA Diseño Editorial Medios Impresos y Digitales°
• SPA Diseño Textil y de Superficies°
• SPA EscenografÍa y Espacios Expositivos°
• SPA Motion Graphics Design°
• SPA Brand Design°°
• SPA Brand Management°°
• SPA Customer Experience Excellence°°
• SPA Diseño de Interiores°°
• SPA Diseño de Moda°°
• SPA Organización, Dirección y Gestión de Eventos°°

ENG: English
SPA: Spanish
° Master Professional
°° Blended: Online + Offline
°°° Master research
°°°° MDI: Master of Design and Innovation

Course length

Master’s Degrees: 6 – 11 months

Available starts

January – February – September – October


Master’s Degree (annual average): 13,500€ in total


Please note that every degree may have different prices.

The academic fees shown above correspond to one academic.

Contact us here in order to get the exact cost of the Degree you are interested in.

IED Istituto Europeo Di Design

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IED Istituto Europeo Di Design

Frequently asked questions

IED follows an educational model that combines theory with practice. Knowledge is brought into the classroom by professionals from various industries. The institution emphasizes staying one step ahead in the creative field.

IED is known for its inclusive, transdisciplinary approach, using design as a universal language for change. It has a global outlook while maintaining a deeply Italian cultural matrix.

IED educates approximately 10,000 students annually.

IED offers more than 100 undergraduate courses and over 300 postgraduate courses.

IED has a strong alumni network with over 100,000 alumni who have graduated from its programs.

Barcelona hosts various events related to design and fashion, including 080 Barcelona Fashion, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, and Barcelona Design Week, all of which provide platforms for creative expression and innovation.

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