Is immersion the best method for learning Spanish?

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There’s a lot of debate about the best way to learn a language, but here’s the plain truth: immersion is the best method for learning Spanish. Before you take our word for it – scroll down and find out what it is that makes it work so fast. Besides, even though immersion is the best method for learning Spanish, there are plenty of fun things that are reason enough to study in Spain!

Different methods of learning Spanish

While everyone learns differently, there are still concrete techniques that help most people learn Spanish more quickly. Taking a quick glance at the pros and cons of the different language learning methods will help you decide what’s best for you!

best method learning spanish immersion
Going to Spain to study Spanish will surround you with opportunities to practice Spanish.

Online learning

Taking a Spanish language course online is a great way to start working on your Spanish level skills. Online courses give you the same structure as a classroom, although without a constricted timeline. That can be either a benefit or a detriment depending on your self-discipline. Some of our partnered Spanish language schools offer an online option, like On Spain in Malaga. Reach out to us to learn more!

App learning

Using apps to learn Spanish is another way to learn online. Spanish language apps are good resources for sharpening skills and learning new vocabulary, but lack the grammar and explanations you’ll need to understand on your own.

Immersive learning

Learning by immersion means you’re surrounded by your target language. To immerse yourself in Spanish, you should move to Spain. As soon as you land, you’ll start learning – even before your first Spanish lesson! Not only will you learn in real time by reading and speaking Spanish, but you can even learn just by being here. Your brain will remember the expressions and words you hear even if you aren’t actively trying to learn!

Living in your target language’s home country is also amazing for teaching pronunciation and intonation. These two aspects of language can completely change what you’re saying if misused, so they’re key. In fact, you’ll have no choice but to practice once you’re here. How else are you going to order a glass of Spanish wine?

learn spanish by immersion
When you learn through immersion, even graffiti can be a lesson!

Traditional language courses

It’s true that immersion is the best method for learning Spanish, but it can’t stand alone. It’s very hard to read or write without being familiar with the rules of Spanish grammar or the spelling of Spanish words. Going abroad to study Spanish in Spain in a traditional course would give you a backbone in Spanish you can rely on. Being immersed in the language while taking your course would flesh out your Spanish toolbox quicker than you could imagine!

Teachers of traditional language courses in Spain are often native speakers, making the environment even more immersive. If this is the best method of learning Spanish for you, our Go! Go! España agents can help you get to Spain to study.

Re-cap: Why immersion is the best method for learning Spanish

  1. You start learning a language in real time (and in real situations).
  2. Natural language absorption – like a sponge!
  3. Learning pronunciation and intonation and expressions.
  4. No choice but to practice!

All that’s left to do is find the right Spanish school for you and immerse yourself!

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