Spain is a charming country, with savory tapas and national festivals that draw many travelers to the country. After reading up on the requirements to study abroad in Spain, you might think you’re ready to head to the land of flamenco and fiesta. However, study abroad students must first find and apply to a Spanish language school. There’s just one drawback: you don’t know how to find the right Spanish course for you!

Don’t worry if our guide on how to find the right Spanish course doesn’t help you single out your school. You can always contact us here for more personalized help to plan your study abroad in Spain.

How to Find the Right Spanish Course for You

Before you send off an application to a Spanish school in Spain, you should make sure it’ll be a good program for you. There are plenty of aspects that make one Spanish school different from another, such as price, class size, location, or curriculum. When wondering how to find the right Spanish course for you, try to consider the most important aspects for you and prioritize them. For example, is it more important for you to study near the beach or in a small-sized class? After you know what you want, finding it is so much easier!

how to find the right spanish course

If you prefer concentrated book learning, pick a Spanish course with a high-intensity level.

Choosing a Spanish Course by Curriculum

The first step in figuring out how to find the right Spanish course for you is to clarify exactly which way of learning is best for you. Some students prefer working from a book, others need visual examples to learn and some students can only become proficient in Spanish through practice conversations. Find a school that focuses on the curriculum that matches you best. Some schools, like AIL Madrid, focus on creating interactions and learning through conversation. Other schools, like International House Barcelona, focus more on grammar and writing, which book-learning students will prefer. We’ve ranked our schools based on intensity here, so sort through that way!

It is also important to pay attention to the class sizes when you choose a Spanish school. If you have a hard time socializing or speaking-up, smaller class sizes will be good for you. If you learn when conversation is lively and jokes are abounding, more laid-back and larger classes will be good for you.

how to find the right spanish course

Some schools focus more on field trips and out-of-classroom learning, like language exchanges held in traditional Spanish bars.

Find a Spanish School with the Right Accreditations

Are you searching for a Spanish school specifically to fulfill a language requirement from an institution? For students who need to take a Spanish course in Spain for a specific reason, always check the accreditations each Spanish school has. For example, both the German and Swedish governments have their own Spanish course accreditations. If you need an accredited Spanish course, remember to see that the school is eligible before you apply!

Other Criteria for Choosing a Spanish Course

Location is everything, right? We have separated our Spanish language schools by city, so feel free to browse according to your dream city. If you’re unsure of which Spanish city will feel like home to you, check out our short-write up of the best cities to study in Spain. However, do your own research on the regions of Spain as well to find the place that excites you most.

Lastly, if price is your most important school-finding factor, have no fear. We’ve complied a list of the cheapest Spanish schools in Spain, as well.