Zero Latency: The Coolest Virtual Reality in Madrid!

By Luis
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If you’re looking for an awesome, high-tech experience, looking for a place that offers virtual reality in Madrid is where you should start. Actually, you could test one of Europe’s most famous virtual reality adventures in Madrid. At a place called Zero Latency in Madrid, you and up to 7 friends can have the technological time of your life! This space for virtual reality in Madrid is very similar to an escape room with an objective, obstacles and a time limit. It is a bit more expensive than other escape rooms in Madrid, but the technology is well worth it. Don’t miss out!

What Happens in Virtual Reality in Madrid?

If you’re into video games, checking out the virtual reality in Madrid is a must. It’s the perfect student attraction in Madrid! Zero Latency offers four different virtual reality adventures to try. You and your friends enter a room, slip on the virtual reality goggles and are transported to another world. You’re also equipped with a fake assault rifle to aid you on your virtual reality adventure! All adventures last around 30 minutes of total gameplay. You even get a statistics sheet on your performance afterward.

virtual reality in madrid
Trying out virtual reality with your friends can be hilarious!


Which Virtual Reality Adventure Will You Choose?

Much like escape rooms, virtual reality adventures in Madrid also have different themes. There are four different VR adventures to play at Zero Latency Madrid. If you’re looking for a virtual reality adventure with a space setting, then ‘Singularity’ is the one for you. This is the perfect student activity in Madrid for Star Wars fans! An even more abstract adventure, ‘Engineerium,’ occurs in a different dimension. The most popular setting, however, is definitely the zombie universe! There are two zombie virtual reality adventures at Zero Latency. In ‘Zombie Survival,’ the hypothetical scenario of the zombie apocalypse gets real. Can you and your friends escape with your lives? In the ‘Outbreak Origins’ game of virtual reality in Madrid, the zombie disease has just appeared in your town. You and your friends must battle your way to find a cure! Whatever the adventure, virtual reality makes you feel like you’re there.

virtual reality in madrid
Zero Latency in Madrid offers four different adventures to play. Who knows what you’ll see!


Reserve the Perfect Student’s Night Out

All of these spectacular adventures of virtual reality in Madrid are immersive. When you put the virtual reality glasses on, reality disappears and is replaced with another one. The adventures each last 30 minutes long. The prices vary according to group size and adventure chosen. It is easy to research and compare on their website, where you can also make your reservations. The virtual reality adventures do require physical activity so be sure to wear some tennis shoes and activewear! Why not check out a tapas bar in Madrid for a refreshment after your exciting workout? It’ll be the ultimate student night out in Madrid!

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