The Top 5 Reasons to Study Spanish in Spain

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Spanish is second most natively spoken language in the world, but you already knew that, right? Maybe what drew you to Spanish is the long list of exotic countries that use it. Whatever it is that started you on your Spanish-learning journey, it’s infinitely better to study Spanish in Spain than elsewhere. Why is that? Well, there are 5 big reasons to study Spanish in Spain! Scroll down to find out why you should study Spanish in Spain.

5 Reasons to Study Spanish in Spain

There are infinite learning benefits to studying Spanish in Spain; language immersion is the biggest benefit. Spanish will be spoken all around you, so you’ll pick it up that much faster. However, what are a student’s other reasons to study Spanish in Spain? Find out how learning Spanish in Spain will help you unlock a much more fulfilling experience here!

  1. Whatever your interests are, learning Spanish in Spain will enhance them. The Spanish influence has left its mark on nearly every aspect of modern culture. Art lovers will be able to appreciate Spanish painters by learning the context of their work in their native language. Wine lovers can learn to describe Spanish wines and history lovers can read the signs at ancient sites. Every hobbyist will have new reasons to study Spanish in Spain!

    reasons to study spanish in spain
    Fans will see a whole new side of their favorite hobby by learning Spanish!
  2. If you want access to tips, privileges, and help from locals, you’re going to have to speak their language! Not every Spanish person can speak English, although they’re known for being nice to tourists. If you’re traveling in Spain, learning Spanish enables you to speak to locals. Their knowledge and advice will take your trip from “nice” to “once-in-a-lifetime.”
  3. Spanish students in Spain will be able to participate fully in Spain’s legendary festivals! Understanding when to start running at the San Fermin festival and knowing when to throw the first tomato at the Tomatina are great reasons to study Spanish in Spain.
  4. Do you like Spain’s low cost of living? Everyone does, Spaniards included! In every Spanish city, you’ll find street markets selling everything imaginable at very low prices. Haggling and bundling are common, but only in Spanish, which gives you still more reasons to study Spanish in Spain! In addition, if you want to visit cheaper areas of a city (outside of the center), you’re going to have to communicate in Spanish.

    reasons to study spanish in Spain
    Haggle at street markets with your newfound Spanish skills.
  5. Being able to take part in your favorite parts of Spanish culture instead of watching from the sidelines another huge bonus of starting to learn Spanish in Spain! Without learning Spanish, you’ll be able to appreciate a flamenco show. After learning Spanish, you’ll be able to take a flamenco class and clack your castanets with the best of them.

Did we forget one of the reasons to study Spanish in Spain? Help other students like you and leave a comment below!

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