A Guide to the Best Spanish Language Schools in Valencia

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Valencia, as Spain’s third largest city, has SO much to fall in love with: fine-sand beaches, a 7-km long riverbed park, fresh local oranges and the delicious cocktail created with them (Agua de Valencia).

There are tons of great reasons why you should study Spanish in Valencia!

As wonderful as it would be to spend your days soaking up sunny Valencia, you came for the benefits of studying Spanish in Spain.

Check out Go! Go! España’s complete guide to the best Spanish language schools in Valencia below.

The Best Spanish Language Schools in Valencia

There will be plenty to enjoy while you study at one of the best Spanish language schools in Valencia, because it’s a great city to learn Spanish in!

With a Mediterranean climate and lots of sunny days, the weather makes it easy to enjoy the city.

The city center is full of charming streets and Valencian culture to behold (and taste, if you visit the Mercado Central).

Everything in the city is connected by the Turia Park, where sports fields, bike paths, gardens, skate parks, and more await.

All there’s left to worry about is which of the best Spanish language schools in Valencia you’ll attend!

best spanish language school in valencia
Beach volleyball is just one of the many social events Taronja is always organizing.

Taronja Spanish School – Most Fun Spanish Language School in Valencia

Taronja truly deserves its spot on our list of the best Spanish language schools in Valencia!

They believe in teaching Spanish by immersion, getting its students out of the classroom as often as possible.

They host different weekly activities every week and weekend! Students learn Spanish at a variety of different social events in the city and while on field trips and festivals out of the city, too.

Taronja Spanish school also teaches Spanish cooking with an in-house weekly cooking lesson included in the curriculum.

Valencian paella, anybody?

Hispania Escuela de Español – Most Flexible of the Language Schools in Valencia

Out of all the greatest language schools in Valencia, Hispania offers students the most flexible experience.

Every student at Hispania gets an online access portal where they can customize their weekly lessons and schedule!

Students can even cancel a lesson if they’re feeling sick and reschedule for another day.

Lastly, their top-notch teaching method aims to improve students’ conversation skills and is only rated as having a low-medium intensity level.

the best spanish language school in valencia
The experienced teachers at Españolé get their Spanish students to fluent levels in no time.

Españolé International House – Best Intensive Spanish School in Valencia

If your aim is to learn Spanish as well as you can in the short amount of time you have available, you should trust Españolé to do the job.

Their high-intensity intensive Spanish course in Valencia gets students proficient in Spanish in their allotted study period.

Españolé isn’t all work, no play, however.

They organize a minimum of four social events per week so students can get out, socialize, and practice Spanish!

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