4 Best Spanish Language Schools in Malaga

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If you’re researching the best Spanish language schools in Malaga, you probably already know that this Spanish city stands out.

It’s true that most aspects of Spanish life are the same across the country (like the rocking nightlife, for example).

Still, each of the best Spanish cities to study in have their own identity. Let’s find out about Malaga’s specialties!

Be sure to figure out which type of Spanish course is right for you before signing up to one of the best Spanish language schools in Malaga.

Studying Spanish in Malaga

So, what are the reasons you should study Spanish in Malaga?

The sun is just one! Located on the Costa del Sol, this city gets about 300 sunny days a year.

Luckily, there’s a long coastline of beautiful beaches just next to the city so you can cool off on hot days.

The area of Malaga is mountainous as well, so there are lots of hiking trails and climbing spots for the active person to enjoy.

best spanish language schools in malaga
A beautiful shot of the King’s footpath, just one of the famous hiking spots in Malaga!

Like the rest of Spain, Malaga is rich with history from Phoenician ruins to Spanish Civil War monuments.

It’s also home to more modern historical figure: the most famous Spanish painter of all time, Pablo Picasso!

There are more than 28 museums to visit in Malaga, two of which are Picasso-related. Get abstract!

Which are the 4 best Spanish language schools in Malaga?

Before diving into your dream of studying Spanish in Malaga, make sure you’ll attend one of the best Spanish language schools in Malaga.

Check out the high-quality schools we’ve partnered with and see which better suits your learning style.

1. Malaca Instituto

For students who are looking to excel in Spanish quickly, Malaca Instituto is the fast-track to Spanish fluency.

They’ve been using the specialized curriculum they developed for over 40 years; that’s what makes them one of the best Spanish language schools in Malaga.

Malaca Instituto offers students a stimulating curriculum, top-of-the-line facilities, and a chance to learn Spanish faster than ever.

2. Expanish Malaga

Expanish School is not just a place to study; it’s a gateway to embracing the Spanish language and immersing yourself in the enchanting culture of Andalusia.

Expert native Spanish-speaking teachers, passionate about their craft, inspire and guide students through interactive and engaging lessons, igniting a fire of enthusiasm for learning.

The school’s commitment to a comprehensive and immersive experience is highlighted through a wide range of cultural activities and captivating excursions.

3. Cervantes Escuela Internacional

This Spanish language school in Malaga also has more than 35 years of experience teaching Spanish.

Cervantes Escuela International offers a perfect combination of learning material, a cultural program, and a high-quality teaching methodology.

As a wonderful extra, this wonderful school offers unique and immersive activities every week to support the Spanish learning.

4. MaestroMío

If you like to approach language learning socially over studiously, then MaestroMío’s extracurricular activity schedule is the perfect place for your Spanish to grow!

MaestroMío aims to mix in-class materials with real-world experience, making your Spanish skill versatile and fun to practice.

So, now that you’ve selected your school, what’s the next step?

Before you start filling out the fat stack of paperwork for your Spanish student visa, reach out to one of our agents for more information and help to study abroad in Spain!

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