Universities in Spain for International Students

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Spain is on many students’ bucket lists as the place to study abroad. That’s why there are so many universities in Spain for international students. And it’s not difficult to see why studying in Spain is so popular.

Spain is warm and sunny for much of the year. It’s got a fascinating history and interesting cultural activities. And it’s got amazing mountain ranges, vibrant cities, and stunning coastlines.

And it’s true that Spanish people make it so easy for international visitors to feel part of the community.

It is simply a fantastic place to study. And if you’re an international student looking for a great place to complete your university education in Spain, you have plenty to choose from.

But we also know that selecting which university to attend can get sometimes overwhelming. So, we thought we’d share our favourite universities in Spain for international students to help you choose.

We know our list will help you feel confident that you’re picking a place that fits who YOU are.

Which Universities in Spain for International Students Would You Recommend?

The Go! Go! España team are happy to recommend loads of great schools, institutes, and universities in Spain for international students.

And if you have a query about any of the universities or colleges in Spain, or about staying in Spain during your studies, we’re here for you.

But like most people, we do have our favourites. So we’ve narrowed down our list to our Top 8 Spanish universities for international students.

1. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

The Charles III University of Madrid (UC3M) has been listed by the prestigious QS World Rankings as among the best universities in the world.

And this ranking also makes it one of the top 10 Spanish universities.

The Go! Go! España team are rightly proud of our partnership with UC3M.

And not just because of their ranking achievement. It’s because they go above and beyond for their international students.

One in five students at the university is from a country other than Spain. So it’s a brilliant place to make friends from all across the globe while you are completing your studies.

And because they welcome so many English-speaking students, 67% of their degrees are either taught in English or bilingually.

We’re sure you don’t need much convincing that UC3M is a great choice. But if you’d like even more information, click the link to read more about the fantastic International Foundation Program at the University Carlos III of Madrid. 

2. Universidad Europea

Another University we’d highly recommend for students who’d like to study abroad in Madrid is the Universidad Europea. It’s one of the leading private universities in Spain.

And EU are proud of the wide variety of programs they offer international students.

You can choose from technical and vocational higher education programs as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

So if you’re looking for Master’s programs in Spain, the Universidad Europea is a top choice.

The Universidad European or European University of Madrid (UE) has a student body made up of 30% international students.

So you’ll feel part of the multicultural environment of the university. And you’ll be fully supported during your studies knowing that UE is one of the best universities in Spain for international students.

3. ESIC Business & Marketing School

ESIC Business and Marketing School is one of Spain’s leading internationally endorsed business schools.

They really love to welcome international students. And what’s more, they have international campuses in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, so you can choose a course and location that fits you perfectly.

ESIC have over 50 years of experience in preparing young people for the fast-paced world of business.

And with partnerships in a range of industry sectors, their graduates are set up for the working world.

4. GBSB Global Business School

Another prestigious business-centred university is GBSB Global Business School.

It’s another one of our favourite universities in Spain for international students as their Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA degrees are all taught in English.

So you get to continue your university education in Spain but without a potential language barrier.

And a huge perk of studying in Spain is you’ll get to pick up a new language without any pressure.

They also have campuses in Barcelona and Madrid so you could experience Spain’s two biggest cities while studying.

5. St.Pol University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts

Where better to study the delights of a career in the food industry than in Spain at EUHT StPOL?

Spain is a country famous for its cuisine and for its hospitality. So EUHT St POL would suit your learning subject entirely.

And with over 45 nationalities on campus, EUHT StPOL is a university that welcomes international students.

Plus EUHT StPOL is situated in the heart of Barcelona which is known for its gastronomy.

So it’s a great choice for students interested in the culinary arts – you can have your Mongetes amb botifarra and eat it!

6. EU Business School

Another university that offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBSs in English is EU Business School.

So if you wanted to complete your bachelor degree in Spain, this university would be a great fit.

And if you’re looking for a place that’s perfect for students from other countries, you won’t do better than EU. EU Business School is of the most diverse universities in Spain for international students.

The student body is made up of more than 100 nationalities. And we think that says everything about EU Business School’s international appeal.

7. LCI Barcelona

LCI Barcelona School of Design pride itself on offering a destination experience for education abroad.

And we think that’s a great advertisement for their commitment to those looking for universities in Spain for international students.

The university also offers a platform for a dynamic educational experience connected to entrepreneurship and innovation across a range of creative industries.

You can learn in English on many of the courses at LCI Barcelona. This means you can focus on your studies rather than trying to understand the language.

And their collaborative approach to student projects means you’ll be mixing with students from around the world at one of our top 8 universities in Spain for international students.


UCAM or the Catholic University of Saint Antony of Murcia believe that an international learning experience should be an essential part of your further education.

And we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’d recommend UCAM as one of our top universities in Spain for international students.

If you prefer to learn in English – no problem. Many popular courses are taught in English at the university.

As well as this, UCAM offers advanced mobility programs that promote internal exchanges.

There’s another plus, to studying at this university for international students.

It’s because Murcia a great university city that’s geared up for students.

And Murcia is also one of the most affordable areas of Spain to live in.

So even if you’re on a budget, you can study and live comfortably in Spain through UCAM.


The Go! Go! España team love to help people achieve their dreams And if yours is to study abroad in Spain, we’ve got you.

If you’d like help with enrolling at any universities in Spain for international students, please contact us here. We’d be glad to help.

Learn more about degrees in Spain or the best universities in Spain for international students on our page here.

And if you’d like to know more about living in Spain during your studies, find out more here.

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