Where can I learn Spanish for business?

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Studying Spanish will prepare you for lots of situations, but if you’ve got professional goals, it’s better to take a Spanish for business course. One of the most lucrative benefits of studying Spanish is the job market that it opens. However, taking two weeks of the A1 course load won’t get you ready for a meeting with a CEO.

Luckily, there’s a handful of business courses and supplemental lessons offered by some of the best language schools in Spain! With a professionally-focused curriculum, you’ll be a bilingual boss in no time.

What do you learn in a Spanish for business course?

While every course load will differ slightly, there are fundamentals you’ll learn no matter what. Business Spanish lessons always include making professional introductions, doing interviews, and writing a CV. More thorough curricula will include giving presentations, sales pitches, and even negotiating in a professional setting. Whatever course you take, you’ll finish with at least a basic understanding of the language used in offices and emails!

spanish for business presentations
You might have a decent Spanish level, but can you give a presentation to a room of professionals?

Before making your choice between the Spanish for business courses, think deeply about what you need the course for specifically. Are you looking for a temporary job while you study in Spain? Then you’ll only need a supplementary lesson or two. Applying to entry-level jobs around the globe? You should find a short, introductory professional Spanish course. If you want to enter the professional Spanish marketplace in a specific niche, you’ll need an intense and specialized course.

Where to take professional Spanish lessons in Spain

So, now that you know what type of Spanish for business education you’ll need, where can you find it? Here are some of the best Spanish schools in Spain for learning business Spanish. If you can’t find what you need, please reach out to the Go Go team for advice!

International House in Barcelona has an intensive Spanish package which include private Spanish for business lessons in tandem. These Spanish business lessons are focused on general business procedures as well as cultural differences in the professional landscape of Spanish-speaking countries.

The Giralda Center in Sevilla offers an intensive Spanish course for professionals, which includes general Spanish lessons as well as business lessons. You may choose between Spanish for business, law, medicine, or translation.

Spanish for medical professionals
Do you need to learn professional Spanish for a medical field? There’s a course for that!

Expanish in Barcelona also offers an intensive Spanish course/private business lesson package. They aim to round out your professional Spanish with specific vocabulary and idioms to help you interact naturally with professionals!

Hispania Escuela in Valencia offers a 20-hour per week intensive Spanish course just for professionals! You can choose a concentration on general business, medical professions, law practice, and even artistic professions.

The Malaca Instituto in Malaga has courses specifically for executives and professionals mostly around the average age of 35. In addition to offering a general professional Spanish course, they also offer a Spanish course for international trade and commerce.

The only thing left is to get to work!

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