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EUHT StPOL, University College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Established in 1966, EUHT StPOL University College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts is a private university college in Spain offering academic university degrees focused on the hospitality industry and culinary arts.

It is a center for technical, undergraduate and masters training that prepares middle managers and senior professionals in gastronomy, restaurant service and hotel management.

This culinary arts and gastronomy school is the pioneer hotel management school in Europe offering a hotel training facility with its own restaurant and more than 50 years of experience, a founding member of the exclusive network Hotel Schools of Distinction.

EUHT StPOL has highly qualified international teaching staff responsible for student training in: culinary arts, restaurant management and room division management. This teaching combines the academics with renowned professionals in the industry. Get the best Culinary arts degree in Barcelona at EUHT StPOL!

Bachelor’s Degree

16,200€ in total

Master’s Degree (on average)

17,920€ in total

Culinary Arts School in Barcelona

EUHT StPOL, University College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Academic Programs

This Culinary Arts School offers several university degrees in Barcelona taught in English and/or Spanish.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Business Management (English and Spanish)
• Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management (English)
• Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management (Spanish or English)

EUHT StPOL, University College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

School features

Culinary Arts School in Barcelona, EUHT StPOL

Professional Development Days (PDD)

This Culinary Arts School organizes every year the Professional Development Days (PDD) that offers a wide range of career opportunities. During two days, the Human Resources Recruiting staff of recognized hotels and restaurant interview the students.

The 100% of them get, usually, more than one final internship proposal that will become a future employment (with an appropriate career plan). This service is a potent tool for all participants. It is provided exclusively to all StPOL University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts students and Alumni.

Internship industry

This practical training period take place in the appropriate departments of hotels and restaurants, according to their specialisation and level. The internships can be domestic and international. The University takes care to get personalized internships for its students in Spain and abroad.

Catalonia young cooking contest

This contest takes place during the Gastronomy University Meeting (GUM). The winner is considered as the Best Young Cook in Catalonia. It is also one of the oldest culinary contests in the country.

On-campus training

EUHT StPOL University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts has its own training hotel and offers amazing facilities to the students; hotel and restaurant open to the public, suitable facilities for the theoretical and practical learning, 6 gastronomic offers: set menu, a la carte, buffet service, testing menu, banquets and cocktail and bar service, 6 kitchen facilities adapted to teaching and residence halls.

Hotel Schools of Distinction (HSD)

A global alliance of some of the most prestigious hotel management universities, in partnership with hospitality industry leaders dedicated to creating high-quality talent by sharing knowledge and research.

EUHT StPOL, University College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Campuses & Location

Culinary Arts School in Barcelona

Located in the north of Barcelona’s province, Sant Pol stands out for its beaches and its the delicious cuisine based on fresh fish and organic food.

The town was built around the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pol de Maresme, it has always been a cultural hub. Throughout the centuries, this beautiful village has changed its economy to tourism, being a town traditionally focused on agriculture and viticulture.

Barcelona is one of the world’s gastronomic capitals as it is the home of some of the best restaurants in the world since the beginning of the XXI century. This Culinary Arts School in Barcelona’s province is the best place to become an amazing chef.

Sant Pol De Mar – Train (8 mins)

Line R1

EUHT StPOL, University College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

University degree programs

Bachelor's degrees at EUHT StPOL

Taught in English and Spanish (bilingual):

• Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Business Management

The Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Business Management is the first official degree in the field of Hotel Management imparted in Spain. Since 1966 the students gain practical experience in dealing with real customers from the very first day at the school training hotel.

The study plan includes practical classes, theoretical classes and visits to restaurants, hotels, wine cellars, etc. The classes take place in small groups having from 10 to 25 students per class. All the students have to do at least one international experience in a foreign university or a professional internship.

The students receive personalized training and accompaniment throughout their career in a progressive and transversal way with the aim of working on their Personal Brand.

This Bachelor’s Degree has 3 concentrations:
• International Hotel Management.
• Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management.
• Food and Beverage and Events Management.

