Summer in Spain: Festivals, Foods, and Fun

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Will you be spending your summer in Spain this year? Lucky you! During the summer, Spain is bursting with fun activities, from natural escapes to city-wide parties. Find out what you should do this summer in Spain below!

The Best Summer Festivals in Spain

Summer is the season of festivals and parties in Spain. No matter where you are in the country, there will be plenty of parties to join. Every city in Spain has a long list of local festivities both in the city and its suburbs. The most notable summer festivals in Spain include La Tomatina, The Festival of San Fermin (or The Running of the Bulls), La Noche de San Juan and the Haro Festival. La Noche de San Juan is a celebratory night of bonfires on the beach, which you’ll have to jump over before the night is through! The Haro Festival in La Rioja is a wine festival that ends with La Batalla de Vino, a huge wine fight. Spain has some of the most unique traditional festivals anywhere in the world.

summer in Spain
La Noche de San Juan is celebrated in coastal cities with beaches full of people, bonfires, and fireworks.

In addition to traditional festivals across the country, there are also many music festivals in Spain during the summer. The most renowned festivals include the Festival in Benicassim (FIB), Primavera Sound in Barcelona and Europe’s biggest reggae festival, Rototom Sunsplash. Tickets for music festivals are usually cheaper when bought well in advance, so get to planning and get your tickets!

Other Activities During the Summer in Spain

While you’re waiting for the next festival to arrive, there’s still plenty of things to enjoy. If you live in a coastal city, taking a swim at the beach is a great way to cool down. Beaches in Spain are always more crowded during the summer months, though. If you’re heading to the beach in the summer, pay attention to the time. The sun is at its hottest from 11 AM to around 4:30 PM and most people avoid the beach during those hours because it can be dangerous. Parks are also beautiful places to visit during summer, as many of the flowers are blooming!

summer in Spain
Create your own beach party with friends this summer!

Many Spanish people also like to play tourist themselves during the summer in Spain. If you don’t live close to a beach, there’s bound to be nearby rivers and lakes to visit. Many regions in Spain are mountainous; escaping the city to hike to the top of a mountain will give you a breath of fresh air! Climbing or bouldering is also a popular hobby amongst the Spanish and you’ll have plenty of chances to try that out, too. Research your surroundings to find the best outdoor escapes near you.

Summer Habits of Spanish People

There are some other habits you’ll want to be aware of if you’re spending the summer in Spain. There are a few changes to the local menus during the summer. Due to the heat, Spanish people don’t cook hot meals as often. Cold soups like gazpacho and salmorejo are perfect for hot days, so try these Spanish soups. You’ll also find that the Spanish mealtimes can change slightly in the summer. The hot sun is beaming all day, so one of the Spanish habits is to wait until it cools off to go for dinner (around 9ish or later). Lastly, staying hydrated is high on everyone’s list in the summer; make sure to drink LOTS of water. Once you’re hydrated, reach for a refreshing sangria or Agua de Valencia. After all, you’ve got to enjoy the summer!

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