Best Apps to Learn Spanish in 2024

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Shakespeare said the course of true love never did run smooth – and often times, neither does the course of language learning! Learning a new language can be a big challenge.

Luckily, we’ve got plenty of amazing technology on our sides to help us learn better and faster than ever.

Language apps are an incredible resource, but there are so many now that it may be difficult to know which are the best apps to learn Spanish.

So, here is a handy list of 12 great app recommendations for learning Spanish!

There are so many great apps!

Which are the Best Apps to Learn Spanish?

You can’t go wrong with any of the 12 language learning apps we have recommended here.

All are tried and tested, with great reviews in Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon, and millions of users!

Most language learners these days will have at least one app on their phone or tablet.

Apps really are one of the best ways to use technology to your advantage when learning a second language.

These are the very best apps to learn Spanish, which will help you improve your language skills and probably have a lot of fun while doing so.

You can use them on the go to get in a couple minutes of practice, or sit down and have a marathon study session to really sharpen your skills.

So, get out your smartphone and get ready to learn some español! And why not start planning a study abroad trip to beautiful Spain to practice your new skills too?

Our 12 Best Apps to Learn Spanish

1. Babbel

The best app for improving your conversation skills and fluency

You might find yourself getting more and more hooked on Babbel as you use it more to learn Spanish.

That’s because the app is cleverly designed around gamifying techniques.

This means you stay motivated and eager to earn more points for your language achievements.

One thing that’s helpful about Babbel is that it repeats content you learn, so you don’t just see it once and then forget it.

The Babbel apps are crafted by a large team of experts who have developed one of the most effective language learning apps available.

In fact, the Babbel app is the world’s best-selling language learning app! After downloading this app you are immersed in a holistic learning experience with consistent expert guidance throughout.

Find the app here and try it out for free for 7 days

2. Duolingo

Best app to learn Spanish with an interactive game-style learning

Who hasn’t heard of Duolingo?

It is definitely one of the biggest language learning apps around. This award-winning app is popular for lots of good reasons.

It’s really easy to use and can be adapted to a range of levels. What makes this app different is that you don’t have strict grammar lessons; rather, you do different lessons with new vocabulary.

Bit by bit, you build up new words and new grammar skills. It’s all focused around 1,500 key vocabulary words that real native Spanish speakers use.

The lessons are quick enough so you can do five minutes’ practice here and there.

As you work through the levels you earn points with playful characters and fun exercises.

Duolingo aims to keep you motivated by making your learning enjoyable and bite-sized.

It certainly succeeds in doing this! 500 million users are testament to this!

You use this app completely free and subscribe to Duolingo Plus if you want to remove the ads.

Visit the Duolingo website to try out the Duloingo Spanish app

3. Busuu

Best app for community interaction

The Busuu Spanish learning app has thousands of positive 5-star reviews on the Google Play Store and 100 million users love the app.

This app offers the great option of having speaking and written exercises corrected by native speakers in the Busuu community.

You can video chat or text with native speakers, who give you corrections in real-time.

When you download and use the Busuu app you become part of an online community of like-minded Spanish students who help one another to enjoy the learning experience.

There are lots of audio dialogues, interactive tests, quizzes, reviews, and games and you can personalize your learning experience by setting particular goals and preferences.

This is a fantastic app for learning real Spanish in collaboration with native speakers and other learners.

Download the Busuu app today and say hello in the Busuu online community!

4. Rosetta Stone

Best app to learn Spanish to immerse in a practical real-world Spanish

Rosetta Stone is another well-known brand, and has a long history of successfully helping people learn foreign languages.

Rosetta Stone is an American company that was founded back in 1992 and its distance-learning methodology has won countless awards over the years.

Their app continues this tradition, and helps create an immersive experience for picking up Spanish.

What makes Rosetta Stone unique is that everything is in Spanish (yep, there’s that immersive experience).

The approach is centered on teaching you Spanish in a way similar to how kids learn how to talk.

That’s what makes it one of the best apps to learn Spanish.

The Rosetta Stone app has a highly advanced speech recognition facility and is available free from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon.

Take a look at the Rosetta Stone website and download your free Rosetta Stone app to learn Spanish

5. Conjuverb

Best app for learning and conjugating Spanish verbs

For native English speakers, one of the trickiest parts of Spanish can be dealing with all the new verb tenses.

This app helps you focus in on practicing all of your verbs. You can select which tenses you want to practice, then get random verbs to try your conjugating skills on.

This makes it a handy tool for perfecting certain grammar points (you can never get too much help with the subjunctive).

The app boasts over 1600 Spanish verbs will conjugations in all tenses and moods, with English translations.

If you are unsure of any Spanish verb, its translation, or how to conjugate it in the Indicative, Subjunctive, and Imperative, you can use this handy app to provide you with complete clarity.

Download the Conjuverb  app today here on the Conjuverb website

The best apps to learn Spanish

More of the Best Apps to Learn Spanish

6. AccellaStudy

Best app for a tailored learning experience

This app is super simple, and lets you use it even without an internet connection.

