Spanish Numbers 100-1000: Spanish Lesson 13

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This is the thirteenth lesson in our beginner level Spanish course and we will look at Spanish Numbers 100-1000 and some useful measurements in Spanish.

In Spanish Lesson 3 we saw the Spanish Numbers 1-100 and learned how to pronounce them correctly. In this lesson we will continue to learn larger Spanish Numbers from 100-1000. We will also see how to use these numbers with typical measurements in Spanish such as kilometres, centimetres and litres.

Cientos (Hundreds)

Cien: One hundred
Doscientos: Two hundred
Trescientos: Three hundred
Cuatrocientos: Four hundred
Quinientos: Five hundred
Seiscientos: Six hundred
Setecientos: Seven hundred
Ochocientos: Eight hundred
Novecientos: Nine hundred
Mil: Thousand

More complex numbers

Ciento diez: One hundred and ten
Doscientos veinte: Two hundred and twenty
Trescientos treinta: Three hundred and thirty
Cuatrocientos cuarenta y cuatro: Four hundred and forty four
Quinientos ochenta y siete: Five hundred and eighty seven
Seiscientos noventa y nueve: Six hundred and ninety nine
Setecientos veintitrés: Seven hundred and twenty three
Ochocientos quince: Eight hundred and fifteen
Novecientos cincuenta y uno: Nine hundred and fifty one

Large Spanish Numbers may look and sound complicated initially, however they are really quite straightforward. You must practice your numbers from 1-100 first and then learn the hundreds. Don’t try to learn the big numbers before you have learned the smaller numbers.

Spanish numbers 100-1000

Now let’s take a look at some useful measurements in Spanish and practice using them with our numbers…

Medidas (Measurements)

Kilómetros: Kilometres
Millas: Miles
Metros: Metres
Centímetros: Centimetres
Milímetros: Millimetres
Pulgadas: Inches
Pies: Feet
Gramos: Grams
Kilogramos: Kilograms
Litros: Litres
Pintas: Pints
Galones: Gallons
Toneladas: Tonnes

Let’s practice using Medidas…

(Cuántos/as: How many)

¿A cuántos kilómetros está Manchester de Londres?: How far is Manchester from London?
Manchester está a trescientos treinta y cinco kilómetros de Londres: Manchester is three hundred and thirty five kilometres from London

(We learned about Locations in Spanish Lesson 10 and the verb Estar (To be) in Spanish Lesson 9)

¿Cuántas pulgadas hay en doscientos veinte pies?: How many inches are there in two hundred and twenty feet?
Hay dos mil seiscientos cuarenta: There are two thousand six hundred and forty

(We learned about Hay (There is/are) in Spanish Lesson 12)

¿Cuántos centímetros hay en cuatro metros?: How many centimetres are there in four metres?
Hay cuatrocientos centímetros en cuatro metros: There are four hundred centimetres in four metres

¿Cuántos litros hay en cincuenta y cinco galones?: How many litres are there in fifty five gallons?
Hay doscientos cincuenta litros en cincuenta y cinco galones: There are two hundred and fifty litres in fifty five gallons

That is all for this lesson about Spanish Numbers 100-1000. We recommend that you practice using Spanish Numbers from 1-1000 making your own sentences using the measurements we have learned in this lesson and Hay, Cuántos/as, and Estar.

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