The Top 5 Destinations for Studying Spanish in Spain

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Choosing to follow your dream of studying abroad will be an amazing experience, no matter which of the destinations for studying Spanish in Spain you move to! Seriously – there’s so much to love about Spain. From the tapas bars in Barcelona to the crystal blue beaches in Ibiza, you’ll love it here. Just make sure your Spanish student visa is in order before you buy that swimsuit!

The top destinations for studying Spanish in Spain

Are you more of a country person or a city dweller? Depending on your preference, you’ll find some places more interesting to study Spanish in than others. There are certainly other things that factor into choosing the right Spanish course, but location is high on the list. Let’s dive in and find the best of the destinations for studying Spanish in Spain for you!

Madrid is one of the best destinations to study Spanish in Spain
Luckily, all of the exciting places to visit in Madrid are connected by metro. City life!


If you want your study abroad in Spain experience to be in a bustling international city, Madrid is for you! It’s such a big city with so much to explore. As the capital and largest city in Spain, the tourist-drawing attractions in Madrid can’t be found anywhere else. You can visit their one-of-a-kind virtual reality center or take in some of Spain’s most important history in their museums. Don’t worry – the Madrileños have great Spanish language schools, too.


Love the city, but not crazy about a busy atmosphere? Salamanca is one of the best destinations for studying Spanish in Spain. Not only do they have a centuries old university (and a studious culture to go with it), but the entire old city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Salamanca is great for beginner students because this region of Spain is totally accent free.


For those who prefer a beachy atmosphere over city buildings, Ibiza is a great destination to study Spanish in Spain. In fact, you’ll still enjoy a city-sized list of things to do and places to see. Did we forget to mention the absolutely legendary parties that happen here? Your study abroad experience will be turned all the way up – and beaches to relax on in the morning.

destinations to study abroad in spain
You will definitely have some amazing memories that are hard to remember in Ibiza!


Looking for a slightly calmer beach city in Spain? Malaga is calling to you! With 300+ sunny days per year, you’ll have plenty of time to soak it up. If you’re in the city center, you’re never more than 10 minutes away from the beach…so dive in!


Barcelona is one of the most dynamic destinations for studying Spanish in Spain. You’ve got creative influences across the city, a beautiful beach, and an alternative community full of young people. What else could you want while living in Spain? It’s one of the biggest tourist destinations in Europe and you’ll never run out of amazing things to see in Barcelona!

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