The Best Spanish Language Schools in Seville

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The art of flamenco and traditional Spanish culture are calling you to Seville, but where are the best language schools in Seville?

Before you pack your bags, you’ve got to find the right Spanish course to take.

On the quaint streets of Seville, it isn’t hard to find out which schools are top of the line.

Before we dive into the best Spanish language schools in Seville, let’s make sure that it’s the city for you.

study in seville
You’ll get all of the classic beauty of a Spanish city with a far smaller crowd in Seville!

What is it like to study Spanish in Seville?

Choosing to study abroad in Seville will expose you to all of the traditional Spanish arts.

Since it’s less densely populated than Madrid or Barcelona, you will be able to appreciate all of the beauty on the small cobblestone streets.

You can even reach 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites – on foot.

It’s the capital of Andalusia, which is also the birthplace of flamenco. Odds are that if you study here, you’ll end up taking a flamenco class at some point!

Spanish culture oozes out of Seville but there’s one time of year where it gets even more intense.

During the April Fair (Feria de abril) – one of Spain’s most famous festivals – horses pulling carriages and women clad in skin-tight flamenco dresses flood the streets.

It’s the Spanish cultural experience of a lifetime, so don’t miss it!

The Best Spanish Language Schools in Seville
Spain Square in Seville

The best Spanish language schools in Seville

It’s certain that you’re going to have a comfortable yet deeply enriching study abroad experience in Seville.

There’s only one thing stopping you from getting your student visa and heading out right now: you’ve got to pick a school!

Read up on two of the best Spanish schools in Seville and decide which one is more your style.

Giralda Center – Learn Spanish through the culture

For students who are seeking total immersion in the culture of Seville, Giralda Center will make sure you get it!

Their curriculum will teach you the Spanish skills you can rely on while you practice in social situations.

The course at the Giralda center includes 10 hours of cultural activities on top of the 20 hours of weekly class time!

For students who enjoy varied learning methods, this is the school in Seville for you.

CLIC International House – Learn Spanish with speed

The CLIC International House is a high-intensity school that guarantees to grow your Spanish language skills in no time.

It is accredited by almost every language institution, so you know their curriculum is serious!

Classes are always kept small so that you have the space and attention you need to absorb the Spanish lessons.

If you’re serious about your studies, this is the Spanish school for you.

Would you like to study Spanish in a different Spanish city? You can check the best Spanish schools in Spain here.

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