Not everyone has the time and money to follow their Spanish language learning dream. Although the benefits of studying in Spain show it’s worth the investment, it can be costly. Even if you can afford to study Spanish in Spain, not everyone is cut out for a traditional Spanish course!

That’s where the new trend of Spanish language learning apps and online courses come in handy. You should try these methods of learning if you:

  • don’t work well with a rigid schedule
  • have too many commitments to take on a Spanish course
  • would like to learn Spanish for less money

What’s better for Spanish language learning: apps or online courses?

There are many methods of Spanish language learning, each of which is suited for a different type of learner. Choosing to study Spanish in Spain is a great, immersive technique, but if you aren’t one for conversing, you won’t reap the benefits. Let’s find out whether app- or online-learning will be better for you.

Learning Spanish with apps

Spanish language learning app

Spanish-learning apps are easy to use frequently, like when you’re waiting for your friend at the cafe!

Smart phones have cleared the path for easier-than-ever Spanish language learning with Spanish learning apps. Apps put control over your learning in your hands –literally! You can strengthen your Spanish skill whenever it’s convenient for you. Some apps can even be played without internet connection, which makes them great for travel.

However, there are cons to every style of Spanish language learning. It may be hard to strengthen your Spanish listening and pronunciation with apps that aren’t verbal. Apps are best used in tandem with other learning methods, or to brush up/build on your Spanish skill.

Check out the best Spanish language learning apps here and find the best one for you!

Learning Spanish in an online course

Online courses aim to give the same structure as traditional classes, though every online course differs! Online courses are also cheaper than classic Spanish courses. Many students are able to study Spanish for longer than a typical course because of the affordable price.

Some students prefer having total control over their course load. With online courses, you can move quickly through chapters that you find easy and spend more time where needed. You can spend time on class when it’s convenient for you – and not when it isn’t!

Spanish language learning online

Some courses may be presented by a real person, others are just an online curriculum. Find one suited to your learning style.

However, controlling a course load isn’t for everyone. Some students may find it hard to stay motivated without a structured time-and-place. Other students may need extra help or explanation from a professor. If you aren’t a self-starter or extremely dedicated learner, you’re better off taking a traditional Spanish course.

Traditional Spanish classes allow for more participation. That means that you can try out new words, grammar, and verb conjugations and receive feedback from your teacher immediately. Learning Spanish in a class also has lots of learning benefits that come from socialization.

Still not sure how to make your Spanish learning dream a reality? Reach out to our team and we’ll see if we can help with your goals!