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Studying in Spain is so rewarding.

And it should be an exciting and challenging experience too.

But sometimes we need a little help when navigating a new culture.

So this roundup of our favorite Spanish courses in Spain with accommodation can help take the headache out of booking accommodation.

Renting with fellow students or by yourself can add to the adventure of your studying abroad experience.

But dealing with bureaucracy in a foreign country can sometimes be daunting for international students.

And comfortable surroundings are so important when we’re traveling abroad, especially when we want to focus on our studies.

Time is a factor, too. Not every student is taking a full year or undergraduate course at a Spanish University.

Many students want to stay short-term, so the thought of having to book separate accommodation is just too much.

Although, remember we’re always here to help!

There’s also the convenience of having accommodation that’s on or near your place of study – no added transport costs!

That’s why Spanish courses in Spain with accommodation are a popular choice.

Let’s look at our favorites:

Which Spanish Courses in Spain with Accommodation Would You Recommend?


Spanish Course with accommodation in Spain: Madrid

Madrid is the vibrant capital city of Spain. What’s more, it’s one of the most student-friendly cities in the world.

Because of this, it’s rightly considered a go-to destination for international students looking to improve their Spanish language skills.

But which courses would we recommend for students looking for a course in Madrid with accommodation?

Easy! Our favourites are:

AIL Madrid

AIL Madrid offers dynamic teaching by encouraging students to practice their language skills in real-world scenarios.

Your studies can be short or long-term, or part of an exchange program.

Not only this, but they offer fantastic student residence accommodation in central Madrid, so you really are at the heart of the city.

There are lots of accommodation options but AIL’s students’ residences in the center of the city are the most popular.


Eureka is another centrally located language school in Madrid with a great reputation for the teaching and learning experience it offers.

And their student services can also arrange student accommodation from shared flats, to host family rooms or student dorms.

It’s nice to have a choice!

Spanish Course with accommodation in Spain: Barcelona

Barcelona attracts the most international students of all the Spanish cities. It has all of the attractions of a big city – nightlife, culture, cuisine, and let’s not forget the football.

But it also has a gorgeous coastline, too. What’s not to like?

And for international students looking for Spanish courses in Barcelona with accommodation, we’ve got our top picks:


Only a short distance La Sagrada Familia, you’ll find the Expanish Spanish school.

It’s a wonderfully central location to explore the city.

And with student residence accommodation that can be booked directly through the school, you find a perfect place to stay.

Whether that’s in a homestay or a shared apartment is up to you!

Olé Languages

Olé Language school knows that offering comfortable accommodation can make your studies with them easier.

So they offer flatshare, homestays or private apartment accommodation to give their students a range of choices.

Spanish Course with accommodation in Spain: Valencia

Our top pick for students who like a warm climate.

Some like it hot! And Valencia is one of the warmest regions in Spain.

So if you want to top up your tan while topping up your Spanish language skills, Valencia might be your perfect destination!

We’ve selected two brilliant options for Spanish courses with accommodation in this delightful city:


Españole not only offer a great learning environment they want you to feel at home while you’re studying.

They cater for all your accommodation needs. You’ll find they can arrange private studios, shared apartments, host family accommodation, and serviced student dorms.

AIP Language Institute

AIP Language Institute is a respected and popular Spanish language school.

If you are below 18 they can organise a homestay with one of their respected hosts.

But if you are 18 or over and would refer a shared student apartment, they can arrange this for you, too.

Spanish Course with accommodation in Spain: Malaga

Best for students who love to have fun.

Would you like to be surrounded by fun-loving international students, ex-pats, and friendly local Aldalusians?

Of course you would! Malaga is the ultimate student paradise.

Here are recommendations for great courses with comfy accommodation:

Malaca Instituto (has a school dorm)

Malaca Institute‘s language courses are great and so is their student accommodation!

Club Hispánica, Malaca Instituto’s on-site residence, puts most school dorms in the shade.

Students can pick from rooms, studios and executive suites on the school’s property. But the Institute can also arrange off-site accommodation, too, if you prefer.

Cervantes Escuela Internacional

The Cervantes Escuela Internacional want you to put your energy into your studies. That’s why they organise great accommodation for their students.

They think most international students would benefit from host family accommodation for immersion into Spanish culture.

But if you prefer more independence, they have private and shared apartments that are managed by the school.

Spanish Course with accommodation in Spain: Granada

If a smaller city with great food, culture, and history is more your thing, Granada is the place for you.

Granada’s authentic Spanish charm will not only provide a great place to study, but it’ll leave a lifelong impression on you.

