The Months in Spanish: Spanish Lesson 32

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This is the thirty-second lesson in our beginner level Spanish course and we will look at The Months in Spanish.

We will practice using some of the regular verbs we have already seen in the course in present tense with The Months in Spanish. In our previous lesson we used regular verbs to practice using The Days of the Week in Spanish. Present tense is used to describe usual/general actions, so we will be talking about things we usually/generally do in the specific months of the year.

First of all let’s learn The Months in Spanish:

Enero: January
Febrero: February
Marzo: March
Abril: April
Mayo: May
Junio: June
Julio: July
Agosto: August
Septiembre: September
Octubre: October
Noviembre: November
Diciembre: December

the months in spanish calendar

Some other relevant vocabulary to The Months in Spanish

El mes: Month
El año: Year
El día: Day
La semana: Week
La fecha: Date

El invierno: Winter
La primavera: Spring
El verano: Summer
El otoño: Autumn

Dates in Spanish

First let’s see how to state dates in Spanish and how to state in which month you do something:

En enero/febrero/marzo/etc…: In January/February/March/etc…
For example: En agosto no trabajo: I don’t work in August

El (date) de (month): The (date) of (month)
El cinco de marzo: The 5th of March

As you can see, we use En if we wish to state In which month we do something or something happens. And when we state dates we use El for The (referring to the day) and De for Of (referring to the month).

When you state dates in Spanish you use the same numbers 1-31 that we learned in Lesson 3: Numbers 1-100 of this Spanish Course. We don’t use first, second, third, fourth, etc. We use El uno de…, el dos de…, el tres de…, el cuatro de…

Let’s practice using The Months in Spanish with some regular Spanish verbs

Trabajar: To work
Comprar: To buy
Estudiar: To study
Cocinar: To cook
Beber: To drink
Andar: To walk
Viajar: To travel
Lavar: To wash

the months in spanish presents

Some example sentences:

En diciembre compro regalos para Navidad: In December I buy presents for Christmas
En julio siempre viajo a Sudamérica: In July I always travel to South America
En abril trabajo mucho en el jardín: In April I work a lot in the garden
En mayo normalmente estudio para mis exámenes: In May I usually study for my exams
En septiembre lavo mi ropa de verano: In September I wash my summer clothes
En noviembre cocino muchas sopas: In November I cook lots of soups
En junio bebemos bebidas frías: In June we drink cold drinks
Nosotros andamos en las montañas en octubre: We walk in the mountains in October

Like the days of the week, The Months in Spanish are really useful to know. Practice making lots of your own sentences in Spanish to learn how to use them and the present tense by repetition. Try writing one sentence to describe something you usually do in each month of the year.

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