The Mercado Central in Valencia

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The food market in Spain’s third largest city, Mercado Central in Valencia, is always busy. Much like the Boqueria Market in Barcelona or the San Miguel Market in Madrid, it is a favorite place of tourists and locals alike. The Mercado Central in Valencia puts its best local vendors to work showing off delicious produce, game and seafood from the Valencia area. If you’re visiting Valencia, checking out the Mercado Central is a great way to learn more about the culture of Valencia. Find out more about the attraction of this great central market in Valencia, then plan your visit and stop by!

mercado central de Valencia
The facade of the Mercado Central in Valencia features lots of beautiful stained-glass and ceramic work.


The Beauty of the Mercado Central in Valencia

The Mercado Central of Valencia is full of fresh seafood, local produce and organically-raised meats. It’s also full of breathtaking architecture. The builders completed the market in 1928, although there had already been a marketplace at this site for centuries. The two Barcelona-trained architects of the central market employed the Art-Nouveau style of the time to design the market. It features iron, ceramic and glass domes that add sophistication to the skyline of Valencia. There is lots of natural light filtering into the central market from stained-glass windows as well. Images of oranges and other Valencian foods are depicted in ceramic and stained-glass artworks.

mercado central de Valencia
Pick up some vegetables grown in Valencia for a truly authentic lunch or dinner. You won’t regret it!


Eat Something!

The Mercado Central is one of the biggest markets in Spain and in Europe. It is over 8,000 square meters and there are nearly 300 vendors selling here. They even have a stall just for saffron, which is an important ingredient in traditional paella. If you’re a vegetarian then you should check out the local vegetables for your vegetarian paella. You will find all types of food and drink in the market but Valencian specialties are the favorites. Valencian citrus, fresh fish from the Mediterranean, local olives and wines are all on sale. The vendors are known for being friendly so this is a perfect way to learn Spanish and learn about the Valencian culture. Don’t leave without trying some cured ham or visiting the seafood section! The Mercado Central is located in the center of Valencia, so make sure to stop in while walking in the center.

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