Our choices for the best courses with accommodation in Granada are:

Proyecto Español

Not only do Proyecto Español courses help you improve your Spanish, but they allow you to do so in the stunning location of Granada.

And so you can concentrate on your studies, the school take the effort of booking accommodation off your hands.

They can arrange for you to stay with a host family for half or full board. Or you can stay in one of their student apartments in a single or double room.


Linguaschools is one of the most popular Spanish language schools in Spain.

It might be because they make students feel so welcome!

The school prioritises the comfort and safety of their international students and offers shared apartments, host family stays, or rooms in one of their student residences.

Are there more great Spanish Courses in Spain with Accommodation?

Spanish Courses in Spain with Accommodation


There certainly are! Check these schools out:


Bilbao is a student city, so you’ll be in great company.

Studying abroad with Spanish and international students in Bibao will allow you to share the joys of studying abroad while being fully immersed in Spanish culture.

To make it happen, we can thoroughly recommend:

Instituto Hemingway

The Hemingway Institute is highly popular with international students.

And their approach to providing or organising student accommodation is incredibly flexible – if you want it, they can organise it.

The Institute will hook students up with a host family, a shared apartment, a premium private apartment, or student dorm rooms.

Student accommodation services will also book hotels or hostels for you if you’d prefer.

San Sebastián

Our top pick for Spanish Courses in Spain with Accommodation for students who like culture.

If studying in a large bustling city seems more daunting than exciting, you may prefer the intimacy of San Sebastián.

This smaller Spanish city has wonderful social and cultural events, is very safe, and has gorgeous beaches within walking distance.

Sounds good, right? So here’s our best pick:


The Spanish courses at Lacunza International House are top-rated by their students and the accommodation gets 5 stars too.

They have a fully equipped student residence with a range of board options for the ultimate university student experience.

But if you prefer a choice, they can organise host families, shared apartments, and hotels and hostels too.


Are you looking to plough all your energy into your studies but want laid-back surroundings at the end of class?

Check out our recommendations for Sevilla and you can experience exactly that.

It’s a city known for its history and sunny weather. And if you’d like to top up your flamenco dancing skills alongside your course, Seville is the place to go.


CLIC Internation House is concerned for the whole student. So they want to make sure you have a great place to stay while you’re studying with them.

For an authentic experience, they’ll book you a spot with a host family.

Or, if you like the idea of sharing with other students, CLIC can organize shared flats with Spanish adults, rooms in student residences, or private apartments and studios.

They really have your back!

Sevilla Habla

Sevilla Habla is happy to arrange for your accommodation while you study with them.

They partner with an accommodation specialist to arrange host family stays or shared apartments which are situated near the school.


It’s OK to study and have fun, right? Ibiza offers international students an exciting location for their studies.

If you want to have the time of your life while studying on Spain’s best-loved party island, we’ve got a great fit:

Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza

The beauty of a shared student apartment provided by Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza is that none of their residences are more than a 10-minute walk from the school.

You’ll never be late for class!

Don’t worry if you want more accommodation choices, though. The school can arrange a host family stay, or they can recommend private rentals and hotels that are close by, too.

Spanish Course with accommodation in Spain: Salamanca

The best for students who like history.

Salamanca is a student city. With one of the oldest universities in the world and a proud academic tradition, Salamanca offers a welcoming environment for students.

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded students and have plenty of opportunities to practice your Spanish language skills in the historical surroundings of the city.

Our favourite schools in Salamanca with accommodation are:


Berceo provided great language courses. And if you want to book accommodation with them they make sure you’re close to school too.

The school have a number of accommodation choices.

You might like a shared student flat, a homestay with a host, a shared or single room in a University residence or a single or double occupancy apartment.

Tía Tula

Another great school in this prestigious location is Tía Tula.

And the school wants to create the perfect environment for learning– including accommodation for their students.

Tía Tula has a dedicated student accommodation team to make sure your stay is comfortable. And they can offer a range of accommodation types.

A homestay with a host is what they’d recommend for an authentic experience, but they can also book shared or single rooms in shared apartments for you.

Or, if you prefer a private flat, hotel, hostel or house, they’ll book that for you too.

What great service!

Can you Help Me pick Spanish Courses in Spain with Accommodation that might suit me?

We think you’re going to find great Spanish courses in Spain with accommodation on our list.

But if you’d like more course or accommodation options, we can help! Check out our accommodation finder for more great choices.

And if you need further information about enrolling on a course please contact us here – we’re always happy to help.


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