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EAE Business School

EAE Business School is an academic institution founded in 1958, specializing in Management. Over the course of these six decades of experience, this Business School in Madrid has evolved at the pace of a hectic business world, staying at the cutting edge of knowledge and striving to anticipate the future.

EAE Busines School’s mission is to train professionals to lead organizations in all sectors, combining business success and social wellbeing, through programs with a highly practical approach linked closely to the reality of the business world.

More than 81,000 executives from companies and institutions all over the world have studied in EAE. In 2019, it ranked among the top 22 business schools in the world.

Master’s Degree (on average)

15,000€ in total

masters in Madrid and Barcelona

EAE Business School

Academic Programs

EAE Business School offers Master Degrees in English or Spanish in the following areas.

• General Management
• Marketing and Commercial
• Logistic and Operations
• Finance and Accounting
• Communication
• Human Resources

EAE Business School

School features

EAE Business School

Professional career service

This EAE service provides personalized guidance and organizes employability workshops and monthly meetings with multinationals for students.

The EAE Jobteaser platform – which posts over 8,000 offers per year – enables you to consult all the employment opportunities currently on offer, as well as other resources related to employability.

Employability – EAE Talent and EAE Investor

The EAE Talent employability event puts students into contact with companies in different sectors. EAE investor is an open-investment platform that offers entrepreneurs the assistance and contacts they need. It is open to both current and former students, as well as experienced Business Angels and investors interested in entrepreneurship.

Business networking

A series of activities focused on generating meeting points between EAE students, professionals, and lecturers, with the aim of generating synergies through the exchange of experiences and developing professional relationships.

Education with a practical approach

Pedagogical techniques, working strategies, focus, every detail of EAE programs are relevant and have been designed to enhance your professional career 
to the maximum. Prepare to tackle the challenges of the globalized world successfully, benefiting from a flexible teaching method that enables you to combine learning with your professional and personal lives.

EAE facts and figures

8,000+ employment offers published per year, 2,500+ internship agreements, 6,000+ national and international partner companies, 150+ graduate programs in multinational companies for EAE students, 485+ interviews conducted by headhunters with our students, 120+ Students participating in talent programs.

EAE Business School

Campuses & Location

Business School in Madrid

EAE’s Madrid Campus is located in the financial district of Madrid, having a total area of over 4,000 m2. The facilities are located in two different buildings equipped with the infrastructures and resources students need to be able to focus on their academic careers.

Madrid is the most important financial city in Spain, studying in the capital of Spain means that you can immerse yourself in the business scene from the inside. Most of the leading corporations worldwide have headquarters in Madrid being the perfect place to jumpstart your career.

República Argentina (1 mins)

Line 6

Business School in Barcelona

EAE’s Barcelona campus is located in the Eixample neighborhood, right at the heart of the city. It is easy to reach by metro, train, and bike. The campus has the latest technology and facilities for you to embark on your academic life with the guarantee that everything you need is right at hand.

Barcelona is the most international Spanish city. It has been ranked number third for being a significant business center. Barcelona is one of the best places in Spain to create potential business opportunities while enjoying a beautiful and magic city.

Tarragona (4 mins)

Line L3

EAE Business School

University degree programs

Master's degrees at the EAE Business School

Taught only in English:

• Master in Marketing and Sales Management
• Master in International Business
• Master in Project Management
• Master in Master in Human Resources and Talent Development
• Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics
• Master in Finance
• Master in Sponsorship, Event Organization and Protocol
• Master in Economic Analysis of Law and Public Management
• Master in Digital Marketing
• Master in Big Data & Analytics

Taught only in Spanish:

• Master’s Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management
• Master’s Degree in Online Marketing and Electronic Commerce
• Master’s Degree in Psychology and Consumer Behavior
• Master’s Degree in Customer Experience & Innovation
• Master’s Degree in Big Data & Analytics
• Master’s Degree in International Business
• Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
• Master’s Degree in Project Management
• Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management & Logistics
• Master’s Degree in Finance
• Master’s Degree in Stock Market and Financial Markets
• Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Talent Development
• Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication Management
• Master’s Degree in Sponsorship, Event Organization and Protocol
• Master’s Degree in Economic Analysis of Law and Public Management

Course length

Master’s Degrees: 12 months

Available starts

May – October


Master’s Degree (annual average): 15,000€ in total

Note: Please note that every degree may have different prices.

The academic fees shown above correspond to one academic.

Contact us here in order to get the exact cost of the Degree you are interested in.

Disclaimer: Prices in currencies other than euro are estimated based on the latest exchange rates.

EAE Business School

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EAE Business School

Frequently asked questions

EAE Business School stands out as an international business school that places innovation at the forefront to meet the ever-evolving demands of both individuals and companies in our dynamic world. It goes beyond the conventional business school model, functioning as a global hub for professionals and entrepreneurs committed to fostering sustainable employability through a combination of training, research, and innovative practices.

Class sizes at EAE Business School can vary depending on the specific program and modality, typically ranging from approximately 25 to 55 students per class.

EAE Business School holds five core values dear: adaptability, diversity, challenge, dreams, and applicability. These values form the bedrock of its educational approach and philosophy.

EAE Business School offers robust support for students in their career development journey. This support includes access to internships, employment opportunities, and pathways to salary improvement. The school employs a comprehensive Ready-Set-Go methodology to equip students for successful careers.

MBA students at EAE Business School can tap into a range of valuable resources, including Market Understanding Sessions, Afterclass Networking events, Coffee Chats, and MBA International Recruiting Partnerships, all aimed at enhancing their prospects for a rewarding career.

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