The Top-Ranked Escape Rooms in Madrid

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Studying abroad in Spain is challenging so you should reward yourself and try out one of the best escape rooms in Madrid. An escape room is an interactive team game played in a room where the objective is usually to escape the room in a restricted amount of time. There are many different themes, missions, and types of activities. They usually last around an hour but your party should arrive early to hear the rules and tips. Most escape rooms in Madrid recommend coming with 2-6 (maximum) people. While larger reservations can be made, everyone won’t be able to play at the same time. The price is usually around €20 and decreases with more players added, so bring friends!

It’s a fun and interactive way to enjoy free time. You could also challenge yourself and try practicing your Spanish at an adventure! Check out our list of escape rooms below to find your perfect student attraction in Madrid.

escape rooms in madrid
Visiting some of the escape rooms in Madrid is a great way to make new friends!

Escape Rooms in Madrid

Fox in a Box Madrid
Fox in a Box has so many adventures that they need two buildings in Madrid! Depending on which of their seven adventures you’d like to play, you’ll have to double check the address when buying tickets. You can play a bunker- or zombie-themed game at Calle Infantas 25, perfect if you’re looking for an escape room in downtown Madrid. They really appreciate their clients and they offer a coupon code for students! Enter ESTUDIANTES17 at the online checkout for a 15% discount on any room Monday through Thursday.

Five Mon-keys
Five Mon-keys is a very popular escape room near Plaza Mayor. Their escape room adventure, called “The Experiments of Dr. Bloom,” is a sci-fi/horror adventure that tells the classic story of a mad scientist. This adventure is a medium-high difficulty and you’ll have 69 minutes to solve the puzzles and riddles in this room. Many guests said that they finished with only seconds to spare! Can you escape?

EXIT Madrid
This top-ranked escape room in Madrid is quite creative with their challenges. EXIT Madrid has four different escape rooms which are classified by year. These history-based escape rooms contain adventures in 1932, 1962, 1976 and 2010. If you’re interested in history, then these escape rooms in Madrid are perfect for you. They have two adventures that feature historically-accurate themes: a stolen art adventure after WWII and a double-agent mission during the Cold War. Here the team maximum is five players, so grab four friends and start solving!

Incognito Escape
This impressive attraction offers two adventures in three languages! You and up to five others can play this hour-long challenge in either Spanish, French or English at this escape room in different languages in Madrid. This is perfect if you’re studying in English in Spain. Choose between a classic detective mystery (Misterio Flamenco) or a more sci-fi, time-traveling adventure (Operacion Steampunk). Incognito incorporates roleplay in their escape rooms by asking their staff to become theme-related characters for a realistic experience.

All of the adventures at this role-playing escape room are in Alcatraz! The high-security prison setting is not complete without their own workers who dress up to enhance your adventure in either English or Spanish. The Alcatraz theme makes for the ultimate escape room because its based on a place that people really tried to escape. The employees really make the adventure come alive, so try to remember you won’t be locked up forever!

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