Learn Spanish Songs: Love Song Edition

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Skip your homework and make the move to learn Spanish songs for practice. It’s easier to memorize Spanish phrases through lyrics and you’ll probably even have a good time doing it. Learning Spanish with songs has two huge benefits: you’ll improve your Spanish and fit into the culture much better as well. You might even hear one or two on a night out in Spain. Fire up your Youtube account and start learning the Spanish love songs below!

learn spanish songs
Even though these are romantic songs, they’re really popular! Your friends will know them too; have a sing-a-long for practice.

5 Romantic Classics to Help You Learn Spanish Songs

  1. Hasta La Raiz by Natalia LaFourcade – Natalia LaFourcade is a world-famous Mexican singer with tons of musical awards. She and her songs are very popular in the Spanish world. Her song “Hasta La Raiz,” or “To the Root,” is a popular Spanish song known in all the Spanish-speaking countries! That’s why it’s a great choice if you want to learn Spanish songs, not to mention the poetic nature vocabulary you’ll get after you learn this Spanish song.
  2. Agua by Jarabe de Palo – This easy Spanish song to learn is about a difficult love. The singer in Jarabe de Palo speaks slowly and clearly. Another bonus is that this song has a limited vocabulary, so you can really practice memorizing and understanding the phrases! It can be hard to learn Spanish songs, but this song is so catchy you’ll keep singing even after the lyrics page is closed. Check out more songs by Jarabe de Palo for catchy, easy to memorize Spanish songs.
  3. Ojalá by Silvio Rodriguez – One of the most influential Spanish singers in the world, Silvio Rodriguez is a great songwriter to add to your playlist. He is a Cuban singer who is known for his slow, clearly pronounced singing style. Silvio Rodriguez’s song Ojalá makes it easy to learn Spanish songs with his beautiful, slow voice. The song is poetic and a bit abstract, but it’s extremely helpful in learning the word ojalá. After all, it appears quite often in Spanish conversation.

    learn Spanish songs
    Ojalá is great for practicing subjunctive Spanish, so singing it is almost like studying!
  4. Contigo by Joaquin Sabina – This Spanish singer from Andalucia has been recording albums since 1978. With such a lasting career, he is certainly famous worldwide. The passion of his lyrics is reflective of Spanish culture (or is it the other way around?). His songs are easy for Spanish learners to sing because he sings slowly and clearly. Contigo is one of Sabina’s most beautiful love songs. He sings about not wanting normalcy in his relationship and instead, wanting a life-or-death type of love. He says that “Loves that kill, never die / Amores que matan nunca mueren.”
  5. Eres tú by Mocedades – It seems like almost every Spanish-speaking person in the world has this classic Spanish love song committed to memory. It even hit the top 10 in the United States when it was released in 1974. This romantic classic is one of the best Spanish songs to learn because when you hear it, everyone around you will most likely know it too. Sing along and be Spanish!

Still want to practice your Spanish listening? We’ve got tons of app recommendations and resources.

Click here for more ideas for songs to learn Spanish.

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