Should I book a Spanish course with an agent?

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When you finally decide to take your dream trip to Spain to study Spanish, it’s exciting! You spend hours researching different cities in Spain, different customs, and what other students have said. After your preliminary search, you realize that there a LOT of steps to take and requirements to fill before you head to Spain. It gets overwhelming! That’s why you should book a Spanish course with an agent.

At Go! Go! España, we think it’s always better to book a Spanish course with an agent. With so many official applications and processes to go through, making even one mistake can jeopardize the whole experience. We want to help any way we can! We happily provide important information about how to get a student visa and find the right Spanish school for you. If any at time you’re uncertain or unsure, contact us and we’re here to help.

book a Spanish course with an agent
You’re guaranteed to have a seamless study-abroad experience in Spain if you book with an agent. We’re here to make sure your dream comes true!

Why you should book a Spanish course with an agent

  1. You’ve spent months dreaming up your student experience in Spain. You’ve drooled imagining homemade tapas and you wished you were at the beach 100 times. However, if you choose to book a Spanish course on your own, that dream could come crashing down. You might arrive at the Spanish school from hell! If you book a Spanish course with an agent, you are guaranteed to get the Spanish experience you dreamt of. We have personally visited and vetted all our Spanish school partners to be sure that they’re up to par. P.S. Not every Spanish school we visited made the cut!
  2. Applying to a Spanish school is most often simple; you could do it yourself! However, other applications such as the Spanish student visa or applying for a NIE are more complicated and official. No matter what application you’re working on, any Go! Go! España agent would be happy to assist – and with expert knowledge, too.

    book a spanish course with an agent
    Our agents will listen to your wants, likes, dislikes, and preferences before giving you options on schools, cities, and accommodations.
  3. Finding the right city to study in Spain, the right school, and the best accommodation for you is difficult from another country. If you book a Spanish course with an agent at Go! Go! España, we’ll find out exactly what type of Spanish course will be best for you and where to study. We also help finding student accommodations. Whatever you need help finding, we listen to your needs and wants before providing you with options to choose from!
  4. Many Spanish language schools in Spain help potential students with their questions. However, they can often only help in Spanish or basic English. On top of that, they have a school to run – which means they won’t be able to answer every question you have in a timely or detailed manner. By choosing to book a Spanish course with an agent, you’ll get speedy replies and guidance. You’ll never be alone! We also offer student support in English, German, Japanese, and Korean, as well.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to our study-in-Spain experts right now.

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