You’ll get fun ways to practice your new language skills, like quizzes, flashcards, and more.

What’s cool about this app is that you can create your own study list.

That means it’s flexible and totally adaptable to your language learning needs. AccellaStudy boasts apps to learn ‘everything’ (languages, sciences, geography, etc…) and when you subscribe you gain access to all the AccelaStudy content, plus all future releases.

Start enjoying the world of AccellaStudy learning and download the AccellaStudy app today

7. Memrise

Best apps for improving your memory and language retention skills

Memrise has incredibly positive reviews on the Google Play Store and has been around since 2010.

Its main language learning app has over 1 million 5 star reviews!

60 million users enjoy apps and, as well as Spanish, you can learn French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, and many more languages.

The Memrise Spanish app uses video examples, immersive learning, gamification, and memory retention strategies rooted in scientific research.

Memrise has also launched a language learning app called Cat Spanish which is designed with the feline fanatic in mind.

Because who doesn’t like cats?! It has lots of silly and cute pictures of cats – which are actually grammatical lessons in disguise!

You might find out that you’re having so much fun you’ll hardly notice you’re learning.

Visit the Memrise website to download Memrise app and the Cat Spanish app if you love cats!

8. Lingoda

Best all-round online Spanish language school app

The Lingoda app offers a very complete learning experience aiming to take the student from any level to fluency.

As well as Spanish, Lingoda apps are available to learn German, French, and English.

Live online Spanish classes can be booked and taken via the app 24/7! All the Lingoda Spanish teachers are fully qualified and highly experienced language teachers and you can learn in small groups or choose 1-1 private classes.

This app works very well for keeping yourself organised with your learning schedule.

You can easily book and rearrange your classes using the app and notification messages will keep you reminded of when your next class is coming up.

To use the Lingoda app you first need to set up a student account on the Lingoda website and then use the same details to access your app.

You can find the Lingoda website here with more information about registering as a student.

9. Mosalingua

The best of our best apps to learn Spanish if you like learning by repetition

Mosalingua offers a wide variety of language learning apps and boasts over 11 million users worldwide!

Apps are available to learn Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese.

There is also a specialist Business Spanish app if you specifically wish to focus on using Spanish for business.

The Mosalingua Spanish app recommends 10 minutes of learning each day and backs up its methodology with scientific evidence.

The team at Mosalingua have gone to great lengths to creative innovative learning techniques around memorization and consolidation that are practical and effective.

Students are coached and guided throughout their learning journey.

This app is excellent at maintaining motivation, which is so important if you wish to take your second language to fluency.

You can try the Mosalingua Spanish app for free here.

10. Pimsleur

Best app to learn Spanish for audio learning

Pimsleur has been teaching languages for over 50 years now and is one of the more well-known and trusted language distance-learning brands out there.

All in all, Pimsleur has language apps for 51 languages!

There are lots of reasons to choose the Pimsleur app to learn Spanish.

It integrates with Amazon Alexa, it works perfectly well offline and also hands-free, and can be tried out free.

Another big draw for the Pimsleur app is that it is geared around getting the student to speak.

Not all learning apps focus on speaking so, if this is your aim, you would do well to give the Pimsleur app a trial.

The app works to build conversation skills and aims to get people speaking from day one. It does this through regular conversational lessons, reading lessons, role-plays with written transcripts, and skills building.

Download the Pimsleur app today and start learning Spanish fast!

11. Preply

Best app for organising online lessons with a private tutor

Preply has a huge team of online teachers and you can find them, try a class with them, and take regular lessons with them using the Preply app.

Currently, Preply teaches 50 languages to adults and children with over 140,000 teachers worldwide.

With so many qualified and experienced language teachers it can be a challenge to choose one to take regular classes with.

But you can learn narrow your search down according to availability and budget, learn about each teacher via their profile, and try a free class.

You take your classes using the app or using the Preply website and enjoy the flexibility of learning Spanish wherever you are at a time of day that is convenient for you.

Get the Preply app for learning Spanish and start searching for your perfect online teacher

The last of the best apps to learn Spanish is…

12. Mondly

Best app for learning by augmented reality and speech recognition

Mondly has put considerable effort into developing cutting-edge language-learning technology that it believes will get your speaking Spanish faster than any other app.

Mondly makes its claims based on neural science research that has led to the creation of learning technology-based around gamification strategies.

Mondly is very aware that learning needs to be fun if it is to be sustainable and has created apps that teach languages through play. There is the facility to practice real conversations with native speakers via the app’s chatbot speech recognition and augmented reality features.

90 million people around the world have chosen Mondly apps and its practical and fun approach to language learning has won Mondly apps a string of awards.

Try the Mondly app to learn Spanish here

That wraps up our list of the best apps to learn Spanish!

Have we left any out? Are you interested in other resources to learn Spanish?

Let us know about your favorites in the comments!

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