How to Find the Right Spanish School for You

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The process to study abroad in Spain takes a few months and a lot of paperwork. That’s why you should make sure you find the right Spanish school before you start the process! It would be terrible to fly to Spain and settle in just to realize that it isn’t what you imagined. That’s why you need to start imagining your perfect school, figure out what matters most to you, and find the right Spanish school for you.

At Go! Go! España, we’re the experts at creating memorable study abroad experiences in Spain. If you want to make sure you find the right Spanish school, stick to our guide. If you have further questions, let us know! We’re happy to help.

How to Find the Right Spanish School

The three most important aspects to find the right Spanish school are: 1) your budget 2) the location and 3) what you want from your study abroad experience. Consider your budget first and foremost, as there’s no use applying to a Spanish school that you can’t afford. If your budget is low, no worries! Check out the cheapest Spanish language schools and find your Spanish school there. If budget isn’t your worry, continue on to aspect #2!

find the right school in spain
If you prefer traditional architecture and a quaint atmosphere, stick to smaller cities in Spain.

The city you choose to study Spanish in is probably the hardest choice to make. After all, there aren’t any bad places to live in Spain! In order to find the right Spanish school location for you, read up on the different regions of Spain. What type of climate do you prefer? Do you like big, bustling cities or quaint communities? Another way to consider this is to ask yourself what attracts you most to Spain. If you’re most interested by traditional Spanish culture, a language school in the Andalucía region might be best. If you just want to relax on the beach, check out schools in coastal towns.

Lastly, it’s important to consider what the goal of your Spanish study abroad experience is. Are you interested in studying Spanish in Spain for a laid-back adventure? A low-intensity course will leave you time and space to explore the Spanish lifestyle. If you want to learn to converse with Spanish locals, choose a smaller city where people get familiar with each other more easily than in a busy capital.

Other Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Spanish School

As you try to find the right Spanish school for you, it’s important to consider what you need as well as what you want. After all, every student has different needs! To find the right Spanish school for you, reflect on your personal studying style using these questions.

find the right spanish school for you
If learning Spanish is your ultimate goal, seek out high-intensity Spanish schools.
  • How intensely do you want to study? If your aim is to learn Spanish quickly, you’ll want to take a high-intensity level Spanish course. Finding a Spanish school with a student library would also be a good idea, as you could focus on your studies even outside of class time.
  • Will you being trying to look for a job in Spain? If you know you’ll be working in Spain, you may want to find a school with flexible hours, online options, or a non-intensive Spanish course. All of these options will give you more availability to work.
  • Do you need to take a Spanish course with a specific accreditation? In order to find the right Spanish school with accreditation, visit the Spanish school pages here. A quick scroll down on each school page will show you the different accreditations (i.e. Urlaubsbildung, IALC, etc.).

Still not sure which school to pick? Take a look at the best Spanish language schools in Spain for inspiration.

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