Why you should take a gap year in Spain

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If you want to cement your high school Spanish skills after you graduate, you should take a gap year in Spain. It’s also a great place for your first foray into the world, as Spaniards are known for being welcoming and open. Of course, there’s tons more reasons to take your gap year in the land of the setting sun! It all boils down to what you want out of your gap year.

Keep reading for an inside look at what your gap year in Spain will be like!

Adventuring during your gap year in Spain

You’re searching for some adventure during your gap year, right? Then Spain is definitely the right place for you! With so many exotic landscapes and differing climates across the regions of Spain, there’s plenty to explore. Luckily, there’s a high-speed train that runs to and from the big cities in Spain to get you around quickly.

gap year in spain
Hiking Spain’s mountains will bring you to amazing views.

Whatever sport or activity you’re keen to try, odds are there’s a community for that. Spanish people are very active and take advantage of the fun their landscape provides. In mountainous areas, you’ll find plenty of hiking trails and climbing spots. In marine areas, you’ll be able to surf, water-ski, dive, snorkel, jet-ski…you name it!

Nightlife and partying, anyone?

Enjoying life isn’t just important during a gap year in Spain, but for the Spaniards, celebrating IS life! There is no party like a Spanish party when it comes to holidays. There’s a long list of world-famous festivals that occur annually, so plan your gap year in Spain around the most appealing one.

gap year in spain
Have you been to Carnival in Sitges? Take your chance during your gap year in Spain!

Spanish people love to celebrate the festivals, but they don’t stop there. They party every day! There’s plenty to love about Spain’s culture of nightlife, the biggest reason being that it never stops. Going out and visiting multiple tapas bars is a nightlife staple – but the night doesn’t usually end there. Discotecas and techno nightclubs (like Ibiza is famous for) welcome patrons when the bars close.

Cultural experience of a lifetime

Gap years aren’t just for having fun, they’re for seeking out new cultural experiences, as well. That’s why it’s so great to take a gap year in Spain: they have one of the richest cultures worldwide. After all, they’ve been a kingdom since before the Middle Ages! They have countless museums, monuments, castles, and ruins to explore. Cultural activities are open to you, too. Take a flamenco class and learn the traditional art. Nothing but your own two feet are stopping you now! 😉

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