The specialization includes the following teaching and specializing activities:
• Internship at the Hotel-School during the three first courses
• Internship during the four first summers
• Theoretical classes
• Degree Thesis

Course length

Bachelor’s Degrees: 4 years

Available starts



Bachelor’s Degree: 16,200€ in total


The academic fees shown above correspond to one academic.

Scholarships are available for this bachelor, being possible to reduce the tuition fee up to 25%.

Contact us here in order to get additional information or to start the enrollment process.

Master's degrees at EUHT StPOL

Taught only in English:

• Master’s degree in Hospitality Management

The Master’s degree in Hospitality Management is perfect for people willing to improve their careers in the hospitality field and also for people willing to change their career to move into this field. The training program includes industry guest lectures from renowned international hotel managers from distinguished hotel chains, allowing to learn about the latest trends in hospitality.

This full-time degree in Hospitality Management in Spain has been built on students’ previous experience to offer a unique combination of marketable skills for the hospitality sector. It offers a unique professional Introduction module where the students spend a 4 week period in a hands-on program at the school’s hotel.

This Master’s Degree has 2 concentrations:
• Hotel Management.
• Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management.

This Master can be done online, blended or on-site.

Taught in English or in Spanish*:

• Master’s degree in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management

The Master’s degree in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management is divided between theoretical classes, practical workshops and a professional internship in a real restaurant.

Some of the objectives of this master are; acquire knowledge of the administration and kitchen management of a cooking department, learn how to apply the newest cooking techniques (vacuum cooking, molecular cooking, cooking with nitrogen, etc.), get to know the culinary trends and analyse the experiences in creativity and innovation in cooking, apply systematization and standardization processes in the development of the cuisine for different types of events, etc.

The course is made of five independent modules:
• Kitchen management and administration (5 weeks)
• Culinary products and techniques (12 weeks)
• Innovation and creativity in cooking (6 weeks)
• Cooking for events (4 weeks)
• Pastry and baking for restaurants (4 weeks)

To obtain the Master’s Diploma, the student needs to attend successfully the five modules, the thesis, and a professional internship.

*each student can choose the language he prefers

Course length

Master’s Degrees: 11 to 14 months

8 months in the university and 3-6 months in a related internship

Available starts

March – February – October


Master’s Degree (annual average): 17,920€ in total


Please note that every degree may have different prices.

The academic fees shown above correspond to one academic.

Scholarships are available for these Masters, being possible to reduce the tuition fee up to 25%.

Contact us here in order to get the exact cost of the Degree you are interested in.

EUHT StPOL, University College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Apply now for EUHT StPOL, University College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

EUHT StPOL, University College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Frequently asked questions

EUHT StPOL stands out as the pioneer in Spain for offering a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Business Management, which has received approval from the Ministry of Education. Their educational program, with roots dating back to 1966, delivers a comprehensive blend of theoretical and practical training.

“Learning by Doing” is a core philosophy at EUHT StPOL, emphasizing practical, hands-on learning within a genuine hospitality and tourism environment.

Yes. From their very first year of studies, EUHT StPOL students engage with real customers at the hotel. They gain invaluable practical experience across various hotel and restaurant departments while being guided by seasoned professionals.

EUHT StPOL provides a tailored career plan for each student, offering internships in diverse departments, professional placements with industry-leading organizations, and access to job placement services. Additionally, graduates have the option to explore ERASMUS exchanges and international networking opportunities.

EUHT StPOL is affiliated with the University of Girona and is unwavering in its dedication to upholding high academic and professional standards. The institution meticulously follows a robust quality management system that incorporates input from various stakeholders and vigilantly monitors multiple quality indicators.

Certainly, EUHT StPOL’s Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management has received accreditation from AQU Catalunya. Moreover, the institution enjoys international acclaim, consistently ranking as Spain’s top university for Hospitality & Leisure Management in the prestigious QS World University Rankings.

EUHT StPOL offers a Career Office that provides job placement services and organizes Professional Development Days. Moreover, the institution maintains a vast alumni network, Sant Pol Alumni, which plays a pivotal role in assisting graduates with their professional journeys.

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