The Best Spanish Language Schools in Granada

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There are countless reasons for choosing to study in Granada.

Some people choose to visit Granada for the Andalusian culture, the Alhambra, or the flamenco shows on display.

The most interesting facet of Granada’s culture is that bars give a free plate of tapas to everyone ordering a drink! It’s a student paradise!

Naturally, you’re now wondering where the best Spanish language schools in Granada are.

Scroll down and find which of the best Spanish language schools in Granada is best for you.

You ought to read up on tapas to get ready for snack time, too!

Once you find the right Spanish school for you, feel free to reach out to us if you need any help with the study abroad process.

The Best Spanish Language Schools in Granada

Studying Spanish in Granada is popular for many reasons.

Students who want to live in a picturesque city instead of an enormous, bustling metropolis will love Granada.

The sun is nearly always shining and fresh air blows through the streets from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

While Granada is a smaller city, students can still enjoy their exciting nightlife (and yes, free tapas).

The beach is only an hour away from the city, as well.

If you’ve fallen in love with the sites, culture, and history of Granada, check out the best Spanish language schools in Granada.

If you’re interested in studying in another Spanish city you can explore the best Spanish schools in Spain here.

best Spanish language schools in Granada
Experienced native Spanish teachers will help you through even the most complicated Spanish lessons.

Proyecto Español – Learn Spanish in Granada with Spanish Natives

Proyecto Español offers students the chance to become fluent in Spanish at a less intense pace.

The typical Spanish course offered at Proyecto Español includes 25 hours per week, 5 more hours than most schools.

The best part is that their Spanish course in Granada is in the heart of the city.

Their central location makes it easy to head out for sangria and tapas after class! Be sure that your social activities don’t conflict with language exchange night, though.

Proyecto Español includes a weekly language exchange with native Spaniards in their course load, so their students can practice Spanish while improving their conversational skills and pronunciation.

Linguaschools Granada – A Social (and Cheap) Spanish Course in Granada

Linguaschools Granada’s mission is to teach Spanish in an enjoyable, interactive way.

Class sizes are small, so that students have a friendly environment to practice new Spanish concepts, like how to describe your feelings in Spanish.

Their communicative approach aims to get students fluent in Spanish in a small amount of time.

Linguaschools offers the cheapest Spanish language school in Granada without skimping on extra activities!

They also organize a few social activities every week with the aim of immersing their students in a Spanish-speaking environment.

best Spanish language schools in Granada
Extroverts and bookworms alike will find the benefits of practicing Spanish in social situations!

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