Everything You Need to Know About the Student Visa: Spain

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how to apply for a schengen visa online

If you’re interested in studying in Spain, you may need a student visa.

Spain is a member state of the European Union, so if you’re a citizen of an EU/EEA country (or Switzerland), you do not need a visa!

Spain does require a visa for all non-EU/EEA citizens who wish to study in Spain for more than 90 days. T

The Spanish student visa is also the right one to apply for if you want to participate in a research program or internship.

If you’re still not sure if you need a student visa, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

If you know you need a visa, read on and learn more about how to get one!

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You’ll have to do more paperwork than just your homework to get a Spanish student visa.

How to Apply for a Student Visa: Spain

The first thing you’ll need to find is a Spanish study program.

If you’re looking to study Spanish, check out our list of the best Spanish language schools!

You can also choose to study in English in Spain (and there’s plenty to choose from). Once you’ve found your program and received your letter of acceptance, you’re ready to apply for your visa!

Spain requires non-EU citizens to apply for their student visa in their home country before departing for Spain.

You’ll need to find the closest Spanish consulate to you and request an appointment. Appointments aren’t always available so make sure to book one as soon as possible.

Most consulates will not allow you to apply for your visa more than 120 days in advance, so aim for an appointment around 60-90 days before your Spanish study program starts.

Pay attention to the info on the consulate website, as the documents you’ll need to apply can vary slightly from consulate to consulate!

Here are two examples of the documents you might need for a 90-180 day program and a 180+ day program.

Feel free to check all the information about how get a student visa in Spain with the help of a lawyer.

visa spain
If you want to work while studying in Spain, check out our guide.

What to Do When You Arrive in Spain

What should you do after you’ve got your visa?

Spain has a few other registrations you’ll need to complete to stay legally in the country.

Any student from an EU/EEA country will need to apply for a NIE if they plan on staying longer than 90 days.

Students from countries not in the EU/EEA will need to apply for a TIE for stays longer than 90 days. I

f you want to get a job while you study, here’s a guide to working on a student visa. We’ve linked the guides right there, so trying to register in Spain should be a breeze!

If you have any problems or questions, reach out to us here.

What else do you need to do? Drink a sangria, eat some tapas and have a siesta.

Enjoy Spain!

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