Where to Find a Sworn Spanish Translator

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A Sworn Spanish Translator is someone who is authorized to translate documents that need to be accepted in official legal situations (e.g. academic certificates, birth certificates, government requirements), adhering strictly to official Spanish requirements.

Where to find a Sworn Spanish Translator

The details of every Sworn Spanish Translator are registered in the Office of Language Interpretation in Madrid.

If you wish to find one, the best place to look is the Official List of Sworn Spanish Translators provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain. Here you will find numerous official translators to choose from.

The list provides names, addresses, contact information, and date of appointment.

A Sworn Spanish Translator is appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

The translator is required to register their stamp and signature with the Ministry.

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Sworn Spanish Translator Certified

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Sworn Translators are also known as Certified, Public or Official Translators and their requirements vary depending on their target language.

A Sworn Spanish Translator is required to take an official oath before a court.

They swear to the quality of their translations in accordance with legal requirements and stamp all their translations with their own signature and seal.

Sworn Spanish Translator

Guaranteed Spanish Translations

Every translation from a sworn Spanish translator is accompanied by a guarantee.

The translator attests to the accuracy, completeness and official value of each translated document and assumes all responsibility.

This is not something that can be taken lightly as any careless translation could lead to the translator being charged with negligence, perjury or contempt of court.

Official Translations to Spanish

Sworn Translation differs to Legal Translation or Judicial Translation in that it requires the signature, stamp, or seal of an authorized translator.

Once a translated document receives the signature, stamp or seal of a Sworn Translator, it becomes official.

Legal Translators translate law documents and Judicial Translators translate documents that are part of judicial proceedings.

Sworn Translations can only be provided in hard copies.

This is because they need to be stamped and signed by the translator. The original documents can, however, be transferred by any preferred means, such as email.

Sworn Translators deal with documents that have been written in a foreign language and need to be presented to official bodies such as notaries, courts, universities.

Academic records, for example, often need to be translated and certified by a Sworn Translator.

The work of a Sworn Spanish Translator is demanding and requires extensive knowledge in linguistics, terminology, and legislation, plus adherence to a strict ethical code and scrupulous rules.

If you require official translation of documents from English to Spanish, feel free to contact us!

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