Spain’s Audiovisual Visa

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Visa Audiovisual de España

Did you know that Spain is quickly becoming a hotspot for creatives and filmmakers alike to set up productions and shoot projects?

As Spain gains traction as a hub for the audiovisual industry, workers will now be able to enter and work in the country more easily thanks to Spain’s audiovisual visa.

If you’re a professional within this industry, you’re likely looking for further information on this new legislation.

You might also be wondering what steps it takes to obtain authorization to work in Spain as a foreign creative.

Firstly, we’ll explore what the new audiovisual visa for Spain entails.

We’ll also go over the steps you can take to obtain this new visa as a professional in the audiovisual sector in Spain.

Spain’s Audiovisual Visa – Requirements

This new visa is tailored to professionals of all varieties, namely those who work in the audiovisual sector. Additionally, those who work recording any kind of mass media meant for broadcast.

The requirements for the visa vary depending on the professional’s length of stay.

Currently, there are three timeline lengths for which industry workers can apply:

  • Stays under 90 days
  • 3 month to 6 month stays
  • Stays over 6 months

Although the requirement for each time frame will differ slightly.

Potential visa holders will need to complete or provide the following documentation i.e.:

Stays Under 90 Days

No audiovisual visa stay application will be necessary if the stay is under 90 days. Instead:

  • Non-EU citizens will need to present a Schengen visa
  • Obtain a Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE)
  • Register with the Spanish Social Security office (Seguridad Social)

Three to Six Months Stays

  • Documentation proving your working relationship with your company
  • Proof that you are a member of the audiovisual project
  • Proof that you have acquired health insurance

Over Six Months Stays

For stays over 180 days, audiovisual professionals will need to request a residence permit.

The company you work for can submit the request on your behalf via the Social Security and Migration website.

The documentation necessary for such a request includes:

  • Application
  • Payment
  • 1 photograph
  • Documentation of your working relationship with your company
  • Documentation providing proof of your part in the audiovisual project
  • Confirmation of health insurance coverage

Furthermore, the Spanish company that hires the audiovisual professional must be registered with the Spanish Social Security system.

Spain’s Audiovisual Visa – Submission

Whether the length of stay is under 90 days or exceeds six months, a worker can submit their application for a stay visa in the audiovisual sector.

They can do so through the Diplomatic Mission or the Spanish Consular Office.

Alternately, the qualified professional can also rely on their legal representative for the process.

Furthermore, the professional can also authorize the company that hired them to submit the application specifically on their behalf.

Spain’s Audiovisual Visa – Benefits

Altogether some of the benefits of this Spanish visa for professionals in the audiovisual sector include:

  • Hopeful permit holders do not have to apply for residence
  • Family can accompany the permit holder
  • Potential to update a 90-day permit to a residence permit

As a quick note, for workers bringing family with them, documentation proving kinship will still need to be provided.

audiovisual FAQ

Spain’s Audiovisual Visa – FAQ

Below are a few of the frequently asked questions you can refer to regarding the audiovisual permit for Spain.

What happens if an applicant receives an offer to participate in a different audiovisual project after a 90-day period?

Professionals can apply for residence or stay authorization through supporting documentation.

Do applicants need to present confirmation of a criminal record?


Can audiovisual professionals bring their family with them?

Yes. Professionals can bring their spouse, their children, or any dependents.

Are applications required to justify need if a residence authorization is to be applied for?

Yes, it is mandatory to anticipate the appropriate length of stay in advance of your work in Spain.

When should applicants expect to receive an answer to their application?

The maximum number of days you can expect to receive a response is 10.

What is the max number of days you can stay in Spain with this visa?

180 days.

Does the interested party have to apply for the audiovisual visa themselves?

The interested party can apply for the visa. Their legal representative can also apply on their behalf.

Can you apply for the audiovisual visa while in Spain?

Yes. An interested party can apply while in Spain as well as from a location abroad.

How much does a residence permit for the audiovisual sector cost?

73.26 Euro or 78.67 Euro to renew overall.

Importance of the Audiovisual Visa for Spain

When applying for this visa, some might be wondering why this new legislation is so important?

The audiovisual sector provides a high-level of interest to the Spanish government.

With filming incentives increasing since the start of the pandemic, Spain’s hub as a shooting location has brought industry growth to the country, boosted talent, and increased revenue.

All in a rather short space of time!

The growth of the audiovisual sector in Spain has significantly increased Spain’s competitive advantage as a leader in the space.

To that end, ensuring audiovisual workers have proper visa documentation is of utmost importance.

A specific entity known as the Spain Audiovisual Hub will provide assistance to companies interested in undertaking new projects.

Of that assistance, some of the funding will be diverted specifically to aid in the betterment of qualified professionals within the space.

Ensuring such professionals have proper visa documentation is what Spain’s audiovisual visa accounts for.

audiovisual visa for Spain

Spain’s Audiovisual Visa – Working with a Lawyer

Living and working in Spain is indeed an exciting, fulfilling experience.

A big part of ensuring your stay is enjoyable is making sure you have the overall appropriate documentation to be there.

However, knowing the ins and outs of applying for the visa process isn’t always straightforward.

In order to work in Spain as a non-EU national, requirements such as the following need to be met:

  • You entered the country legally
  • Appropriate application fees were paid
  • You have proof of a work contract via your employer
  • The appropriate visa was obtained

All in all, obtaining and submitting the appropriate documentation for steps like these is not always an easy task.

Due to the complexity of some of these application processes, seeking help from a lawyer can be beneficial in the overall process.

At Go! Go! España, our partner lawyer can help!

We partner with a top tier lawyer who will help you successfully apply and obtain an audiovisual visa.

If you’re struggling to gather all the necessary documentation, simply get in touch with us via our contact form.

We will help bridge the gap by contacting our partner lawyer for you.

They will then be able to apply for an audiovisual visa for Spain on your behalf.

What are some of the benefits to using a lawyer during the visa process?

Benefits of Using a Lawyer to apply for the Audiovisual Visa for Spain

An immigration lawyer knows the ins and outs of the application process for the wide variety of visa types that exist.

To that end, they will know exactly which documents you’ll need to apply with to obtain your audiovisual visa for Spain.

Our lawyer will be up to date with all current Spanish legislation. Thus ensuring you will be fully covered during your time abroad.

The requirements you must meet as a visa holder can be confusing. Our lawyers help simplify the process for you.

Not to mention, our lawyers will be able to answer any questions you have during the process. Both before and during your stay.

In summary, they’ll also be there to help clarify any options for renewal or confirm updated changes in your visa status.

Sign Here for Spain’s Audiovisual Visa

If you’re a professional in the audiovisual sector, and the promise of working on a production in the beautiful country of Spain is calling your name, Go! Go! España is here to help.

We recommend getting in touch with us so we can help get you there!

This new audiovisual visa has been introduced at an especially crucial time for professionals in the industry.

The dreaming industry brings in billions in revenue each year.

Because of this, workers in the audiovisual space are presented with opportunities for advancement in different locations across the globe.

With Spain positioning itself as a leading country in the audiovisual space, this legislation will undoubtedly help Spain keep its place as a top destination for filmmakers.

We will connect with you with our partner lawyer to make sure you obtain the necessary visa documentation needed to live and work in Spain.

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