9 Best Websites to Find Accommodation in Spain

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accommodation in spain

Finding homes for rent in Spain might seem difficult.

Even more so if you’re also finishing up a university application, organizing travel paperwork, and brushing up on your Spanish.

We’re here to let you know that the process is a little bit easier than you might think!

We’ve created a guide that will help you easily search for a house to rent in Spain.

If you’re looking for an apartment in Barcelona, or a beach side home in Valencia, our list of the 9 best websites to find accommodation in Spain will help you know where to look for options.

How to Find Accommodation in Spain

Maybe you’ve got a specific checklist of must-haves when looking at apartments in Spain, or perhaps you’re simply looking for something easy and affordable.

Whatever is on your wish list, an accommodation service is an excellent option for those that are on the hunt for a new house or apartment.

Online accommodation platforms provide apartment hunters with a wide variety of property options, and usually incorporate a range of filters so that searching can be a breeze.

Best Websites to Find Accommodation in Spain

1.  Uniplaces

Best website for providing a wide variety of rental types in Spain

While Uniplaces is certainly an excellent service for students, it serves as a great resource for renters in general.

Overall, it’s a website for those who want to simplify their search for housing.

Uniplaces has a multilingual team that provides support to renters who might benefit from additional language support during the rental process.

The site also provides something called a “Certificate of Prepaid Accommodation”.

This is a helpful supporting document to include in a visa application to confirm you’ve booked accommodation in Spain.

Not to mention, Uniplaces is a housing search platform integrated in our website.

This means, we’ve vetted the provider so you can go about your ‘flats to rent in Spain’ search with ease!

You can use the filters on their website to search rentals by price, location, bedroom features, and more.

accommodation in spain

2.  Roomi

Best website for finding others to rent with

While we’ve vetted the option above, Roomi is a great search option as they take care of the roommate vetting process.

The site focuses primarily on shared living options and provides renters with a safe way to find trustworthy roommates.

The process itself is fairly simple.

Potential renters will complete a profile on the site with information such as target move in date, preferred neighborhoods, and budget.

From there, you’ll be able to browse through available listings.

If something catches your eye, you can start a conversation via message to show your interest.

No need to worry about the safety or security of potential roommates.

Roomi completes careful background checks on all prospective sign ups!

Roomi is a free service for all renters looking for apartments to rent in Spain.

For those looking to live with flat mates, Roomi is a great option when looking for apartments in Spain.

3.  Flatio

Best website for flexible housing in Spain

Found yourself searching for ‘spain apartments for rent long term’ or ‘long term rental spain’?

Flatio has listings for any preferred length of stay.

Flatio is a housing platform dedicated to providing flexible housing options for short-term, medium-term, and long-term renters.

The site is a great resource for those who are might be looking for furnished apartments in Spain, as well as those who are simply stopping by for a quick business trip.

Whatever your needs, Flatio provides a variety of accommodation options.

Taking summer courses and trying to find somewhere to stay for six weeks?

Perhaps you’ve received a university placement and need somewhere for the whole year?

Flatio provides a way to search for housing that fits your timeline.

The flexible nature of Flatio’s platform and wide variety of rental options make it a great choice for renters hoping for a hassle-free renting experience.

Rental bookings are all completed online, which means you can spend that extra time exploring cities in Spain or figuring out a new favorite local cuisine.

4.  Student.com

Best option for student housing in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia

Student.com is a platform built specifically with students in mind.

It has accommodation listings around the globe, but for those seeking housing in Spain, Student.com has listings specifically for those in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia.

The site offers listings for rooms, private studios, and entire apartments.

With such a wide range of options, you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs with ease.

Search through filters like price, amenities, room type, and more.

Student.com makes the booking process easy with a multilingual team on hand to assist with booking.

Help is available 24/7 through their website, by email, or by phone.

5.  Idealista

Best website for high number of listings in Spain

Finding a new place to rent might feel daunting, but it can be exciting looking through all of the new places you might call home next.

Idealista is an excellent resource when starting that house-hunting journey as it consistently includes thousands of listings all throughout Spain.

Their vast network means that it provides a wide variety of rental options and areas for every rental need.

Prefer a one-bedroom in Barcelona? Perhaps you’re keen on finding a large apartment in Valencia? Prefer a beach side hideaway on the coast?

Idealista likely has what you’re looking for.

Take a peek at floor plans or sort by rent prices to find your next home!

apartments in spain
46400311 – picturesque view of the mysterious island of es vedra. ibiza, balearic islands. spain

6.  Study Abroad Apartments

Best website for apartments in Madrid or Barcelona

Thousands of students flock to Spain to study abroad each year.

Finding housing can be a little tricky if you’re not sure where to look. Luckily, Study Abroad apartments has narrowed down the search for you!

Their site narrows down listings to locations within Madrid and Barcelona specifically.

Their online platform is geared toward student accommodation in these two cities.

Renters can search by either apartment or room and move-in date.

Further filters include number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and price.

Renters can even filter by amenities like air conditioning, dishwasher, elevator, and more. The site is perfect for students looking for online accommodation solutions in Barcelona or Madrid.

Even More Helpful Websites to Find Accommodation in Spain

If you’re still haven’t quite found what you need, we’re ending our list with three more websites to help you find property to rent in Spain!

7.  Homestay

Best website for finding homestays in Spain

Prefer a bit of a home away from home feeling?

Homestays are a great option!

Choosing a homestay means you’ll be staying with a family or other independent travelers.

The Homestay website offers renters a way to “live with a local”.

The platform includes a wide variety of short-term and long-term room accommodations at affordable price points.

8.  Fotocasa

Best website for helpful search features

Fotocasa is a useful housing search website for renters keen on finding affordable rent prices.

Fotocasa’s site includes a variety of budget-friendly options, as well as upgraded search capabilities.

Their map feature in particular is incredibly helpful when narrowing down your search.

Have a specific area or neighborhood you’re interested in moving to?

You can use the map to draw around a specific area in Spain, which will then bring up affordable options in the area you’re hoping to move to!

Fotocasa has plenty of options to search through – their extensive catalogue makes it a must-visit site when looking at homes for rent in Spain.

apartments in spain

9.  Badi

Best for already furnished rooms in Spain

Did you recently get approved to work abroad in Spain?

Hoping to arrive at an already furnished flat so you can focus on work and not hunting down a kitchen table?

Badi is a great flexible housing option for those who would prefer to step into a furnished apartment.

The site offers a range of rooms by size and price.

You can even search by roommate preference if you’re hoping to share housing.

Search through single rooms for yourself or take a peek at shared apartment listings.

Prices begin at €600 per month, but monthly rent prices are dependent on additional factors such as length of stay and amenities included.

Still Not Sure Where to Find Accommodation in Spain?

Let us help!

Our Go! Go! España team is dedicated to helping you find comfortable housing.

Don’t forget our accommodation finder can also be helpful as you start your search.

We’d love to help you comb through any questions you might have to help you find your next home sweet home.

What is the best website to find a place to rent in Spain?

There are many websites and online platforms available to renters today. Finding the perfect place to rent will depend on what you need! For students, we recommend sites like Uniplaces and Student.com.

Can I rent an apartment if I’m not a citizen of Spain?

Yes! Many students and remote workers are able to rent apartments or houses in Spain.

What can I expect to pay for a 1-bedroom in Spain?

The price for a 1-bedroom rental will depend on a few factors like location, amenities included, and more. Some rentals start around €600 and go up from there. That amount may go up if you choose to live in a major city like Barcelona or Madrid.

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