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Taronja is a spirited Spanish language school in Valencia founded in 2004 by three childhood friends. These founders aimed to create an outstanding educational center that would reflect their own passion for learning. After several years, Taronja has become a leading professional language school and educates students of all ages in an immersion-based program. Taronja’s unique curriculum and supportive group model makes it the perfect place to learn Spanish in Valencia.

Located in a beautiful 19th-century building, the school’s unique facilities include colorful interiors decorated by young Valencian artists. The school’s methodology is based on a total immersion in Spain. This means that Taronja organizes Spanish courses in Valencia and exciting activities every week to help students improve their communication skills in a fun and motivating environment. Lastly, all the school’s teachers have a degree in Spanish Philology and extensive experience teaching Spanish. Don’t miss your opportunity to study at this innovative language school!

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School features

Accredited by the Instituto Cervantes

The Instituto Cervantes is a worldwide non-profit organization established by the Spanish government committed in improving the quality of institutions teaching Spanish.

IALC Member

The International Association of Language Schools (IALC) guarantees that all its members provide outstanding language education to students all over the world.

DELE Examination Center

This language school is an official DELE exam center which means that you take the DELE exam in there. DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as Foreign Language) are official diplomas issued to show the Spanish language level.

6 free social lessons per week

Taronja includes six (6) amazing social lessons per week together with the Spanish courses in Valencia. Teachers design these activities to encourage real-life language practice outside of class. You will join a welcome paella party, enjoy a free sightseeing tour of Valencia, participate in cooking lessons, and much more.

Accepts Beginner Students

If you haven’t had the chance to study Spanish before, don’t worry! You can start as a complete beginner at this school.

Free Wifi

The school offers free Wi-Fi in common areas.

All ages welcome

This school doesn’t have any age limit.

School's Location

Spanish courses in Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. Located on the Mediterranean coast, it’s close to other famous Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Ibiza. It’s also one of the main tourist destinations in Europe, yet the cost of living is very cheap compared to other large cities. Valencia has a wonderful Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, a safe environment, and excellent food. It’s also the birthplace of the famous Paella rice dish. Valencia holds the well-known festival called “Fallas,” which takes place every year in the city. Valencia has convenient public transportation available, so everything in the city is highly accessible. People in Valencia also speak with a very clear and accent-free Spanish, so it’s an excellent place to learn Spanish.

This Spanish language school in Valencia is located on a pedestrian street in the city center, inside a well preserved old fashion building. Taronja is surrounded by traditional cafés and restaurants, and it’s within walking distance of fascinating spots in Valencia. Besides, the beach is only 15 minutes away from the city center, the perfect place to take Spanish courses in Valencia!

Xàtiva – Subway (3 mins)

Line 3, 5 & 9


Spanish courses in Valencia

Course Introduction

The General Spanish Course includes 20 hours of lessons per week of 50 minutes each. Taronja guarantees that every class contains between 4 and 10 students, so class size remains small and personal. Additionally, all classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment. During lessons at the Taronja Spanish Language School in Valencia, you will practice skills in speaking, listening, writing and reading. Most importantly, Taronja’s goal is to teach you the multi-dimensional uses of the Spanish language.

The school uses a curriculum with diverse educational resources, including exercise cards, activities, videos, songs, presentations online, Google +, social networks, and more. Taronja doesn’t follow any specific book, so the instructors can tailor the class material to the ability level, needs, and pace of the students learning Spanish.

Course length

Without a student visa: 0-3 months

With student visa: 3-12 months

Student visas not required for EU members.

Available starts
School usually starts every Monday of the year (except for complete beginners).
Schedule (weekdays)

Lessons from Monday to Friday:

Morning: 09:00 – 12:40

Afternoon: 15:30 – 19:10

The school usually offer rotating schedules.

Course hours per week ≈ 20

School Intensity

A medium-intensity curriculum makes this program appropriate for various skill levels. Using immersion activities, Taronja’s method allows you to learn Spanish in Valencia very quickly. We reduce textbook-based study and take you into the real world.

Visa eligibility

This course is eligible for the visa application.

1 week


1 month


3 months


6 months


9 months


1 year


Students can decide the exact number of weeks they would like to study. The prices provided above are for reference purposes only. Keep in mind that one month typically consists of 4 weeks, while a year comprises 48 weeks.

Registration fee


Registration fee is not included in the price

intensive spanish course

Total course costs

Disclaimer: Prices in currencies other than euro are estimated based on the latest exchange rates.

The total costs include classes, academic guidance & support, class materials, 24 hour emergency phone number and certificate of attendance (minimum attendance of 80% required to get the certificate).

Registration fee


Registration fee is not included in the price


Other Courses and Features

Discover all the Spanish courses offered by this school.

Super Intensive Spanish Course

The perfect course for students who want to make the most of their time at the school and improve their Spanish skills very quickly.

Combined courses

Combine your Spanish course with Music or Art lessons (Salsa, Spanish Guitar or Art), Sports (Gym, Tennis or Horse-Riding), or Water Sports (Paddlesurf, Surf, Sailing or Kite Surf).

Dele Preparation Course

Specialized prep courses for the DELE exam (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) available. DELE is the globally recognized certification for non-native speakers.

Weekend activities

Every weekend, Taronja’s Spanish Language School in Valencia organizes different activities such as trips to beautiful towns near Valencia, wonderful beaches, popular festivals, music concerts, clubs, and fairs.

Spanish courses in Valencia

Student demographics

Students come from all over the world to study at this school

United Kingdom
Other countries


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Frequently asked questions

On your first day at Taronja, you will be provided with a student card. We strongly recommend carrying this card as your primary identification while in Valencia and leaving your passport at your place of accommodation to prevent any potential loss. Additionally, this student card may offer discounts at various shops, museums, restaurants, and other establishments throughout the city.

The cost of activities and excursions can vary. Some are offered free of charge, while others incur a minimal fee. Taronja’s goal is to keep the prices as low as possible to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to enjoy these experiences.

Absolutely not! English is strictly prohibited. The school’s expert teachers and their comprehensive teaching methodology require no reliance on any language other than Spanish. Even for students at the most basic levels, Taronja has tailored teaching techniques that facilitate easy and enjoyable Spanish learning without the need for any external assistance.

No, at Taronja, they have a different approach. Each week, you will have the opportunity to learn from two different teachers, and sometimes even three. This intentional rotation allows you to experience various teaching styles and accents, enriching your language learning journey. Rest assured that all teachers follow the same weekly program, adapt materials, and maintain close coordination.

Certainly! Your happiness is the top priority of Taronja. If you find that your current group doesn’t suit your needs, you can discuss your concerns with the Head Teachers. They will provide you with guidance and adjust your level if necessary.

To determine your Spanish proficiency level and assign you to the appropriate group, you will need to complete a brief level test before your course begins.

Upon your arrival, please visit the school’s reception area to say hello. They will then guide you to the welcome meeting for new students. There’s no need to take a level test on your first day, as you would have already completed it beforehand. If you encounter any issues with your accommodation, classes, or any other concerns after your first day of class, please don’t hesitate to visit the reception. Any member of the Taronja team will be ready to assist you efficiently and promptly. Your primary focus here is to learn Spanish and have a fantastic time, and Taronja is committed to making that happen.

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