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ESERP Business School

ESERP is a Business School in Madrid and Barcelona focused on the training of the best professionals so they improve the social surroundings and their organizations.

ESERP provides with the last methodologies and tools that make it easier to successfully achieve the full development of their skills and management abilities. ESERP’s final goal is to develop the professional skills of the students.

With headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma de Mallorca and more than three decades of experience, ESERP is among the top in its field.

This Business school in Spain has been highly ranked in some of the most famous media such as Forbes, ABC, Expansión, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, and El País.

Bachelor’s Degree (on average)

6,500€ in total

Master’s Degree (on average)

7,900€ in total

business school in Madrid , ESERP
ESERP Master Degrees

ESERP Business School

Academic Programs

ESERP offers Bachelor and Master Degrees taught in English or Spanish in the following areas.
• Business & Management
• Marketing & Publicity / RPP & Communication
• Law & Criminology
• Finance
• Tourism
• Human Resources
• International Trade
• Luxury

ESERP Business School

School features

ESERP Business school

Executive job fair

ESERP organizes an annual job fair at each of its campuses. At this fair, students can meet representatives from top-tier national and international companies.

Student and alumni services

Active career services and internships, individualized student attention, coaching and tutorial sessions, exchanges with international universities, enterprise creation, project feasibility, guidance on job opportunities and careers, networking, and much more.

Debate forum and meeting point

ESERP students and professors, together with business leaders, and executives from leading organizations, often take part in meetings about the most relevant factors driving cultural and socioeconomic trends all over the world.


A strong network is extremely important in today’s professional world. The classes, seminaries, and events taking place at ESERP Business School establish a dynamic network between classmates, professors, and alumni.

Preparation for the job market

ESERP dedicates all its resources to support the students to develop their professional future. ESERP helps them to improve their decision-making skills and develop and plan different business strategies to make sure they become familiar with the working world.

ESERP Business School

Campuses & Location

Business school in Madrid

ESERP Campus in Madrid is located in a central and well-connected location in the very heart of the city. The campus has outstanding facilities, several classrooms, meeting rooms, a laboratory, a library, a rest area and a terrace.

ESERP Business & Law School also has a personalized Student Support Department to provide the highest level of quality service.

Madrid is the capital and the largest and most populated city in Spain, being an ideal learning space full of professional opportunities. It is also located in a privileged place that makes it the perfect starting point to other attractive destinations.

Madrid is a thriving business enclave in Spain that stands as an important financial district at European level, being the meeting point for the largest companies in the country.

Madrid offers innumerable opportunities in a multicultural environment, which makes it the perfect scenario to train future managers and executives.

Santo Domingo (4 mins)

Lines 8 and 9

Business school in Barcelona

ESERP Campus in Barcelona has 2 different buildings, the Business & Communication School and the Law & Criminology School. They are both located in the center of Barcelona. ESERP campuses have a wide range of high-quality educational programs to offer within the best facilities, such as multimedia classrooms, library, premises for teamwork, and rest areas.

This business school in Barcelona also offers the students the highest level of service, quality, and professionalism through the Master Coordinators Office (MCO) to facilitate their personal and professional development.

Barcelona is a vibrant city where students have the opportunity to live a unique experience, thoroughly enjoying everything the city has to offer them. Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain and it has all the facilities for a very comfortable living.

The city has an enviable cultural heritage and is considered a reference in the European architectural and cultural vanguard. It has nine Unesco World Heritage sites, most of them created by Antoni Gaudí, and author of worldwide famous monuments such as the Sagrada Família or Park Güell.

Urquinaona (6 mins)

Lines L1 and L4

Business school in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca campus is in the center of the city of Palma de Mallorca.

Known for its sun and beach tourism, Mallorca also has a beautiful old town, wonderful coves, cliffs, and beaches. In the interior, you can find Mallorcan localities and mountain ranges with heights of 1,500 meters. A gorgeous landscape, gastronomy, and culture that invites you to explore every single corner of Mallorca and taste the wide island’s gastronomy.

Jacint Verdaguer (4 mins)

Lines M1 and M2

ESERP Business School

University degree programs

Bachelor's degrees at the ESERP

Taught in English or in Spanish*:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations (Barcelona)
• Bachelor’s Degree in International Business (Barcelona)

*each student can choose the language he prefers

Taught only in Spanish:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Administration (Madrid)
• Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology (Madrid or Barcelona)
• Bachelor’s Degree in Law (Madrid or Barcelona)
• Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing (Madrid)
• Double Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management (Madrid)
• Double Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Criminology (Madrid or Barcelona)
• Double Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations (Barcelona)

Course length

Bachelor’s Degrees: 4 years

Available starts



Bachelor’s Degree (annual average): 6,500€ in total

Note: Please note that every degree may have different prices.

The academic fees shown above correspond to one academic.

Contact us here in order to get the exact cost of the Degree you are interested in.

Disclaimer: Prices in currencies other than euro are estimated based on the latest exchange rates.

Master's degrees at the ESERP

Taught only in English:

• Master of Science in Marketing & Commercial Management
• Master of Science in Marketing & Commercial Innovation
• Master of Science in Business Management
• Master in Marketing and Luxury Business Management
• Master of Science in Business and Strategic Management 
• Master of Science in Business Management

Taught in English and Spanish (bilingual):

• Master in Corporate Communication Management: Public Relations, Protocol and Events (Bilingual, 80% Spanish – 20% English)
• Master in Human Resources & Talent Management (Bilingual, 75% Spanish – 25% English)
• Master in Luxury Tourism Management (Bilingual, 75% Spanish – 25% English)
• Master in Marketing and Commercial Innovation Management (Bilingual, 75% Spanish – 25% English)

Taught only in Spanish:

• Master of Laws in Legal Practice (Access to the Legal Profession)
• Master in Human Resources and Talent Management
• Master in Strategic Business Planning, Analysis and Decision Making
• Master in Corporate Communication: Public Relations and Events Management
• Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

Course length

Master’s Degrees: 9 months

Available starts



Master’s Degree (annual average): 7,900€ in total

Note: Please note that every degree may have different prices.

The academic fees shown above correspond to one academic.

Contact us here in order to get the exact cost of the Degree you are interested in.

Disclaimer: Prices in currencies other than euro are estimated based on the latest exchange rates.

ESERP Business School

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ESERP Business School

Frequently asked questions

The founder of ESERP Business & Law School is Dr. José Luis Barquero Garcés. He envisioned and established the institution in the 1980s, pioneering bilingual university studies in Spain with a focus on international business education.

Dr. José Luis Barquero Garcés aimed to provide bilingual university education in Spain, offering students the opportunity to study abroad and gain an international perspective on business. His vision continues to shape ESERP’s educational mission.

ESERP’s milestone in higher education was achieved through the inspiration of influential figures like Dr. Edward Louis Bernays Freud and Dr. Sam Black. Dr. Barquero Garcés’ commitment to bilingual university education and fostering international business awareness among students played a pivotal role in the institution’s success.
ESERP has been recognized as a benchmark academic institution in various national and international rankings. Notably, ESERP was featured in Forbes magazine’s list of the best international business schools for programs like the Master in Marketing and Business Management and the MBA.
ESERP employs a range of applied methodologies to equip students with practical and strategic skills. These methodologies include Case Study, Project Management Office (PMO), Skills Stacking, Flipped Class, Problem-based Learning, Making Presentations, Agile Methodologies, Business Model Canvas, and Simulation and Role-playing Methodology.
ESERP offers career development services, a job portal, and networking opportunities through events like the Eserp Talent Fair. These resources help students and alumni connect with companies and explore employment and internship opportunities.

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